Scheduling service online

Scheduling service online

I was told you can schedule service online? I can not find the link anywhere? Lets of articles on tesla sites saying there is a link on your account page, but there is not for me.h
Anyone know where I can schedule my service online, especially now that the hold times are so long for service ?

lilbean | 22/08/2018

Go to your account page. Click on your car. Click the red box that says schedule.

dslackman | 23/08/2018

Apparently not all service centers offer on line scheduling. I live on Long Island and the system refers me to a center in Connecticut, when there’s a service center much nearer here on the island. The local center cannot be scheduled on line. Unfortunately their phones were also down for a few days, so it wasn’t easy getting in touch. The Tesla central number put me on hold for over 10 minutes. The best way to get through finally, was through the roadside assistance number. Not the greatest experience.

Hazmatmike1 | 08/10/2018

Need to schedule a service call. Got a problem with our radio and directional signals. Problem started after your service on my directional signal and PRD and auto control were replaced. Problems are intermittent. Can't find the online appointment scheduler. It doesn't exist on my account. Call me back. Mike Handman 619-987-4713

db95120 | 19/11/2018

I need to make an appointment with my new model s the roof is starting to rattle Again! The glass might be coming loose Again, please give me an appointment as soon as possible | 20/11/2018

Yes, I've used the online application. One nice thing about it was that I could collect my thoughts and get all the little things dealt with. Except for the fact that they don't actually seem to read that. When I dropped the car off they had me give them a verbal list and I forgot a couple of things and got the car back without them being fixed. Oh well, back to pencil and paper.

Vikram K | 26/12/2018

I scheduled a service appointment online and forgot to add it to my calendar. Where can I find my appointment confirmation? I did not receive email or text. Any pointers?

lilbean | 26/12/2018

I would check your spam folder.

lilbean | 26/12/2018

Anyway, click "My Account" then click "Manage". Your service appointment time will be shown on the page. If not and you did not receive an email, it's possible that the service appointment scheduling wasn't completed properly by not clicking submit.

Jeff vo | 25/02/2019

My car can not update new software. | 25/02/2019

@Tuyenjvo - It's best to start a new thread than derail an existing thread with an unrelated item. The car does not control updates - Tesla sends out updates in a random order an not to all cars. If you don't get any update in 3 months or so, then contact service - otherwise you have to wait like the rest of us :)

abbas | 03/03/2019

Need service
Passenger door does not open from outside

jordanrichard | 04/03/2019

Abbas, ok, call service or go online, or use your app. No one here can help.