Nema TT-30 style plug adapter?

Nema TT-30 style plug adapter?

I recently had the opportunity to charge my car at a place with Nema TT-30 style outlet but was unable to because I didn't have an adapter. Does anyone have experience with this? I contacted Tesla Service and the response was that the plug appears to be used primarily for trailers and they don't have any approved adapters for that plug type on their shop website. They suggested I post in this forum to see if anyone has experience with them.

I took a picture of the outlet and it looks just like the one here:

Thank you for any insight. I'm new to figuring out how to plug in at places other than my house and Superchargers!


Frank99 | 01/06/2018

The TT-30 is a 30A, 120V outlet.

Using standard Tesla adapters, your best bet is to get a TT-30 to 5-15 adapter ( and use the 5-15 connector that comes with the Mobile Connector in your car. You'll charge at roughly 5 miles of range for every hour.

If you could buy a TT-30P to 5-20R adapter, you could also buy the Tesla 5-20 adapter ( ), and get about 6.5 miles of range for every hour of charging.

There doesn't appear to be a way to fully utilize the 30A available from this outlet.

Rocky_H | 01/06/2018

Well, there are multiple ways to use the appropriate 24A out of 30A from that outlet.

@tracyparker125, I take it your car is pretty new, right? Do you have the newer 2nd generation mobile connector cable? If so, then you are in luck. A site called EVSEAdapters has started making some real adapters for that 2nd generation cable that plug directly into it and will correctly set the current to the correct level. Here is the one for that TT-30 kind of outlet.

It is $75, but does exactly what you want, correctly and automagically.

If you have one of the older 1st generation mobile connectors, then you would need this version. It also will set the current properly.

tracyparker125 | 01/06/2018

Thanks Frank99 and Rocky_H! My car is a 2017 Model S... I should have mentioned that before. Does that have the 2nd generation mobile connector cable?

darmiejr | 02/06/2018

I took delivery on 9/11/17 and have the GEN 1 UMC if that helps.

Rocky_H | 04/06/2018

@tracyparker125, Hard to say exactly, since Tesla doesn't quite do hard cutoffs for model years. Tesla did switch over from the Gen 1 to the Gen 2 somewhere near the end of 2017 I think. See that link I gave for the TT-30 adapter? It has pictures on that page of the Gen 1 and the Gen 2, so you can see which kind you have.