Power Outage Notifications Do Not Work

Power Outage Notifications Do Not Work

Just be aware that Tesla has stopped power outage notifications until they can fix a problem they were having with notifications. It has been down for a number of months.

I consider this pretty important because if there is a power outage during the evening/night, my house is running off the battery only . Any time my house is running off the battery, I want to conserve electricity by raising the temperature of our air conditioner, etc so we have enough until the solar panels can recharge the battery.

So for now, I really do not know when we have a power outage unless I just happen to look at the Tesla app. Ugh.

eric.zucker | 09/09/2018

Hmm... if your Internet Access goes down along with the power, obviously...

mcdonalk | 09/09/2018

Per an email exchange between myself and customer support a few weeks ago, development of "push notifications" is still in progress. Per the exchange, I shall be notified when this feature is available.

Our internet access is available when our grid power goes down (as it has twice for several hours each during August), because our router and PC power are backed up via panels and Powerwalls. (Our whole house is backed up, actually.) So, the app continues to work. Also, I believe (although I have not verified this personally), that powerwall 1.21 and newer support local network access to the gateway, so internet access is not required for monitoring.