I just noticed you can activate the rear camera now while driving...

I just noticed you can activate the rear camera now while driving...

How did I miss this? Did Tesla ever make it clear? After a recent update, you can activate the rear camera at any time by touching the small circle on the left side of the screen (to the left of the wiper control).

I feel like I never saw this mentioned in the update notes. I haven't been reading the forums religiously but I don't think I've seen it mentioned...(I'm sure it has been so apologies for that...)

Alex_SD | 18/05/2018

It’s been there all along...

tesla | 18/05/2018

Really? From the beginning? I remember people saying you couldn't do it and assuming they were correct......

MarylandS85 | 18/05/2018

+1 AlexDoro
As far as I know, it’s always been there. It’s definitely been there since 2018.10.4.

spuzzz123 | 18/05/2018

They didn’t show you that on your delivery handoff? One of the first things he showed me...

SO | 19/05/2018

I think the complaint was you couldn’t have the backup camera AND maps on at the same time like you can on the S and x.

ghoop1 | 19/05/2018

It is explained in the Owners Manual on page 56.

djharrington | 19/05/2018

Yes, from the beginning. I always use the camera when driving in the S because of the split screen which allows me to do other things (like control music); but in the 3, since you can’t simultaneously control music or maps, it’s not as nice while driving. My fingers are crossed for a split screen setup in the 3.

WardT | 19/05/2018

I’ll have to read the manual to see if any other cameras can be shown on the screen. I don’t recall the delivery instructions mentioning the camera controls.

bdubrin | 20/05/2019

I just started to find my rear camera going on while driving my Tesla 3. I wasn't aware of the small circle by the wiper control. But, this weekend in the rain I was using the wiper control and wound up with the rear camera on and no navigation screen. It certainly spooked me! Today, it happened again while I was checking my tire pressure screen, again while driving. If it's always been there, it's gotten more sensitive because I've never "accidentally" activated this camera before. Software Version: 2019.12.1.2

aperfectecho | 20/05/2019

I would love to be able to have the rear camera on while driving, but not in the current view it has. I'd love for it to be a small "card" like you have with tire pressures, etc. It'd be a nice touch

jimglas | 20/05/2019

I love the rear view camera and use it on both my M3 and MX
I would feel blind without it

ODWms | 20/05/2019

I used it on the 100 mile way home from the Orlando delivery Center on September 29th of last year, and been using it ever since. With the car's high back and sides it's a boon for travel, especially on the highway.

apodbdrs | 21/05/2019

Viewing the back camera while driving has always been there. My wife loves it as it gives her an additional view of cars behind and on the sides of our Model 3 while driving. A big advantange when changing lanes, or watching for motorcycles.

scherer326 | 21/05/2019

I enjoy having it on more when stopping at a traffic light. If I see the individual behind me coming in too fast or too close I tend to creep up alittle but.

The only time I got in an accident was when I was stopped at a light and a Mercedes slammed into our car from behind. Me, myself and 1year old were all okay but the fire dept did need to use the ‘jaws of life’ to get our stroller out of the trunk because it would not open.