Window Tint in OC

Window Tint in OC

Should get our S in a couple of weeks. I’ve tinted many cars with various heat rejecting films. Curious what seems to be working well with the model S color and quality wise. Also - I assume the sunroof glass has good native heat rejection so wondering if it’s worth tinting the roof or only the sides and hatch. I’m familiar with various halo and polarized lens issues with front and side glass so mainly looking to see people are liking color wise and if anyone can recommend a good installer. Thanks in advance!

TesMD | 21/05/2018

So the sunroof and or the glass roof does not really need tinting. It has excellent heat rejection.
The place that I took my last 3 cars, including my 2 Model S is Mike’s Tint shop in Anaheim. The price is reasonable and they do really excellent work with life time warranty. They have different tints to choose from from less expensive to ceramic.

Hope this info helps