White seat covers

White seat covers

Anyone know of a place that sells seat covers for the M3 in white to match what comes with a white interior equipped model 3 today?

4barkie | 20/09/2018

Not sure but you might try Sportline.

gbb0131 | 21/09/2018

TSportline sells the replacement seat covers in White and many other colors.

sterickson | 21/09/2018

Are those seat covers or a complete reupholstering of the seats?

laurcullen | 26/09/2018

Reupholster...not a cover. I bought and had them installed them back in July

djgarrett21 | 26/09/2018

I think I read in the owners guide that you shouldn't put covers on the seats. Not sure what the harm would be, but FYI.

jordanrichard | 26/09/2018

Ok, first you need to understand what "seat covers" means. Seat covers are something you slip over the existing seats. What Sportline is selling is an out and out replacement of the existing upholstery. That is not something one does in their garage.

As for the harm to placing seat covers over the existing seats go, the seta covers may impede to deployment of the seat bolster airbags. While I am sure modern seat covers are designed for that, slip on seat covers by their nature, move around. Meaning the stitching in the cover may not line up with where stitching in the seat bolster is and as I said, impede the airbag.

marksteward0926 | 23/03/2019

wow, TSportline's sells the seat covers at a really high price. Is there any reasonable ones? I do see the advertisement of taptes seat covers. They sell at $600 and $400. But I cannot find any review.

2015P90DI | 23/03/2019

Evannex - makes custom seat "covers" for Tesla's.

2015P90DI | 23/03/2019

Apparently can't post links anymore? it's Evannex d o t c o m

michaelthomasstar | 30/03/2019

this looks pretty nice
i've seen some are posting pictures of this

3218315981 | 10/05/2019
bcb2220 | 10/05/2019

keep in mind that there are airbags in the front seats. i wouldn't do it

ODWms | 10/05/2019

I like ‘em!

3218315981 | 11/05/2019

@bcb2220 I noticed taptes seat covers don't cover the seats fully. They don't cover the back. You could check the picture of the seat cover after the seat covers are installed on their website. Anyway, I'll order one set to try.

ODWms | 11/05/2019

The vegan leather portion of our seats in our cars doesn't cover the back either. The back is hard plastic. This set of covers generally follows the existing material.

3218315981 | 30/05/2019

yes. but not all seat covers have this design. evannex ones cover the whole seat. i've wrapped the plastic area to carbon fiber style. this can be achieved if using evannex seat covers. so i choose taptes.

saul | 20/06/2019

I have white seats, so I think I would be fine with just a white seat pad for the driver. Haven't found one I like yet.

TimHyatt | 22/07/2019

taptes seat covers look pretty good