Centerpoint Energy inspection time frame? (Houston, TX area)

Centerpoint Energy inspection time frame? (Houston, TX area)

Anyone on here from the Houston area? I had my system installed about 4 weeks ago and still have not heard a word from Centerpoint Energy about getting permission to operate. The city already did their inspection, within a week of the install. We have had a ton of hot and sunny days lately and I am very eager to get this system up and running! How long did it take to hear anything from them?

tintquotes | 27/06/2018

Who was your reseller/installer in Houston? I am trying to locate a dealer who will install a Powerwall 2 in a small business. SolarCity will not do Powerwall for a business. Most other resellers are solar panel installers (that seem to be unresponsive). I am not looking at solar panels for recharge which is why installers may not be responding. Any qualified installer in Texas for a small commercial (business) install would do.

Lith I M | 30/06/2018

A few months ago I received a call from a Tesla solar representative generated by my request for information months before about their solar system. The person told me they could not help me since they were not working with Centerpoint Energy who is the power line owner in this area.
This is for a residence in Houston.

sbcrazy.b | 15/02/2019

Oh that's literally bad, and have you contacted the tesla officials? Hope your issues is solved and from my point of view you should try get in contact with your power line owner and check

iampagalbro | 17/02/2019

iampagalbro | 17/02/2019
onetrickaday | 06/03/2019

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onetrickaday | 06/03/2019

I hope i donot get this issue when i buy a Tesla car, I sincerely hope your issue is resolved . try and get in touch with your power line owner and maybe find a solution. cheers !!

bp | 07/03/2019

Recently we had Tesla out to do a site visit for a potential panel/Powerwall purchase (which we've decided to table for now, since the break even is 18-20 years when electricity is $.11/KWh).

They were aware CenterPoint was our grid provider, and did not believe that would be a problem. So unless someone in the Houston area has encountered a problem connecting with CenterPoint recently, the OP's issue should be considered resolved.

From a customer perspective the Energy business is essentially independent of Tesla's S/3/X business - so any issues an Energy customer may have should not be relevant to purchasing, delivering or maintaining an S/3/X vehicle.

stupidnenu | 08/05/2019

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We hope we do not get this issue when we buy a Tesla car, I sincerely hope your issue is resolved now at least. try and get in touch with your power line owner and maybe find a solution. Thanks !! | 26/11/2019

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