What is P3D+

What is P3D+

What does P3D+ mean? And is that an "official" designation by Tesla?

Did I get a P3D+? Or which acronym did I order?

I ordered:
Long Range All-Wheel Drive Performance
Red Multi-Coat Paint
Performance Upgrade
20’’ Performance Wheels
Performance Brakes
Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Performance Pedals
Premium Interior
Premium Black
Enhanced Autopilot
Full Self-Driving Capability

Magic 8 Ball | 31/08/2018

You are getting a P+. The + means you ordered the upgrade package that includes the wheels, brakes, etc.

JAD | 31/08/2018

It is not official, it kinda followed the p100dl format from the model S. Really should be called a 3P+. The S added the d as early P cars were not d, and battery size was stated.

I think it should be:


But that is just me.

djharrington | 31/08/2018

They sort of screwed us over with the 3 and the change to not include battery size in the model (actually was a smart change, just inconsistent from the past). So now it’s an acronym free-for-all. It’ll get worse once SR battery cars are made. Will they be:
Ok, that last one is kind of graphic (which actually fits the naming scheme of S,3,X)

JAD | 31/08/2018

LOL :)

disapr | 31/08/2018

I don't get it..

Brian B | 31/08/2018

"kind of graphic" niiiiiiice

suren.petrosyan | 31/08/2018

I'm happy to have gotten it but shows how small my brain is.

FastballTS | 15/10/2019

You are getting what people call a P3D+... P is for performance, 3 is the Model 3, D is the DUAL MOTOR (which you have), and + are all the extra features!... Hope this helps!!

rob | 15/10/2019

and you call yourself Fastball?

andy | 15/10/2019

@jamie sounds like a Tesla Model 3 DREAM.

Don’t know how that spec could be more perfect. Possibly a towball, but that’s debatable.