"Super-chill" acceleration mode in Autopilot / TACC

"Super-chill" acceleration mode in Autopilot / TACC

Not sure about most folks but I sure would appreciate a "super chill" acceleration mode when autopilot/ TACC is engaged.

The way it is currently, the acceleration is too strong/ jerky when:
- starting from 0 (after the car in front takes off)
- you are going slower than max and the car in front moves out of your lane and the M3 speeds up to max
- you increase the max speed w/ the scroll wheel

Also, when starting from 0 from a traffic light as the car in front of you takes off, the M3 should start moving sooner (as soon as the car in front takes off) and speed up less aggressively

Similarly, if TACC/ AP sees a car in front that is either slowing or stopped, it should immediately start coasting/ gently slowing sooner.

All of these will make a substantial improvement in ride quality.

Daryl | 25/07/2018

I agree with the one point that the Model 3 should start moving sooner when the car in front takes off, but otherwise I don't think acceleration is too fast or jerky. It seems about right to me.

Doesn't Chill mode help? I haven't tried it, but I understand that is what it is for.

DCM876 | 25/07/2018

I think all of your points could be summed up to "drives more like a human." I tend to agree it has a long way to go to get there. Elon has mentioned they intend to work on some of those features to make the driving feels more natural, but those would come after getting all the safety perfect.

I'd like to see them go away from lane centering and instead to keep a fixed distance away from the left or right line; it seems like that would improve performance when a lane splits.

garibaldi | 12/11/2018

This is an old thread, but I agree. I'm doing the EAP trial this week. We need a "chauffer/chill" mode for autopilot. It just freaks me out by breaking at the last minute or jerking ahead when the car in front of me leaves my lane.

shank15217 | 12/11/2018

@Garibaldi, some interaction is required, as of now you should use the thumb wheel to slow down the car about 10 mph before a traffic light, same goes for speeding up. A jerky stop means that the car is having to use brakes as well as regen braking, that's efficiently loss.

ajit.bhanot | 15/02/2019

What is the thumb wheel interaction to slow it down? I am new to this forum and just got a Tesla X so just wondering.

jamespompi | 15/02/2019

I was thinking about this yesterday. I think Chill mode fixes the jerking, but it would be nice if you could set it to just EAP so when you disengage it goes back to standard acceleration.

kevin_rf | 15/02/2019

I have not found the EAP in Chill mode to be all that jerky or heavy on the breaks. In my book, at least one hour a day in stop and go traffic expressway traffic, it does pretty good. Curious if follow distance has an impact on this. Currently have mine set to 3, 2 is to close, 3 is to far, 2.718 might be more natural....

don.lind | 15/02/2019

@kevin_rf - ok, you made me snort a little coffee out my nose. Thank you. I haven't messed with logarithms in eons, but that value looked familiar... snip from google:
Why natural constant “e” is called “natural” Most of us won't feel strange to the symbol “e” in math. It is an irrational number whose value is approximately equal to 2.71828182845904523536…Meanwhile, if “e” is the base of the logarithm, then it will be called “natural logarithm”...

So well done. heh.

On topic: My opinion: I would think Tesla could add a "super chill" mode to EAP and improve the "lane gets wide, let's swerve to the right side" issue WHILE working on full self driving. No need to perfect full self driving before adjusting the current behaviors.

kevin_rf | 15/02/2019

Don, thankfully it's really easy to clean coffee off of the Model 3 touch screen.

kallian | 15/02/2019

I agree AP should only be used with chill mode. Not standard or sport. (provide an option for it)
Safety is the concern here. When disengaged it should go back to standard or sport. This way I want to over take someone while on AP, i dont have to go switch it.

AP on sport is just plain stupid, guy in front moves out going 50, your AP limit is 80, on sport, thats just an accident waiting to happen.

mtmodel3 | 15/02/2019

I sent a suggestion to Tesla for a “Smooth” mode in EAP/TACC, maybe even with low and high options: reduced acceleration and deceleration, more acceptance of deviation from the set follow distance (like when the car ahead takes off quickly in stop and go traffic and Tesla keeps up, or a car pulls in front of you and Tesla brakes hard to re-establish set follow distance). A Smooth mode, besides being more relaxed, could actually contribute to reducing the rubber-banding effect of stop and go traffic.

ODWms | 16/02/2019

Excellent idea.

philippem | 16/02/2019

I find that if the following distance is set higher, it will be smoother. However, if you increase it too much, then other cars will cut more often. A following distance of 4 often works well but you have to adjust it to your preference and how people drive in your area.

swanson21 | 16/02/2019

A sort of hack is to just set the tacc limit very low and manually speed up and down using your foot...I know kinda defeats the purpose of tacc but it's about as much attention as having to keep pressing the wheel.

This works great on curvy roads when you want to slow sooner than the tacc would and/or not piss off anyone behind you... you'll get the constant warning message about auto brake won't work etc but all you gave to do is lift off accelerator if you come up to traffic and auto brake is back on.

beachmiles | 30/06/2019

My new model 3 LR RWD in Chill mode is def NOT chill on the accelerator when the lane opens up and it gets to my set limit.

If you put your foot on the gas just before the car ahead moves you can sometimes stop autopilot from jamming the pedal down only to slam the brakes on when it detects the new car in front of you.

I can understand the high acceleration if you are trying to have Autopilot change lanes into the fast lane that is moving fast. But if you have been in the same lane going 65mph in traffic with a limit of 75mph as cars go in and out I would think Autopilot would be keeping track of the past speed levels in this lane and realize that 75mph is a best case scenario so it should slowly accelerate to that point expecting that it will find traffic way before it hits that speed.

dgan | 12/10/2019

Agree with all the above. I now i understand why I sometimes feel more nausea from Tesla acceleration versus a combustion car. Because the Tesla ability to accelerate is crazy, and a regular combustion car just can't.

Come on Tesla, make the auto pilot acceleration less Nausea inducing as everyone above has commented. I think this was the reason for the regular chill mode, need to now make auto pilot chill mode as well. Let people choose how aggressive or not they want the car to behave. It will make a massive difference to comfort.