V 9.0 - Media Player

V 9.0 - Media Player

Good Day team,

The media player routinely just pops back onto the screen. For example, I get into my 2016 Model S. I select my bluetooth podcast (Critical Role) and minimize the music app. As soon as I put my car into Drive, the music app pops right back up again.

Is there a way to set it so that the app only displays when I've asked it to display?

Thanks in advance!

stevenmaifert | 18/10/2018

Not that I can find. Also, check your phone periodically. If you have music files and a player program installed, you may find that it is now starting randomly even though you haven't selected it from the Media Center.

Eajensen05 | 18/10/2018

Yes, since the new updat every time I get in the car it “autoplays” music on my phone no matter what media source Is currently selected on my touch screen. This only started with the new update. How do infer it to stop auto playing my phones music? | 18/10/2018

@mark I'd send Tesla a bug report on the issue (use the contact link at the bottom of the page).

On the fip side, Tesla finally fixed the bug where you have USB selected and you get into car and and it switches the screen from USB to the useless phone connected screen (yet still plays USB songs). Now it stays on USB (yeah!). | 18/10/2018

@Eajensen05 - Some phone apps "auto play" or "force play" on Bluetooth connect. They call it different things, but check if your music app has such an option and turn it off. Worked for me. It doesn't have anything to do with V9, as it's been this way for years and is part of how bluetooth works. It's meant to be a convenience in the Bluetooth standard, but can be qutie annoying if you don't want that to occur.

stevenmaifert | 18/10/2018

TT - I've been an MS owner for six years with the same phone (Music Auto is Off), and this version of the software is the first time it has ever happened. It's a bug that needs to be fixed.

mark_michaels | 18/10/2018

I agree with Steven. Same phone, Same car, it's only started doing this with V9.0. I'll try and find the bug report option.

NKYTA | 18/10/2018

I haven’t seen that on V9, 2012 MS. But maybe I’m not trying hard enough. I leave the car with Nav on top and media on the bottom. Media doesn’t seem to twitch, doesn’t start until I hit the left scroll wheel button.

Happy to try and reproduce, what app should I have on the bottom when I leave the car for the night??

NKYTA | 18/10/2018

For the record, I reverse out of the garage in silence with the backup camera on top, Homelink does its thing, I put in drive, then select Office in Nav, then some moments later I select what Slacker or TuneIn I’ll be listening to on the start of the commute.

bp | 19/10/2018

Not only does the media player window come up every time you start driving, it's always displayed in the default window size, forgetting if you were displaying it in the smaller or larger window size previously.

Plus, sometimes the media player audio stays off, and can only be fixed by doing a reboot.

It's because of obvious problems like this that get into every major release, one has to question how much testing Tesla is really doing before the software is being released.

NKYTA | 19/10/2018

@bp, so what app should I leave on the bottom to see this behavior? Anything but Media? | 20/10/2018

@bp - I haven't noticed the media player off yet. I'm using USB and Streaming. Sounds like a bug though. Seems very few complaints about the functional operation of v9 (which is quite different than the intended design choices), so looks like QA is doing a good job.

Keep in mind there are now several versions of Tesla hardware, different USB drives (some not so good) and a huge range of phones (many with their own bugs). Major vendors (Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.) phones all have some of these bugs, and vary with phone models. Good software attempts to work around the bugs.

Bluetooth is a nightmare for developers - so many bugs in products you connect to, it's amazing it works as well as it does (not just Tesla). Bugs are in the hardware, the drivers and the apps that connect to it. I've waded into it and know firsthand that you can work around one phone bug only to break some other phone's bluetooth operation. It's gotten better, but the older you go the more bugs exist. Not saying Tesla has no bugs, but it's a very messy area. It could even be Tesla has bugs in the hardware they use (i.e. the vendors that make the chips used by everyone). This hardware has changed several times too in Teslas, so older cars are more likely to have quirks than newer cars with perhaps better bluetooth hardware implementations.