Future Software Update Suggestions (Car or App) - Model 3

Future Software Update Suggestions (Car or App) - Model 3

A general forum for people to add the things they would like to be added / fixed in future software updates to the Model 3. Please note this is for SOFTWARE updates to the car or App.

ulrich4 | 05/06/2018

dashcam, phone paired to profile, scheduled pre-conditioning, energy graphs, toggle battery % and battery miles with one tap of battery icon, incoming text messages

eeb9 | 05/06/2018

Satellite Radio. HUD. Hatchback (or a Coupe, for ReD)

Oh - you mean *new* ideas? Hmmmm

Waze integration for real-time updates.

Split out some options from pacakges to allow for at least a little bit more customization - TACC as a separate option from EAP, for instance, or a sport suspension/braking option separate from the performance package.

eeb9 | 05/06/2018

Oh. And a fob.


robert rogus | 05/06/2018

Option for blank nav screen.

robert rogus | 05/06/2018

A way to get from this page back to the topics page? A topics button up top, perhaps?

Rutrow | 05/06/2018

A way to turn the radio off.*

*no, not just down, OFF!!!

Chris.davidson.47 | 05/06/2018

I have had my model 3 for about a week and have been loving it! here is a list of things that i would like to see in future updates:

- 'child car seat mode' - when you have a car seat installed using the LATCH system, the car thinks someone is sitting in the back without their seat belt on - it would be great to have a mode so that you can turn this off.
- addition of siriusXM streaming as an option
- blind spot warming sound

- in the app, when choosing your max charge level, it would show you how many km/miles that would be when fully charged
- set 'time of use' so car will only charge at low price times
- ability to turn on heated seats
- ability to create a 'cool/warm by time' so that your car is ready for you in the morning
- in the location map, also have the super chargers listed so you can plan out your day

- sometimes the car looses LTE and wont get it back unless you do a restart
- sometimes when a song comes on slacker, there is a lot of static noise in the background - when you go to the next song its fine

Chris.davidson.47 | 05/06/2018

- apple watch integration - let your watch be your key

eplaskett | 05/06/2018

Second all of these, and particularly:

-Waze integration
-Apple Watch support, especially as a key

I would also add the ability to toggle HOV lane usage on and off in the route calculation settings.

Rutrow | 05/06/2018
dbuchanan430 | 05/06/2018

Agree with need for font control for navigation. Need reading glasses to see street names in navigation

TexasBob | 05/06/2018

1) "Get siri / google" voice command so we can dictate messages, control music, hear emails and texts
2) Better blind spot warning - audible or something!
3) Adjustable Lane Departure Warning strength (or add audible)
4) Automatic seat adjustment connected to phone key used
5) Charging cord unlock when phone key is present without having to open doors (ie vehicle unlock when charging cord button is pressed and phone key is present)
6) Car Wash Mode (from anther thread, not my idea but a good one!)

Also +1 for all of the above

dan | 05/06/2018

Does Tesla actually look at these?

Upon putting the car in park and preparing to exit the vehicle, I would like to see a button on the screen.

Pressing the button once would keep the climate control on for 30 mins after exit. Pressing the button a second time would keep it on for 60 mins, etc.

As it is now, if I want to keep the AC on while I go into a store (It's 110 deg F in Phoenix right now), I need to exit the vehicle, pull the phone out of my pocket, open the app, and hit the AC button. Lots more work.... ;)

TexasBob | 05/06/2018

Also, I would love to have an option to make the car a bit more talkative instead of the indistinct beeps and squawks followed by the hunt to check the color of the little icon (is it gray or light blue)? For example:
"Autopilot Engaged/Autopilot cancelled"
"Auto-steer not available at this time"
"Lane Change initiated"
"Autopark Initiated/Autopark Cancelled"

I know not everyone will love this - so make it user selectable - but there are a lot of people who are color blind, hearing impaired, or just getting a bit older and some clearer audible feedback would be very helpful. The accessibility options on the computer / phone are a good example of the sort of options that would be helpful but some audible feedback would be a nice start.

TexasBob | 05/06/2018

Oh, and my peace-of-mind request, an option to have the horn do a couple of short beeps (like with a key fob) when the vehicle locks after I walk away (since I am half way across the parking lot and not normally in line-of-sight which means pulling out the app to double check it).

TexasBob | 05/06/2018

I would also really like a "what's the fastest route to ..." command that goes something like this:
Me: "What is the fastest route to home?"
Car: "Checking the fastest route to home... now displaying the fastest route"
Shows 1,2, 3 options from fastest to slowest
Car "Would you like me to guide you with turn by turn navigation"
Me "No thank you"
Car "Okay let me know if you need anything else."
Map clears

90% of the time I just want the car to tell me which route is quickest and then I know how to get there on my own. Instead of the navigate to - look at the route - cancel navigation so I do not have to listen to the thing all the way there-routine.

johnse | 06/06/2018

You can mute the directions voice

eandmjep | 06/06/2018

I saw it posted already but schedule preconditioning defrosting etc from the App using the Calendar so every morning in winter the car is nice and toasty/defrosted when I get off work.

@Chris.davidson.47 Had my car 2 weeks and lost LTE several times through the Mountains. I have never had to reset to get it back just exercised patience and when the signal was strong enough it magically worked.

ravisundaramam | 06/06/2018

Voice command or click and roll right scoll wheel to change the mode. wiper, mirror adjust, etc. And then left scroll wheel to adjust. Thus remove the need to use the touch panel while driving for most functions.

Voice + left scroll wheel should be able to get to everything on the touch screen.

hpn | 06/06/2018

Phone App:
Let's you Crack open the windows option. (Cabin gets super hot)
Or roll down window to exhaust hot air.

And a FOB.....

PTdenver | 06/06/2018

summon, which it says is part of EAP states this on order page, ( does not mention future release) one would assume it's there and active, but it is not

non chill, limited short bursts of extra power?

Tcloutier5890 | 06/06/2018

More voice control, a fob, audible when car is locked

ybbor | 06/06/2018

Surround view parking

Activate Spottily in North American


Ygor81 | 06/06/2018

Emoji support :D I like to have Emojis on my contact names lol

krexer | 24/09/2018

Features I'd love to see in upcoming Tesla software releases:
-- when car self-locks, it should roll up all windows
-- option to show on screen a top-down "image" of the car. This would be helpful in parking situations. I've seen other cars with this, and it's super-helpful.
-- if that's not possible, then some view or stylized image that shows the wheels on right side when parking, so I can easily see how far from the curb I am.
-- Option to use WAZE
-- Bigger font in list of navigation steps
-- ability to move list of navigation steps to left side of map screen
-- include highway exit number in the list of navigation steps (so I can easily see at a glance that I need to watch for upcoming Exit #4B)
-- Option to show blind-spot on the screen, and have it automatically show there when turn signal is engaged. This is the favorite feature on my Honda HRV. It has a camera on the right rear-view mirror, and when the right turn signal is engaged, that camera's view of the blind spot is shown on the screen.

disapr | 24/09/2018

I think it would be useful as an option to have the rear-view camera automatically come on when you're slowing/stopping and a vehicle is detected close behind you, and then turn off as soon as the vehicle is out of range.

SalisburySam | 25/09/2018

From @krexer: “include highway exit number in the list of navigation steps (so I can easily see at a glance that I need to watch for upcoming Exit #4B)“

Absolutely! We know the nav has access to these exit numbers as they are specified in the audio directions. Why not on the written ones? Why not on the map itself? Weird to me. Another reason: exits are usually related to the miles they are from a fixed point such as the State border. If I’ve just passed Exit 23 and I’m to get off at Exit 35, I know I’ve got about 12 miles to go.

actionzen | 03/10/2018

Indvidually control the rear view mirror tilt. Having the driver side tilt down when parallel parking is quite dangerous and even when in normal reverse conditions.

ieru00 | 25/11/2018

Simple one, allow streaming from YouTube while in park mode or while charging... Be nice to watch a podcast or something while I sit in the car for 20 minutes while it charges. Every time I park I don't need to get groceries or a haircut or to walk around (it's raining on some days). Sometimes I just need to charge the car! All that empty space on the tablet is just free real estate for streaming!

ClearWrap | 25/11/2018

separate out the child lock to left door and right door

styvwerx | 25/11/2018

How about opening the glove compartment, by voice command?
Multiple Sequential Destinations, in Navigate?
Round Trip in Navigate, so you can tell if you can make it home, as well as to your destination, and what charging is required to do so?

michaelbass | 25/11/2018

I would like to see a visual and audible notice of when either turn signal is left on beyond a "reasonable" time. If the prolonged signal is intentional, perhaps you would have to press a button on the display after the notice appears to reset the amount of time the turn signal is needed, similar to the snooze alarm. Would prevent leaving the turn signal on indefinitely.

ywang | 25/11/2018

Model 3 is getting better every update!A few suggestions:

1. home key button to open community gate and home garage, can you make the key BIGGER? I am a short person, has to make effort to outreach the home key, it will open to two choices “home gate or community gate”, the two choices are so small and close up, it’s hard to aim in a moving vehicle, please make the two choices bigger and separate them!
2. If you talk on cell phone and walk to the car, it will transmit the call to the car speaker before you enter the car, it interrupts the call, can it be delayed till you actually sit in the car?
3. TACC and Autopilots in stop and go traffic, it leaves too much space in the front between the cars, I am afraid the car behind me will tailgate me! I would like to be able to creep forward without disengage TACC or Autopilots!

noleaf4me | 25/11/2018


lumberjack | 25/11/2018

Apple CarPlay

lph | 25/11/2018

Turn indicator be larger and not in a green ball
Adjustment for wiper sensitivity
Speed indicator at the extreme top drivers side of the screen.

gmlabs | 25/11/2018

Lockdown button on phone - Some way to tel the car to lock all doors, roll up windows .
Carplay /Android !! just license it and spend the engineering time on making awesome car stuff and let Apple and Google worry about entertainment messaging and navigation .
It would be nice to switch views from all cameras .

quadriceps | 25/11/2018

Checkbox to fold/unfold mirrors upon Homelink geofence activation. Fold mirrors automatically on entering garage, unfold mirrors automatically upon exiting garage (although they do unfold when driving).

gk | 27/11/2018

Create an app-based door open button that actuates the internal door open button from the phone app. Useful in the event that the outside door handle is frozen or iced over.

Sensitivity adjustment for auto wipers.

korb | 08/12/2018

I realize that most Model 3 owners live in warmer climates that I do, so there may not be a big call for more cold-weather features. However, where we live (about 100 miles due east of Minneapolis) it gets rather cold in the winter, and I think there is one particular enhancement that would be very helpful.

I keep my heated garage at 45-50F all winter long, so it's not the same as parking outside, but I do notice that even at that ambient temperature, when I first leave the house, I get the dashed energy line indicating limited regenerative braking.

Am I not warming up the car properly before I unplug & leave home? I've been activating the heat inside the car (when still plugged in), but I thought that doing so also told the car to warm up the battery pack. If that is not the case, I think that would be a nice feature - "Battery Pack Preheat" or something like that. I do believe it already has that ability (to warm & cool the battery pack) so this sounds like something that would be possible with a software update.

Thank you for your attention.

ODWms | 08/12/2018

I got the dashed regen line yesterday morning as I left the house. I’m in Florida, and the temperature was 72. Not sure how this is supposed to work.

abeeshake | 02/01/2019

Some of these are repeat of other's posts, but have been on my wish list:

1) Child Car Seat Mode:
- Allow for adjustment of front passenger seat from center screen, to provide enough space for car seat
- Preset from App to adjust front passenger seat to be set to Child Car Seat Mode
- When in Child Car Seat Mode, prevent front passenger from moving beyond presents so as to avoid squeezing and damaging car seat

2) Audible blind spot warning when turn signal is engaged

3) Open / Close windows from App
- specially useful when parked and starts raining
- consider automatically raising windows if dash sensors detect rain?

4) 360 view around car, including from app
- when parking, a stitched together 360 or 270 view might be very helpful
- potentially accessing the cameras from the app when parked? Would to keep a check in on suspicious activity. If USB car record 360 on loops (similar to dashcam), could help in hit-and-run as well

5) Car park payment
- Integrate with Pay-to-Park apps / zones to pay for parking in pre-designated zones
- This may be more trouble to develop than its worth, given the inconsistencies across various cities

I LOVE my Tesla Model 3. Best decision I ever made. I've had it for ~8 months and still bring a smile to my face every time I sit in it. Thanks for make a great product and hope that these comments help further improve it.

Goldie | 03/01/2019

1) Door open in App
2) Defrost front/rear on app
3) Screenshot for rear view camera
4) Scheduled charging on App
5) Waze integration
6) Windows up/down in app

philippem | 03/01/2019

- Without EAP, allows to tap the speed sign to set the cruise to that speed.
- With EAP, ability to tap the speedometer to set the cruise speed when the displayed limit is not adequate (either wrong speed or not adapted to road condition)
- Reduce speed before actual panel (so that we are at speed limit at the road sign)
- Easy way to flag wrong or missing speed limit (maybe a long press)
- Make EAP less expansive (at least EAP + auto-steer)

philippem | 03/01/2019

Allow to add diacritics to letters such as açéèê when entering text from the car software keyboard so that it is possible to properly write words in language other than English.

SolArray | 03/01/2019

Sensitivity/frequency controller for Auto-wipers is a must for safe driving.

When driving, lumbar changes need the pop-up option to "Save to Profile" to avoid re-setting and re-setting.

Summers911 | 04/01/2019

How about adding weather overlay option on the moving map. So you could see thunderstorms or snow along your route real time.

bjwillson1 | 23/08/2019

For sentry mode when a event alert occurs please put the time date stamp on that event on the alert on the screen. By having the time date stamp when that occurred I can easily Find that event on my iPhone SentryView or iXpand app rather than search through an hour worth of Video to try and find it.