"Zero" light setting on screen still too bright?

"Zero" light setting on screen still too bright?

Anyone unhappy with the light control on the screen? I turn my screen lighting to "zero" and still get a screen that's too bright. Any suggestions?

Brian H | 04/09/2013


mikefa | 04/09/2013

Agreed - i wish there is an option to turn off both control panel and dash screen while listening to the radio in the car during long wait time at the airport for passenger pickup.

Tâm | 04/09/2013

If turn down enough, not even down to zero, I can no longer read the very dimmed date "Sept 4."

Dripps | 04/09/2013

Sorry @RobertHPike, I was wrong. Maybe this changed in 5.0 software. I know we used to be able to turn it to 0% and it would be dark but now, even all the way down on the slider, my screens are still lit. Maybe it's because they added the Screen Cleaning Mode of screen off.

Mathew98 | 04/09/2013

Try the night mode at 0%. You can barely see anything in daylight...

Brucelli | 04/09/2013

How about a "screensaver" option that could be very dark, and automatically comes on (dims) after a few minutes of non-use?

wcalvin | 05/09/2013

There is a black image at . Set it as a favorite.

Zero EV | 05/09/2013

Related to this ... does anyone else have an issue with the transition from night-mode to day-mode? I've noticed mine doesn't switch to "day" mode until well after it's needed ... making it hard to read in the 7-7:30am timeframe.

DSurber | 05/09/2013

During the day, I have no problem with the screen brightness. At night in urban areas I can turn it down to 10% or so and it is ok. But in dark rural areas even 0% is too bright. My problem is with the Jumbotron. At 0% the instrument panel is a little too dim, but the Jumbotron is still distractingly bright.

What I'd really like is a mode that turns off the back light on the Jumbotron completely off after a minute or so. It would turn back on at any touch but then go off again after a minute of no use. I wouldn't use this mode during the day or in brightly lit urban areas. But out in the sticks at night it might literally be a lifesaver.

stimeygee | 05/09/2013

I've been complaining about this exact same problem for months. Its my #1 complaint.

regen | 06/09/2013

There's a few sites out there which I've favorited that sort of darkens the screen, albeit it's main intent was to prevent users from depressing all of the onscreen functions.

DSurber | 06/09/2013

I have in my favorites list. It's not that much darker than the nav screen in night mode, especially out in the sticks. I believe a timeout on the Jumbotron back light is a significant safety issue.

treeva | 26/09/2013

I am having the issue Zero EV mentioned - screen stays in dark mode for far too long after pulling out of the garage - didn't seem to do this before.

amish.bhatia | 26/09/2013

I talked to ownership about it - they said this may be addressed in a future software update