Tesla model X service info and contacting the service in Toronto

Tesla model X service info and contacting the service in Toronto

peter.pbconsulting | 06/07/2018

I purchased a demo from Tesla Lawrence and service has been fantastic! I'm 3 hours away and they bend over backwards to accommodate my schedule.
I also called the help line when my trailer lights didn't work and was patched through to Fremont. The service guy was able to run all the tests on the vehicle remotely and pin point the issue to a relay or harness. I took it to Lawrence service and they immediately got under the car and found the harness plug and reconnected. They moved my vehicle to a Supercharger while I had a coffee and chatted to the sales guys!
I've never experienced service like this from any other manufacture.

jlmuinonen | 06/07/2018

That's awesome! We live in Sudbury (4 hours north) and are buying from there. I hope that we get the same service. Although we have enough Tesla's in town now that I am hoping we will get a ranger to come up here. I know they will go to Kingston from Toronto.

jlmuinonen | 06/07/2018

^^^That comment was to Peter.pbconsulting.

To OP, sorry you are having a hard time getting a hold of them! Have you tried email? Might save the phone-tag.

pctooling | 07/07/2018

Hi thy finally contacted me .All my questions was answered and they help me to adjust the front windows Thank you

pctooling | 30/10/2018

Hi I purchased Model X 90 D from the lease in the spring 2018. I like it . I have good experience lately with the service from Tesla on Lawrence Av. and mobile service. I like to ask if anybody did experience this.This month I start monitoring the Kilometers per 90%Charge and I can drive approx.200Km to 220Km in the city and 270Km combined.Can anybody have same result and is it good or bad ? Thank you.o

pctooling | 31/10/2018

Hi,this morning I have mobile service in my home .The service person was very friendly and professional . So far I am very satisfied with all service.He did explain all and answer all my questions. Excellent service.
Thank you Peter

pctooling | 03/11/2018

Hi I just did the test driving on 401 and drove from Belleville Ont. to Kingston Ont.distance 171Km and speed average 105Km/H.

Average energy used 296 Wh/Km
Using % bars: 10% = city 20 to 22Km
10% = Hwy 23 to 25 Km
I like to know if someone have same experience. I do not believe the Tesla rates the vehicle for 400 Km.
I like to rated max. 300 Km if I am extremely lucky.
I did the test to driving to Kingston and used Hwy.2 and the result was same 10% =22 to 24Km

pctooling | 04/11/2018

I did the new test on Hwy2 follow the speed limits and maximum distance was 299Km every 10%=29.1Km

pctooling | 18/12/2018

Hi I know it is aluminum body bud can I do rust coating to protect oxidizing???

pctooling | 29/10/2019

Last time I visit service it was excellent and everything was fixed .They test drive it the night before .. I left Tesla next day and turn to Kennedy Road it was so slow due to construction and in 5km my tire pressure was low so I went to gas station and fill up the tire ,call Tesla service and they ask me to get back ,so I drop the car and I went for coffee and they told me everything is OK.I start driving home and I must stop every 80Km and fill up the tire.I got to Belleville and no one have tool to work on 22”tire.I found The Audi service and they found out the rim was damaged and can not be repaired . I just purchased one from e bay. The distance from them is 180 km.I was not happy they let me drive this distance with this problem.Audi manager was surprised when I tod him the story I just left Tesla service.They did not resolve my problem with driving range which still 300 to 320Km. They test the battery and it is in good condition.I am using 211 Wh/km and I can not get more then 330Km.I think I am going to switch to Audy e-tron .I love Tesla I love Elon for to make this car bud I have problem with service.