0-60 acceleration

0-60 acceleration

I was wondering has anyone else noticed that there Model X is not accelerating as hard as before? I have heard that Tesla did a firmware update to reduce power in our cars to stop the complaints about shudder when accelerating. Can someone confirm this? I have a 2016 Model X 90D I never had the shudder issue that others were complaining about.

genegode | 10/08/2018

In the last two weeks, I've noted just the opposite; it seems zippier to me. Maybe my foot has gotten heavier but normally I drive like a 67 year old man...(wait I AM a 67year old man). The acceleration seems quicker. Also to be noted, I did have the shafts changed out in July.

Vawlkus | 10/08/2018

The reduction is only when the suspension is set to standard. At low or very lower, the car still performs as it did previously.

jjgunn | 10/08/2018

My MX 100D is set to low 99.99% of the time.

No issues with acceleration - still 0-60 in ~4.5

chadcristi | 24/08/2018

Can anyone confirm that there is actually a software-driven reduction or increase in power output based upon the suspension level setting? This is the first time I have heard anything about this.

wmyers | 25/08/2018

I noticed the same thing after I got my car back from the shop (and some of their software updates). Even thought it was NOT on Chill acceleration mode it felt like it was. I switched it to Chill and then back to the other mode and that made it work again.

jjgunn | 26/08/2018

So here's what may be happening...

You may need to let the battery pack "warm up" a bit before stomping on the "gas pedal".

I did notice a little acceleration decrease when I first started driving the car. Its not much just a little. After about 5-7 minutes acceleration was it's normal rocket self.
Currently on firmware 2018.26.1