Windows too tinted

Windows too tinted

7/18 X 100 . Bought it in tampa and , like many, had it tinted (windshield and front windows ) . The tinting company recommended by tampa sc installed and did a great job. I was told it was legal in Florida . Drove through GA and was ticketed even though Florida registration. They showed me the law in Florida and the tinted windows were way over the limit. Anyone else have this problem ? The tinting company apparently forgot to take into account that the windows are Already tinted before they put their tint on. | 13/09/2018

Good you're not driving in CA - illegal to use any aftermarket tinting to the front windshield. (it does allow the top 4" to be tinted, but somewhat useless in the X).

davidahn | 14/09/2018

I'm sorry, the tinting law is whack. It is freaking hot in the CA sun without any tint on the windshield. I've been tinting my windshield and front windows for years on multiple cars, never been pulled over. Currently in my 2018 MX I have Spectra Photosync 75 on the windshield. I wanted 45 or 55, but the only film they had large enough was 75. Still WAY cooler than no film.

My recommendation is to keep the windshield light (60-80% light transmission), make the front side windows VISIBLY darker than windshield but above the legal limit (30-50%) to make the windshield look untainted. But use high quality film for maximum cooling effect (Spectra Photosync, Huper Optik, or at least 3M Crystalline).

davidahn | 14/09/2018

Which windows were tinted over factory tint? Only the glass behind the front side windows are factory tinted to 11% VLT. All glass has some dimming effect, especially safety auto glass with UV protection.

Joespinney | 15/09/2018

Use ceramic tint, you can have nearly clear on the front windshield and it effectively limits the heat

Tropopause | 17/09/2018

The point of having a Tesla is that you can keep the car cool with the app. Tinting is for ICE cars that can't do the same.

Triggerplz | 17/09/2018

I just got pulled over while driving down the street by the police I asked him why he said Windows Tinted, and he informed me he was videotaping the stop I said good and I told him I have a windows tint waiver from the NJ Department Of Motor Vehicles he asked for it and my license owners card and insurance card then he asked why there's not an inspection sticker in the front window, I told him they don't require an inspection on electric vehicles, as a police officer it seems like he would know that without him learning that from me, he took my items and went and sat in his cruiser for about 5 minutes He then gave me my items back, he seemed like he was disappointed that he couldn't write me a window tint ticket then he followed me for another 5 minutes maybe he thought I was going to hit / launch the Ludicrous. I know he has a job to do but what a waste of time..

davidahn | 17/09/2018

@tropo, it's great to have an app to precool the car... but tinting makes driving SOOOOO much more comfortable. It's like night and day once you try a car with front tinting.