1000 mile review in Alabama

1000 mile review in Alabama

I went over 1000 miles on my Tesla Model 3. Only problem I had was the passenger side rear lights were not working. The mobile unit came out and discovered it was disconnected. I had to reset the car because for some reason I went to radio station and I could not get it to back to stream. I think besides that everything else is more than I expected from this car. I am really enjoying the car. The acceleration is just fun. Everything just works. The AC is more than strong enough for Alabama's heat and humidity. The glass roof does get hot to the touch but I do not notice the heat on my head. The car does not feel small. My son's baritone sax with case goes in the trunk without folding the seats. Golf clubs are also not a problem. I drive and do not worry about how efficient I am driving. I drive to get a giggle from every traffic light. This car is probably the best car you can buy at this price range. My biggest use case for this car was to get away from the anxiety of a busy day and having to stop by at a gas station. Now I have 250 miles (80% charge) every morning. I will never have to worry about when I need to go to a gas station.

dfelton | 25/07/2018

Agreed! Would not trade my TM3 for any other car period - only for one with white seats that is ;)

Kathy Applebaum | 25/07/2018


suren.petrosyan | 25/07/2018

Thanks for sharing. It's always good to hear "real" people reviewing the car. I'm looking forward to mine!

djejnyc | 25/07/2018

Thanks for this, I'm picking mine up next week and it's nice to hear a regular person's opinion

Magic 8 Ball | 25/07/2018

Living the dream!