Making the experience a bit more enjoyable for the driver

Making the experience a bit more enjoyable for the driver

Tesla should add an app or feature that allows the driver to activate it so when they accelerate, the speakers make a "vroom" effect.

joseyaelsanchezs | 21/08/2018

This would be fun dontcha think?

DTsea | 21/08/2018

nooooooooo. | 21/08/2018


NKYTA | 21/08/2018


Rocky_H | 21/08/2018

No | 21/08/2018

Generally adding fake grinding engine noises is hated by most EV owners. Not sure why anyone wants to pollute your sound environment. Engine noise does help cover up crappy audio systems in ICE cars and nagging from a mother-in-law in the backseat!. A noise generator is available in the Jaguar iPac and BMW i8 for those that enjoy loss of hearing.

Tesla-David | 21/08/2018

No way, I love the silence. If you want that kind of noise, buy an ICE vehicle!

SCCRENDO | 21/08/2018

Hey Joey. Did you buy the kiddie Tesla or a real one?

RedShift | 21/08/2018

Hellz no!

Yodrak. | 21/08/2018

It's much more enjoyable to silently and effortlessly see the vroom-mobiles disappearing in the rearview mirror.

JayInJapan | 21/08/2018


Tropopause | 21/08/2018

I think that feature on the iPace is lame. I enjoy silence.

Madatgascar | 21/08/2018

I like the subtle spooling-up sound of the electric motor. It’s like you are being vacuumed into the future! If anything, they should modulate that sound to be a little lower, less like a whine on the high end.

jimglas | 22/08/2018

Maybe a sound like a calliope

SO | 22/08/2018

Nothing like grasping on to the past for no good reason.

Mike83 | 22/08/2018

I watched a foreign movie(Turkish) awhile ago that had a Tesla in it and it showed the 19inch screen. On part of the movie they showed the car leaving a dog kennel, if I recall correctly and it made a sound like a Ferrari, could have been an MG too. I used to tell a car by just listening to it
Having driven quiet cars since 2001 I can hear better and prefer listening to music so I can distinguish each instrument.
No noise for me; in Italy, maybe NY also, one can hear car drivers yelling at others ;-( | 23/08/2018

In 2014, 60 minutes TV show did a story on Tesla that showed a Model S driving, and they added engine noises to the sound track. A bti of minor controversy at the time!

martin.spencerm | 23/08/2018

I would like a sound clip of Elon saying 'wwoooooossshhhhhhh' to play during heavy acceleration.

Mike83 | 23/08/2018

When leaving behind an ICE perhaps a fart sound would do.

Tesla-David | 23/08/2018, I remember that 60 minutes clip well, and agree it created quite a bit of discussion and controversy. "Sounds of Silence" much better.
@Mike83, ha, ha, I like that idea!

Yodrak. | 23/08/2018

"I would like a sound clip of Elon saying 'wwoooooossshhhhhhh' to play during heavy acceleration."

This got me to thinking, maybe the sound of a Falcon 9 lifting off ?

mrporter6 | 23/08/2018

I agree on the NO. I have a hearing issue and can now enjoy the music without all the vroom and road noise

T35LA | 23/08/2018