Terrible Delivery Experience & Defective Model 3 - Atlanta-Decatur Store

Terrible Delivery Experience & Defective Model 3 - Atlanta-Decatur Store

I wanted to let you know about my experience at Tesla today. I arrived at 4:30pm, which was the time of the appointment, and it took 30 minutes before someone acknowledged me -- I had to interrupt a Tesla employee's conversation with another customer to tell them my appointment was 30 minutes ago. I then waited another 30 minutes before someone came to me -- after telling another employee that I had been waiting for nearly an hour. I finally got to my car, and it was very dirty. The car looked like it had been driven through a construction site. Furthermore, the interior temperature of the car was 107F. We ran the AC while we finished up the paperwork and the interior temperature dropped to only 104F. I have since been running the AC for over an hour and the temperature will not drop below 88F with the AC enabled and all windows closed. It was also disappointing that they could not schedule me for getting my performance aesthetic pieces installed. They said they have no idea when they'll be ready. That was very disappointing to hear considering I already paid for those items and now have no idea when they'll be ready. There is also a tire pressure indicator going off even though the PSI says all tires are over 40 PSI. They also left an electric screwdriver in my trunk after installing my license plate holder. That is unprofessional. Furthermore, the firmware was not updated like I was told it would be, so I am waiting on that to complete now.

I was excited to get my Tesla today, but after the issues I ran into at delivery and am still dealing with such as a dirty car and no AC, I'm left frustrated and wondering if I made a mistake. I really want Tesla to succeed, but they certainly need to get the basics right. The car was clearly not prepped before my delivery and they were unprepared. Also, if I pay nearly $90k for a car, I expect to receive a better level of customer service. The car should have been washed or at least rinsed and the AC should have been run so the car was not so hot -- unfortunately, looks like I won't be able to drive the car until the AC gets fixed.

The service center cannot take me until Friday so I have a brand new car I cannot drive.

Thanks for listening to me vent. Anyone have any suggestions?

Yodrak. | 01/09/2018

"wondering if I made a mistake. ... any suggestions?"

Too late now, but in my opinion your mistake was paying for and taking delivery of the car.

Jbenamy | 01/09/2018

Yep, too bad I paid in full in advance. Tesla was rushing me out the door and I had already been there nearly 2 hours so didn't catch the AC issue until later. Thankfully GA has a lemon law.

SO | 01/09/2018

How many issues before it qualifies for the lemon law?

lilbean | 01/09/2018

A car that was received "late" and dirty with an AC that isn't the greatest and inaccurate tire pressure readings does not qualify as a lemon. Lol.

MitchP85D | 01/09/2018

The Model 3 was nearly $90K?

lilbean | 01/09/2018

I think fully loaded with tax and license especially in California would be that much.

Jbenamy | 02/09/2018

AC isn't great -- no. AC does not blow cold air at all (I used an infrared thermometer when I got home). Unsafe to drive a car with interior temp of nearly 100 degrees on the way home yesterday. AC also cools battery... also safety related.

Fully loaded Model 3 AWD Performance in GA is $87k after tax.

lilbean | 02/09/2018

Maybe it’s just a detached hose. I wouldn’t call the entire car defective. But that is just me.

Jbenamy | 02/09/2018

The car should not have been released for delivery. They should have inspected it and delayed delivery. No QA once it left the factory. These items are obvious if you sit in the car for a minute.

lilbean | 02/09/2018

Trust me. I get it. I was an early adopter of a Model X.

Jbenamy | 02/09/2018

Being an early adopter sucks sometimes. Hopefully they figure out a way to make this right for me and they improve the experience for everyone else. Maybe this location just needs someone from corporate to come in there and retrain everyone and update their processes.

MitchP85D | 02/09/2018

Before we bash the Atlanta-Decatur Store, I would like to share my experience with them. I was on vacation to North Carolina in my Model-S P85D last June. I had problems with my master charger during the vacation, and the Atlanta-Decatur Service Center replaced the master charger while we were on our way back to Houston. While the car was being serviced, they got us an ICE rental car so we could go out to see a movie and have lunch. When we got back, the car was almost ready; just waiting on it to super-charge. After it was ready, they gave me my key and we were on our way. No paper work. They didn't charge me for a thing, not even the deductible.

So, my experience with them was quite positive, and I considered them a good representative of Tesla. This Model-3 issue seems very uncharacteristic. I'm sure they will make right was done wrong.

Tesla-David | 02/09/2018

Your delivery experience was unacceptable IMHO, but is not what I have experienced here in Seattle SC for deliveries of 2 MS’s and M3. All three were exceptional.You should let Tesla corporate know about this so it can be corrected.

Jbenamy | 02/09/2018

That is a positive experience, for sure.

It could be that the store has gone downhill recently. I looked at reviews of the store online and they are very positive, but the last review was awhile ago. My coworker uses this location for service and said he was in there a few weeks ago and heard a lot of people complaining to Tesla reps about a variety of things.

I am hopeful that Tesla HQ or this location will recognize how uncharacteristic this is and will make it right. I've given them the opportunity to correct this, so we'll see how it plays out. Will update the post when I hear from Tesla.

Jbenamy | 02/09/2018

Here are the ways I've reached out to Tesla so far. I don't expect a response til Tuesday because of the holiday weekend.

• Called my delivery specialist, voicemail was full
• Emailed delivery specialist, no response since weekend
• Left a message with store location delivery was at, closed for rest of weekend and holiday
• Submitted online Tesla form with box for executive review checked
• Called service manager at other Atlanta location, phone was off, left voicemail
• Posted story in review for that location on Facebook
• Posted story on official Tesla forums
• Scheduled service appointment

MitchP85D | 02/09/2018

The round of lay-offs may have something to do with that. I talked to a service rep at the Decatur Store about that, and he said that people he knew were let go, and he was saddened by it. It probably put a greater burden on the operations folks.

Jbenamy | 02/09/2018

That could definitely be a contributing factor. That location definitely needs more people. I didn't even see a single Tesla rep for the first 20 minutes I was there.

Yodrak. | 02/09/2018

"The round of lay-offs may have something to do with that."

I was also thinking the lay-off was a possibility.

Jbenamy | 02/09/2018

Update on the A/C issue: heat works perfect. Cranked it up to HI and within 20 seconds the interior temperature had risen from 86F to 92F. Dunno about the inner-workings of the A/C in this vehicle, but could be the freon isn't charged properly.

Jbenamy | 02/09/2018

From Tesla:

Hello Joseph,

Thank you for reaching out to us here at Tesla. I sincerely apologize for the delivery experience you had as we certainly strive to provide much better experiences to our owners. I've contacted our Delivery and Service Leadership to help better investigate this for us and see if we can get your Model 3 in earlier than this coming Friday. I've requested our leadership to reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss and ensure we get the right resolution to this for you. Thank you again for reaching out and providing this feedback to us as it is vital to us continuing to improve and provide the best experiences for our owners. We will be in touch with you early this week.

Kind regards,
Mark Toffey | Executive Care
45500 Fremont Blvd | Fremont, CA 94538 | 02/09/2018

Sorry for your unsatisfactory experience. We had the opposite experience at the Tampa SC when we picked up our M3 last Feb. We showed up 1/2 hour early and they delivered a perfect car early. The car has been nearly perfect ever since. There have been a couple pf software hiccups requiring a reboot but that's all. The letter from Mark is a good start on righting the ship.

I always bring a dozen bagels and a container or two of cream cheese when I visit them. Maybe this helps.😉

MitchP85D | 02/09/2018

Hey Jbenamy, one thing I noticed about the Decatur Store is that there were very few service reps in the lobby. Whenever, I wanted to talk to somebody, I had to go downstairs through the door on the right to get a status of my car. There are a few desks there where the service reps work, and they take care of the customer concerns there. The lobby seems like an area for the customers to hang out while they are waiting on their cars to get serviced. I talked to a service rep on the phone before I got to the Decatur store, and he gave me that hint to just go downstairs.

Jbenamy | 02/09/2018

Yeah, it was nice to receive an email from Fremont over a holiday weekend. We'll see how things progress. I'll provide updates here.

Mitch, it feels that the Decatur store is 99% service and 1% delivery. Unfortunately, place was mostly abandoned on Saturday. I've heard from a few others that they're moving deliveries of Model S and Model X to Marietta location and Model 3 to Roswell.

efuseakay | 03/09/2018

Advice for future owners: Don’t pay in advance if you’re not in a state where it’s required.

MitchP85D | 03/09/2018

Jben, in Houston, my MS60 was delivered to my house back in March 2014, and I gave the nice young lady a ride back to the shop while she explained all the features of the car while I was driving it. Just a year later I got my P85D, but I picked it up from the shop the second time around. I figured I was already a "veteran" Tesla owner, and I did not need on-the-road training. The Houston store did a great job making sure everything was working right with both vehicles. My 60 had a glitch with the sliding roof that developed within a few weeks. But Tesla service took care of it. These Teslas do have glitches, but it has always been my experience that they correct the problems. I am positive your case will be no different!

mos6507 | 03/09/2018

[Being an early adopter sucks sometimes.]

How long should it be before people aren't classified as early-adopters anymore? I mean, the Model 3 has been running off the line for over a year now. And I remember during the Munro teardown people were shrugging that off on the basis of it being a 2017 vehicle, presumably to suggest that the new vehicles have it all worked out. Apparently, not the case.

Jbenamy | 03/09/2018

This experience certainly makes me feel like an early adopter, regardless of how long the vehicle has been in production. Praying for a call from Tesla tomorrow about how they're going to resolve my issues as quickly as possible. I've got a new Lexus on hold for me at my local dealership in case this thing goes even further south.

Jbenamy | 04/09/2018

Decatur store called me today (not sure if corporate instigated it or not) and asked if I could bring the car in tomorrow at noon (instead of Friday 8am). I said sure, and then she said this experience was out of character for them and she's never heard of this happening before. Said she is going to talk to her delivery manager now and asked about who I worked with while I was there. Updating my ticket from the Fremont team and will provide updates when I hear more.

rxlawdude | 04/09/2018

"Unsafe to drive a car with interior temp of nearly 100 degrees on the way home yesterday. AC also cools battery... also safety related."

Really? God, how did people drive before A/C?

Jbenamy | 04/09/2018

Before A/C there were also no electric cars that needed A/C to maintain the battery temperature... Would you accept delivery of a nearly $90k vehicle without A/C in 2018? I didn't think so.

Jbenamy | 04/09/2018

The point here is that Tesla missed the mark on my delivery experience and skipped the inspection/QA/prep work in order to rush my delivery. They did not put their best foot forward and now I am working with the local location and Fremont teams to resolve my issues with the vehicle and the delivery experience. I am also CCed on an email with Elon from a family member of mine who was a director at Tesla under Elon during the early stages. I was asked not to publish that message thread, though. Will post updates tomorrow after I visit the service center.

SO | 04/09/2018

I wouldn’t accept delivery. But to say they are unsafe because of no A/C may be a stretch. When the battery overheats, all it does is reduce power but still enough for highway speeds (to my knowledge).

Jbenamy | 04/09/2018

That's fine, it doesn't make a difference whether it's unsafe, uncomfortable, inconvenient, or something else. Still a basic feature that should have been checked before releasing it for delivery. If things continue going as they are, I don't suspect I will need to return the vehicle. I will ask them to properly inspect the vehicle as if it had just been received from the factory, though, since they seem to have skipped that step initially. Don't want to have other issues upfront that require me going back to the service center

SO | 04/09/2018

I do agree that it should have been checked.

But unsafe is a heck of a lot different than uncomfortable. You have every right to be upset. But just keep it based in reality.

MitchP85D | 04/09/2018

Jben, Tesla has a long history of fixing their glitches. I think the round of layoffs allowed a Tesla to slip through the cracks. But they'll recover from that, and so will you!

Jbenamy | 04/09/2018

Everyone I've talked to has confidence that Tesla is better than this, which is why I'm holding them to high standards. I'm hopeful that I will come back tomorrow and be able to report good things after visiting the service center.

Sadly, I still won't be able to really drive my Tesla like I want until October because I'm waiting to get protective film and coating installed before I go on the highway. Looking forward to getting that done! This is the first new car I've ever purchased, so want to get it right and make it last.

mos6507 | 04/09/2018

"how did people drive before A/C?"

If you look at early cars like the Model T they were almost all convertibles and you could angle the windshield or fold it completely down so that the air blew right into your face. It was more like riding a motorcycle then.

kcheng | 04/09/2018

Poor delivery. I hope it had nothing to do with layoffs, because Tesla is in delivery hell right now, and laying off delivery personnel would make little sense. The delivery experience is one thing that should be a differentiator for Tesla, but in a positive way, not a negative one. How difficult is it to have a concierge with an iPad clipboard greeting people as they enter, and putting them into their system so that the delivery people know they're there? Giving updates on how long it'll be before they see someone, etc. I know the fellow that built out Tesla's store system was the same guy who built out Apple's Stores, but he retired a while back. Tesla needs to get a handle on this, because these cars cost a premium price, should be delivered as a premium experience. Excuses are for children, not grownups.

Mike83 | 04/09/2018

wrong forum but it is another troll infestation.

SO | 04/09/2018

Even though my delivery was good, I don’t even think about that any more since I have the car itself. The only thing in my mind is “ wow...this is a fun car to drive”.

That doesn’t excuse a bad delivery experience. But for the things that matter in life about this car, the delivery experience ranks lowest on my list.

Jbenamy | 05/09/2018

Went to the service center today and they had me do a walk-through with a service tech. Showed him the AC issue and the TPMS issue and also showed the frunk and trunk panels are slightly misaligned. Misalignment could be within tolerance, according to service tech. They want to keep the car as the AC and TPMS issues may take some time to diagnose and resolve. Then I learned that Tesla doesn't provide Tesla loaners for Model 3 service and only provide complimentary rentals for the first few months you have the car. Then I went upstairs to talk to the delivery manager who Fremont had called on Monday to escalate my initial complaint. Deliver manager and I talked for a good hour about their processes and where they missed the mark on the delivery experience. Said they definitely have a consistency issue with experience and are overloaded on deliveries whereas just a short while ago were only doing 5 - 8 Model S or X deliveries per day, are now doing orders of magnitude more Model 3 deliveries with about the same resources. Said he already met with the team to discuss the issues and improve their processes. They will now charge vehicles the night before delivery and wash them closer to delivery appointment so they are cleaner. Also will let AC run close to appointment so car is comfortable to sit in. The AC issue I had should have been caught immediately and resolved as that's a major failure on their part. Said they are moving Model 3 deliveries to new Roswell location and this location will just be Model S and X delivery + service center. Marietta location is also opening an official body shop. After our conversation, Tesla ordered me a lyft to Hertz where I got a Buick Regal.

All in all, seems like I'm getting taken care of. Seems Tesla does some things differently than other manufacturers though, which isn't surprising, just something that may require getting used to. For example, at my Lexus service center, they always give me a loaner that's better than what I'm getting serviced. And there's no "no loaners after 90 days" kind of deal.

mschaffer11 | 05/09/2018

People generally don't post about their good experiences and therefore posts such as this, if true, bias the general perception.
Move on.

Jbenamy | 05/09/2018

Didn't know there was a question about the truthfulness of this post. Hmm... can't think of a reason to post this if it weren't true. Feel free to call the Decatur store and ask for the delivery manager to validate. He was present during my delivery on Saturday and recalls it first-hand.

rweggert | 06/09/2018

I support you, Jbenamy. I, too, had a horrible delivery experience and for someone to question the validity of your post - well, they need to find a different way to occupy his/her time. If new owners never express our customer service related concerns, how can we expect to ever get them resolved? That showroom needs to know that they failed to meet your expectations so they can take corrective action and deliver a positive experience for the next customer.

Jbenamy | 06/09/2018

The delivery manager definitely knows where they missed the mark and has already made some ramifications.

Picked up my car this afternoon after getting a text this morning that service was completed. Left rental car with Tesla to return to Hertz. My car was washed, but still has marks from the plastic wrap. Should look good after it gets cleaned prior to the paint protection film installation, so that's fine.

AC issue -- Tech said Freon was not completely charged because the factory didn't charge it after they performed the leak test on the AC system. Compressor was not engaging as the Freon was too low and it could cause damage if engaged. Freon was charged and AC is blowing cold air.

TPMS issue -- Tech said TPMS issue was resolved by resetting the TPMS and relearning the sensors. TPMS indicator is not on anymore. No tires were inflated or deflated to fix this issue.

Hood misalignment -- Tech said hood is installed by a robot and then adjusted by a human. They often see things getting misaligned during this stage. Hood was aligned by adjusting struts and bolts.

Trunk misalignment -- Tech said trunk was actually aligned, but the tail light was not. Issue likely has same cause as hood. Tail light is now aligned and not pushed in on one side.

A few techs asked where I got my floor mats from because they are really nice. Told them I got the 6-mat set from ToughPro for $200. Includes driver side, passenger side, rear passengers, frunk, trunk, and lower trunk. They said they will recommend them to customers in the future as Tesla doesn't sell weather mats for the driver/passenger/rear.

Still unsure when the AWD badging and carbon fiber spoiler will come in, but I should get notified when they're ready to install it.

Also noticed I got firmware 8.6 pushed while it was there, so installed that when I got home. Still waiting on 9.0.

sbeggs | 06/09/2018

Thanks for your thoughtful summary.

kcheng | 06/09/2018

People expressing their honest opinions should be lauded, because only by holding Tesla to the high standards they aspire to, will they actually get there. The honest critics do us all a favor by making future deliveries better.

efuseakay | 07/09/2018

While Mine83 wrongly sees a “troll infestation”, the rest of us reasonable folks see Tesla having quite significant QC issues as they rush cars out of the factory to pad their bottom line. It’s the truth and there is no harm in admitting that. The big question is: What will Tesla do to remedy this situation? And will they fix these issues before it’s too late?

That remains to be seen. December will be very interesting as they rush even more deliveries to meet the full tax credit deadline. Unfortunately I see many more disgruntled customers. Hope I’m wrong.

M3BlueGeorgia | 07/09/2018

Tesla didn't layoff people from the delivery centers, they were from the solar company they bought a while back, and a number of those people switched over to the car side.

I received my car from Decatur in July. I had a very good experience. I was in and out in about 25 minutes.
The facility was (then) operating at capacity, probably delivering 600-700 cars a month.
Subsequently Tesla opened a new delivery center in Alpharetta, so people in the Northern suburbs of Atlanta and North Georgia should make sure their delivery is switched to there.

BTW Tesla's main support line is answered 24/7 if you have a car-related question (example how to make the A/C work) 877-798-3752

sosmerc | 07/09/2018

The whole push to ramp up production is so much more complex than just getting more cars out the factory door.
Lots of hiring and training involved and QC needs to be stepped up to meet expectations. This is just the beginning.
Once all these new Tesla's are out on the road the challenge extends to charging, service and repair demands. It has taken legacy auto makers a 100 years to get to the level they are at.....Tesla is trying to achieve similar levels in unheard of timelines. No easy task.