Another Controversial Elon Tweet

Another Controversial Elon Tweet

Elon refers to the SEC as the "Shortseller Enrichment Commission". I understand why and how he might think this.....but maybe it's a thought he should keep to himself until the SEC issue is truly behind us. This tweet could make the problem worse and really, someone needs to manage him when it comes to Twitter.

SamO | 04/10/2018

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Elon should no longer have freedom of speech.

Great idea.

sosmerc | 04/10/2018

We all have freedom of speech here in America....but that doesn't mean our mouths need to be constantly moving.
Some times it pays to be silent.

Steven.haver | 04/10/2018

Ha ha ha. Seems like a bad plan even though we were all thinking it. Sigh.

Maybe he’s friends with Alison Nathan?

sschaem | 04/10/2018

I think Elon might be embolden after getting a financial preview of Tesla Q3 performance..

And reality is, the SEC was instrumental in hurting Tesla shareholders, fundamentals are better today then when Tesla was at $350 before Elon shared that he was considering taking Tesla private.

And now the latest SEC/Tesla request might be good to have done because Tesla/Elon can make the case that they are only settling , not because of any wrong doing, but because taking the case to court would do massive damage to the company even when Tesla/Elon win. Having that SEC hammer over Tesla for potentially over a year would hurt shareholders and the company... and we know that very well, since the SEC threat the stock dropped by over 20% even so fundamentals got much better.

I wish I had billions to invest, because I would love to see Elon complete GF1

Its to bad people like Warren Buffet at stuck in the past... But maybe like Apple the guy will invest in TSLA when its a trillion $ company and call it "Its biggest regret" :)

jlhm | 04/10/2018

This tweet was just stupid by Elon, it will make things worse for him.

rxlawdude | 04/10/2018

And us shareholders, too.

jlhm | 04/10/2018

Did Elon forgot that the settlement with SEC is not completed until the court say so?

ravisundaramam | 04/10/2018

I agree with what he said. Just wish, he did not say it and let others do the fighting.

carlk | 04/10/2018

If Elon is willing to take crap and play nice so he would not offend anyone all these good things would never have happened. What he said is absolutely right.

Al1 | 04/10/2018

Although I am getting tired of these tweets SEC does need reforms and their handling of Tesla case especially the first round was the best proof to that.

boodasmurph | 04/10/2018

This stupid shit is getting out of control. Every time he opens Twitter it seems my TSLA becomes worth less and less.

He's right, but stupid to say it, particularly at this time.

Rocky_H | 04/10/2018

DON'T POKE THE BEAR! Jeez, he's being stupid! And now the possible settlement is on hold, since a judge is skeptical of it and is asking Musk and the SEC to both submit letters to explain why the terms of it are justified. This insulting the SEC right now makes it look like he HASN'T learned his lesson and isn't going to play favorably with the judge's decision of whether to let the settlement go through.

jlhm | 04/10/2018

Rocky_H +100

Tropopause | 04/10/2018

He’s just trying to give us commoners a last ditch effort to get into TSLA cheap before the profitability announcement drives it into orbit.

If the SEC can help the shorts, why can’t Elon help those of us who actually matter?

Studentid | 04/10/2018

Last time he was invoked by Saudi news. This time he is invoked by the judge. His minds tells himself the settlement was not justified...but most people would think the settlement is in Tesla’s favor...

carlk | 04/10/2018

Why you guys are attacking Elon for saying the right thing? As a shareholder I say let Elon be Elon. He does not owe us anything. If he does not want to live with unjust just so he can stay with the company he has every right to do so.

SO | 04/10/2018

If you are long TSLA, this matters not.

jlhm | 04/10/2018

This is not so much about what he said (I almost agree with it) but the timing of it. He could have waited until at least the settlement is set in stone.

carlk | 04/10/2018

Who knows? Maybe he just wants to leave Tesla now and come back to buy the company as an outsider. Or he decided just to leave as all and go back to the align star he's from. He now probably thinks earthlings are not worth saving. I would have to agree with him on that. Anyway please stop attacking him. He owes us, especially longs, nothing.

Al1 | 04/10/2018

Who knows when is the right time NOT to say the right thing?
How many times we regretted we said the right thing?
How many times we regretted we didn't?

Back to Earth. Is there any violation in calling Security Exchange Commission the Short sellers Enrichment Commission?

kyle | 04/10/2018

This is just Elon's personalty, to defend what he believes in. He's not going to back down because it would make things easy, he's had to fight the battles, fighting shorts i what he wants to do. Most may see that as unwise given the agreement between him and the SEC, but what about all the FUD surrounding tesla, generated from shorts, and the industry that is still trying to kill the EV. By allowing there to be shorts, is just fuelling the FUD and that's why he wants to take action. Of course in the short term it is killing Tesla's stock price, he's granting us longs some nice buying opportunities, that's what I see tomorrow as (if after hours has an indication of tomorrow)

So take this tweet as a gift from Elon, to get some more Tesla shares cheaper. Fighting the shorts, has a longer term benefit for tesla, it gets rid of some of the money going around to try to take Tesla down. In the long term, it'll pan out, Must isen't going anywhere, he's committed to the company, and he'd really stick it to the SEC if for some reason they would change terms and make it so he can't be CEO, when he shows up as "No CEO". Stuff like this would start to prove his points against the SEC.

NKYTA | 04/10/2018

We all live in some super galactic species virtual reality.

Enjoy the steak!


Being a short on TSLA (an American company) and spreading FUD to support your pocketbook is about as un-American as it gets, IMO. If the short interest was largely from abroad, I could maybe understand it.

Nope, Big Oil, NADA, Lobbyists, paid shills and old white guys running the Senate/WH get to decide.

The right time is coming up. Vote! Vote so we can have term limits. Vote so we revisit what our Framers screwed up with Gerrymandering. Vote if you have a wife, daughter, or granddaughter. Millenials, Effingham vote...please. Fucking vote if you think a Budget Surplus is a good thing.

Vote to preserve your Local Environment, hold accountable your leaders to preserve the planet that we live on.

If you don’t vote, you’re complicit. Don’t be.

If I’m supremely lucky, I will also die on Mars (but not upon landing).

Al1 | 04/10/2018

SEC knows they can't ban Elon Musk from being CEO. They can't win this battle without shooting themselves into the foot.

carlk | 04/10/2018

AI1 is correct. It would be too obvious if SEC drives TSLA to zero as shorts all have wished.

We constantly condemn shorts and FUDsters for deviating from truth but now we want Elon not to speak out the truth because we worry about effect on short term stock movement? Isn't that a bit hypocritical to you?

carlk | 04/10/2018

Elon has tweeted more. You can go check them yourself. After how SEC is helping shorts he talked about how shorts are destroying values and harm small investors and the scam of index fund managers lending shares to shorts and pocket the fee. You think you're let the fund to passively manage your holding but it's using your shares to make you to lose money. I hope some reforms could come out of this. Don't ever get Elon mad. The more scammers want to fight the more they will lose. They are not on the right side.

carlk | 04/10/2018

One more thing did anyone notice those known shorts have been awfully quite recently. Not sure what that means though.

Tropopause | 05/10/2018

Stick it to the man, Elon! He’s not guilty of anything except trying to do the right thing for this country and this planet.

Go Elon!

JustSaying | 05/10/2018

Hopefully the shorts will be using this as an opportunity to cut their losses and go away before the 3rd quarter earnings release including the above expectation GP numbers.
By this Tesla has prepared an internal 3rd quarter "flash report" and it indicates the final numbers will be a blowout!

Shock | 05/10/2018

It is apparent that he has a learning disorder. Every tweet hurts the stock.

That or he wants to sink the value for some reason. It is astounding he continues to act like this. Amusing, but astounding.

He still blames the SEC for his lies about going private. I see most of you appreciate it was his mistake but a couple of you above me cannot be trained, eg Carlk.

carlk | 05/10/2018

Tropo Yes there is only one reason to stick to the man. The reason is he is right. He has proven over and over again you will eventually win when you're doing the right thing.

PorfirioR | 05/10/2018

At this point, Elon is doing more for short-sellers than the SEC.

What is going on with him? Whatever it is, please get help. Or, if you are a friend reading this, please intervene.

It is not about the stock price, Elon. Is sending one smart-ass tweet worth putting the dreams of so many in jeopardy?

Grow up. Soon. Please.

SamO | 05/10/2018

Everyone should familiarize themselves with a little part of the constitution called the First Amendment. It's a funny little turn of phrase:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

People should carefully consider why they want consequences for someone who is "petitioning the Government for a redress of grievances" for "abridging the freedom of speech" of Elon Musk. The SEC is a government agency and they are attempting to stifle his free speech. Their claims of fraud don't stand up to basic scrutiny.

What kind of sociopaths constantly advocate that the government prevent Elon Musk from free speech or continued criticism of the SEC?

The entire bogus case to "protect" short non-investors is simply unsupported by any SEC precedent. Elon's offer was secured by funding from the Saudis.

The entire world is turned upside-down in the manufactured consent to demonize Elon Musk by fossil fuels, military industrial complex and Wall Street manipulators.

Studentid | 05/10/2018

Apply the same token...had he make business decision or mistake that caused millions of dollars. He doesn’t admit nor learn his lesson and act the way like this...more and more ppl would start losing faith

Riccor | 05/10/2018

Is anyone supporting/filing a class action suit against the SEC for serious damage to our security holdings!

Sam_S | 05/10/2018

First amendment doesn't allow a CEO to lie to inflate stock price.

carlk | 05/10/2018

@PorfirioR You want him to play nice to those who did unjust things to him and to everyone because your stock will not get affected? You should just sell TSLA and buy APPL.

@Studentid What I said above. He could just walk away from this and still be a multi-billionaire. He does not owe you or I anything.

@Riccor Someone could. And more exposures will always putting restrains on those scammers. As I mentioned in the previous post he mentioned index funds lend stocks to shorts and pocket the fees. Shorts made stock values drop but ones who suffer are only small investors. Fund managers always got free profit no mater what. This is what SEC really should investgate. The more they want to fight Elon the more revelation people will have. Like I said we should back Elon for the simple reason that he is in the right (about how shorts and Wall Street scammed investors). Let the fight to go on. TSLA long term value will not be affected by this, again because he is right. Just sell yours if you worried about its short term movement. The stock is not for you anyway.

carlk | 05/10/2018

Those common shorts are awfully quite nowadays. Very unusual for those publicity seeking bulldogs. Maybe Elon is indeed onto something.

SamO | 05/10/2018

Which lie? I want the exact statement from Elon Musk and the exact proof that it was false.

Shock | 05/10/2018

Down 7.3% since his tweet. It's even plausible that, since the settlement with the SEC hasn't happened yet (pending judge approval) it gets rejected on account of the tweet.

Musk is a one-man wrecking crew for TSLA over the past few months. It's amazing to behold. Only a clown defends this as anything but idiotic, just one in a series of idiotic tweets. Musk is just unraveling this year.

PorfirioR | 05/10/2018

@carlk. I believe you are misunderstanding. To some of us, it is not about the stock or about Musk being a multi billionaire, etc. as you state in your post.

To many of us, it is about the future, as Musk said that this was all about many years ago when we first became investors.

I have owned TSLA stock since around IPO and never have sold. As I have said in this forum before, I am never selling my TSLA stock. I continue to buy to this day every chance I get. I see it as my very small part in helping make the future more awesome (as Musk liked to say) for my children.

Elon's tweets and rants not only put that future closer to jeopardy, but they are also terribly disappointing to those of us who do not care about how many millions we or Musk have.

SamO | 05/10/2018

Educate yourself about short-sellers and why they are limited in other countries, before condemning Elon Musk.

US policy is definitely not the norm.

Madatgascar | 05/10/2018

Talking smack about the SEC does nothing to the short sellers. It just digs a deeper hole.

Model 3 is outselling Corolla at BMW prices, and there are some stellar new reviews coming in. TSLA should be going up like crazy, but wait - what's this? Down over 7%? Oh, Elon tweeted again - shit.

Anyone remember Denver Fenton Allen's sentencing hearing?

SamO | 05/10/2018

um . . . it points out the utter illogic of the SEC protecting short sellers. And that this settlement may be based on flawed law by an administration that has been universally condemned for every other action.

carlk | 05/10/2018

"Talking smack about the SEC does nothing to the short sellers. It just digs a deeper hole."

So you think to be bullied into submission is fine? Mind you Elon has nothing to lose because he's not on the wrong side. There is indeed a problem with the current system. Good that he sticks his neck out to expose it. Pretty much the same as everything he did in his life.

Madatgascar | 05/10/2018

Guys, look at the results. Sore about having to give $20 million to the shorts via the SEC, Elon makes a snippy comment about the SEC, and it effectively hands $3B to the shorts. And this is right after Tesla agreed to keep him on a tighter leash.

You don't have to like it Elon, but just eat it and smile.

Rocky_H | 05/10/2018

@carlk, Quote: “Why you guys are attacking Elon for saying the right thing?”

Why? Are you serious?! It’s because a judge is holding the power to yank the settlement right now. If he mouths off and acts disrespectfully like this, they have the power to put a world of hurt on him and the company! It doesn’t matter whether he thinks he is “right” or not. He would be doing a terrible thing that harms Tesla as a company.

Quote: “We constantly condemn shorts and FUDsters for deviating from truth but now we want Elon not to speak out the truth because we worry about effect on short term stock movement?”

No. This isn’t about short term stock movement. Mark Cuban, from Shark Tank and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, called Musk to convince him to take the settlement. Cuban suffered through an awful 5 year fight with the SEC over a possible insider trading charge. Cuban did eventually win his case, but he said it was a terrible, time-consuming, draining thing to go through. So this is about the long term problems and hinderance that this would cause for Tesla’s operations if their management is frustrated and distracted having to fight the SEC for several years.

Al1 | 05/10/2018

Too early to call the results. It could be a long marathon, but Elon will win this battle. It is insane to accuse him of trying to manipulate the stock with his tweets when 99 of his tweets in the last couple of months out of 100 actually damage the stock price.

At least short term. And long term tweets are irrelevant.

There are many folks out there who believe the first principle is "don't poke the bear". This is not first principle. And SEC is not the bear. It is a government agency accountable to tax payers and investors which seems to have forgotten their "reason d'etre".

Tesla will survive this election and next election and the election after. SEC leadership? I am not so sure.

SEC reform is overdue and mark my word it will be Elon and folks like him who will be drawing the rules for future.

Studentid | 05/10/2018

And we expect SEC and Elon to come up a joint statement after his tweet? Judge might think he should not deserve CEO role hence the request...

mos6507 | 05/10/2018

Looks like I've got a new context in which to start dropping my catchphrase:

"and so it continues."

SamO | 05/10/2018

Dear Elon,

Eat shit even though it is a rigged game. Shut your pie-hole and don't do anything to rock the boat. Obey orders and you'll be a big success.