Cadillac edges Tesla in semi-automated driving test

Cadillac edges Tesla in semi-automated driving test

(Reuters) - General Motors Co’s (NYSE:GM - News) Cadillac outscored Tesla Inc (NasdaqGS:TSLA - News) in a new ranking of partially automated driving systems tested by Consumer Reports and released on Thursday.

tew ms us | 04/10/2018

I think what tipped the balance in Cadillac's favor was its regional versions:

RedShift | 04/10/2018

Where Tesla edges out Cadillac is having electric range and supercharger network. I’ll take AP being #2 with these over a Cadillac any day.

DermMD | 04/10/2018

It sounds like on functionality of the actual autonomy Tesla still came ahead. Tesla was dinged for the ability to keep driver involved or lack thereof. Clearly if the goal, as Tesla has stated, is FSD one does not need the elaborate features just to keep the driver involved. If the current Autopilot was the end of the design it would make more sense to develop all these attention features which will soon become obsolete.
This is Consumer Reports and everyone else trying to put Tesla down. I am seriously beginning to believe there may well be a big oil conspiracy. Indeed the Saudis investing in EV is probably so they can kill the company. Good thing Tesla did not go with them. This may sound far fetched but there are numerous examples of big conspiracies from my world of Medicine. Pharma companies were caught about 10 years ago about their influence on top medical journals and editors, including New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet among many others, to publish not exactly true papers just to push their drugs. Big oil is even more capable.

SamO | 04/10/2018


carlk | 04/10/2018

Yes Cadillac wins because it will turn off the feature much more frequently than the Tesla would. Matter of fact it does not even allow you to use it other than on some specifically mapped roads. Consumer Reports "should" know better than that although in its traditional anti-Tesla fashion I don't expect it to take that into account. I don't think it has anything to do with big oils but just for its own financial concerns. It relies on subscriptions to survive while majority of it's subscribers are practical ICE owners and dislike the fact that an EV they likely would not be able to afford is so much better than their cars. When back in 15' it gave P85D an off the chart rating it received a lot of hate comments including many threatening to cancel their subscriptions. That's when it switched from very pro-Tesla to very anti-Tesla.

stevenmaifert | 04/10/2018

Just a snapshot in time fanbois. V9 will be out "soon" which may change the equation and we will see continuous improvements in hardware and software for sometime to come.

mos6507 | 04/10/2018

[I am seriously beginning to believe there may well be a big oil conspiracy.]

Go seek treatment. Maybe there's a pill for that.

sschaem | 04/10/2018

The only score that matter is the quality of the self driving, and Tesla was #1 by a massive margin.

The total score included minor usability features that where heavily weighted putting Tesla #2

If you look at the details, Tesla seem to be still years ahead of everyone.

JustSaying | 04/10/2018

Maybe Tesla should install a driver facing camera? Never mind....

SamO | 04/10/2018

"Tesla Autopilot scored higher than any other system for capability and ease of use." - Consumer Reports

Stupid fanbois.

BozieB | 06/10/2018

GM's version is a 'Walled Garden'
Tesla is offering a 'Real World' version.
GM's version will work if everything has already Been Mapped, change the available routing (detours, obstacles) and it will struggle.

william | 07/10/2018

One of the things I like about Tesla vice other manufacturers is that the product feels like it's built by engineers instead of lawyers. I hate the way my other (older) cars were insistent on providing me lawyer talk warnings all the time, and preventing me from doing things where I'm sure a lawyer was concerned about liability, and so on. It's invigorating that Tesla gives me the benefit of the doubt and assumes that I'm at least a reasonably intelligent and cautious person.

carlk | 07/10/2018

The CR people as usual have no understanding of technology and they do not care of it. Tesla autopilot is obviously more technologically advanced but is punished because it does not fit CR's agenda. The same thing happened before when it gave the Model S not recommended rating even by it's own survey the car has by far the highest owner satisfaction rating. So you don't recommend a car because of whatever weird logic you're using even knowing people who buy the car will be more likely to be happy with it than any other cars they might buy? And people are paying to read that kind of shlt?

Al1 | 07/10/2018

I looked at details of ratings. Tesla is "loosing" in keeping drivers "alert". A feature that Tesla chosen to keep somewhat down because it was truly annoying drivers.

Anyway Tesla was reported pretty good too. Whoever choses Cadillac over Tesla, I wish good luck. My takeaway be careful reading CR recommendations.

Mike83 | 07/10/2018

typical moss FUD BS

carlk | 07/10/2018

Just ignore him. He got nothing meaningful to say other than sending pot shot at people who do. Such a miserable person.

jimglas | 07/10/2018

dont feed the mos

SamO | 08/10/2018

Model 3 is the Safest car ever in a crash.

I’m sure CR will ignore and recommend a Yugo

Tesla-David | 08/10/2018

I don't feed the mos, I just flag him!

The feedback from M3 owners we have talked to is overwhelmingly positive. Five+ months of M3 ownership and we love our car more every day. Can't wait to get V-9 OTA.

DermMD | 08/10/2018

Just ignore him. He got nothing meaningful to say other than sending pot shot at people who do. Such a miserable person.
I guess he's a known entity here. I really wondered about the vitriol directed at me in response to my submission above. Oh well.

SamO | 08/10/2018

What's the difference between all the other cars in the world and Teslas?

Watch with amazement, the regular folk in Kentucky get a taste of full electric . . .and semi-automated driving.