Impressive NAV, but please include waypoints!

Impressive NAV, but please include waypoints!

The navigation is STUNNING, light years from other nav systems. And even though I have a very strong foreign accent, it understands every word I say! We absolutely love it.

Two suggestions for improving and already impressive software:
• Include waypoints. This is such a convenient feature, and I missed it in the Tesla.
• When a waypoint included is a Tesla supercharger, recalculate the charging plan for the trip. That would allow me to time the car needs with my preferred times for stopping, or preferred destinations for stopping when there is choice.

Kudos to the Tesla team!

bradbomb | 09/08/2018

Good suggestion. FYI I would send the suggestion to Tesla and not just here. You can use the "Report Bug" function on the voice command in the car, you can literally tweet @Tesla or @elonmusk, or you can use the "Ask a Question" on the Tesla Account page.

Leela | 09/08/2018

Thanks!!! Will do. I do hope they monitor the forums, though, it is a free focus group!!

dgstan | 09/08/2018

Also, is there a scale that tells you how far a mile is? Like one inch is a mile, etc? I don't see one.

billlake2000 | 09/08/2018

All nav systems were standardized in 2004 to have one inch equals one mile.

bradbomb | 09/08/2018

@billiake2000 How could that be true, all NAV systems zoom in and out during routes and what not. So the scale changes

gbb0131 | 10/08/2018

Waypoints would be great! I love having google maps option for the display.

ybbor | 10/08/2018

I wish the car could sync with my phone's google accounts and show all my stared points of interested on the map.

hans-joerg | 12/04/2019

Can fully support your request Leela. Hope Tesla will pick it up.

rasinas | 12/04/2019

They were going to add it a few months ago but for some reason pulled it back. I would love for them to add it as I usually need to navigate to my favorite supercharger on the route then on to my destination. I also take a route to visit our kids and it would be nice to put Santa Barbara as a way point on route to San Diego so the car can plan the charging for us better.

syclone | 13/04/2019

@rasinas: They were going to add waypoints, but farting was deemed more important.

noleaf4me | 13/04/2019

Don't knock the fart app!

I would also love to see the "hazard" warnings like Waze provides. It's nice to know when those cars with the red and blue lights are lurking!

SteveWin1 | 13/04/2019

I know this is beating a dead horse, but android auto would fix all of this. You'd have waypoints, more efficient navigation, your starred POIs would show up on the map, you could talk directly to google assistant, which is light-years better than Tesla voice commands at understanding what you're saying and at actually doing what you say, and always will be due to having vastly more voice data from google voice, google home, and Fi. Tesla has too much on their plate.

don.lind | 13/04/2019

Waypoints would be good. On our recent drive down I-5 to Southern California, we wanted to swing over to the 101 in Grants Pass, Oregon so as to go down the 101 in California. Tesla Nav would have none of it. lol It was hell bent on using the I-5 (which is definitely the fastest way and the obviously correct default routing). We were in Kalamath on the 101 in Northern California and tried to navigate to Santa Barbara (also on the 101). It's route was "yeah, hang a left in a few miles, cut over to I-5 and carry on down that way. So the easy workaround was to route to a supercharger on the 101 at about our expected range limit. Worked fine, but letting us control the routing (e.g., with waypoints) would have been better and easier.

Or, using the Google navigation stuff... But yeah, as has been said, Tesla has other higher-priority things to work on.

And, in my case, I probably could have just stayed on the 101 and not involved Nav at all. And when the battery got low, I presume the car would have suggested that I should supercharge at . But the supercharger probably would have been the closest supercharger and that MAY have been over on I-5... I don't know for sure.

@noleaf ... my wife was running google maps on her phone on part of the way back home (up I-5) in addition to the car's Nav stuff. Google Maps (which must be hooked up with WAZE now?) did blurt out a "Speed Trap" warning in Oregon. :-) I wasn't speeding. But it's a nice warning in case you were. Which you should be...

terry.k.morrow | 13/04/2019

+1 on waypoints and dynamic scale / mile indicator.
Being able to avoid highway would be helpful too. you can avoid tolls, which effectively does same thing in some states, but not in all states. Sometimes, when there's a big back up, i would love to enter my destination and have it tell me the back roads there. i can figure it out looking at the map, but it would be nice to have it automated.