Has anyone else ever cracked a rim (base wheels) on their Model 3

Has anyone else ever cracked a rim (base wheels) on their Model 3

I was slowly losing air from my front right tire and went to see if I could have it plugged.
Diagnosis - cracked rim.
I generally have driven on good roads, little or no potholes - and don't recall ever hitting a curb or significant pothole - and definitely not in the last week or so.

Anyone else ever have a cracked rim (base wheel)?

Now I am into it for a new rim and two new tires ($855) :(
Never had a cracked rim in over 40 years, and over 1/2 million miles.

First issue to speak of with my Model 3 after ~28,000 miles, could be worse ….

Mike UpNorth | 05/11/2018

Never heard of a cracked rim in my life either. And I've unfortunately hit a few curbs in previous ICEs.
Are you in MN? Curious as I am per your screen name.
Also, why are you needing to buy 2 new tires and not 1?

mntlvr23 | 05/11/2018

I am in northern VA. I got two tires since I had 6.5/32" of tread left and didn't want to put a new one on one side only.

ST70 | 05/11/2018

why wouldn't you just plug/patch the tire now that you know the rim is damaged? Those tires have 60% life left

mntlvr23 | 05/11/2018

Apparently it was a cut in the tire from the cracked rim and not a puncture - and could not be plugged

Coastal Cruiser. | 05/11/2018

Mint lover is in the house

ST70 | 05/11/2018

Bummer......Did you notify Tesla? Maybe it's a defect.

mntlvr23 | 06/11/2018

@CC - Hi, hope all is well

@ST70 - yep, I had it replaced at the local Tesla shop yesterday. They have not seen problems with the rims (and apparently neither has this forum), so just a little bad luck for my car

lbowroom | 06/11/2018

I'm trying to picture how a crack small enough to provide just a slow leak was big enough to cut the tire?

mntlvr23 | 06/11/2018

@lbowroom - I should have asked to see both

Coastal Cruiser. | 06/11/2018

All is well. Looking forward to getting my car just like you. That should keep me off the streets and out of the forums.

Oh wait.

Coastal Cruiser. | 06/11/2018

For those new folk who don't know mntlvr23, his family is heavily weighted on Tesla cars. I think they have like what... 18 Teslas?

hokiegir1 | 06/11/2018

And doesn't he also have a world record pending? ;)

pk01 | 08/03/2019

I think cracked rim is more common than we think with Tesla's - my model S had one recently and the tech tells me that I may driven over a pothole. Never had anything like this with any other car ever. I think it is a manufacturing defect but they wouldn't admit to it.

ODWms | 08/03/2019

I’m thinking if you hit a pothole of any kind you’d know it, let alone a pothole hit big enough to have inflicted damage on the tire and rim. I hope they can review this and see if they can help you.

Manjushr | 08/03/2019

19" rims here... bent 2. thank you winter potholes. It's a heavy car..... Rims are comparatively inexpensive ($300) and bubbled Sottosero3's covered by TireRacks road hazard warranty. Service center said that indeed, lots of folks were bending 19, 20" rims.. it's been a harsh winter on our roads.

Kenz | 08/03/2019

Tesla needs to offer higher profile tires as an option when placing an order for the car.
The low profile tires are the problem. Going with a larger tire size would help in a couple of way.
1. it would reduce rim / tire damage from pot holes by adding more cushion around the rim.
2. A tire that is wider than the rim would also reduce or eliminate curb rash by having the tire stick out farther than the rim.
3. The performance model 3 comes with "summer performance tires" which should not be driven in temperatures under 20 degrees f. Doing so voids the tire warranty.
By offering a larger all weather tire size at the time of ordering all three problems could be greatly reduced.

rkalbiarEV | 08/03/2019

Uh, no. Never.

Lou | 29/03/2019

2 Cracked in New Orleans. 50 years of driving and never seen this. Tesla what is going on?

Tuning In | 29/03/2019

Haven't cracked it but have bent the 18" rims 4 times over the past year. I have never had this happen before up until now and I had a car with lower profile tires prior to this one. Been driving down the same crappy road by work for years. I attribute it to the weight of the car which weighs more. Could be softer wheels. I don't know the cause, but I do see the results.

stephenfootball | 29/03/2019

I'm guessing higher PSI probably makes it more prone.

ODWms | 29/03/2019

Higher, really? I’d have thought the opposite.

Adski80 | 29/03/2019

Just cracked at least one of my rims/wheels in an accident in which I hit a curb going 40mph in auto drive/ auto steering. (See my post about this). No fun.

Carl Thompson | 30/03/2019

"Just cracked at least one of my rims/wheels in an accident in which I hit a curb going 40mph in auto drive/ auto steering. (See my post about this)."

Your post says you _were not_ in Autopilot mode at the time of your accident. You had unintentionally disabled autopilot and you got in an accident because you did not resume driving the car yourself fast enough.

The way you state this is misleading.

percipient24 | 25/06/2019

Just found out my flat was from a cracked rim (and that another rim is bent). I'd blame the potholes ... but it's probably a combination of potholes, the weight of the car, the low-profile tires, and cast rims (rather than flow-formed or forged rims).

I have 12k miles on a LR/AWD Model 3. It went from 40-something psi to 17psi - pull over warning - while parked at work. I thought the TPMS was flukey until I verified it with a meter. Filled to 44 and got to the tire shop at 39.

Also worth noting, 8/32 treads left on the front, 5/32 left on the rear (rear definitely wears faster... should have rotated sooner).

I'm torn, because I want to get new rims ... but I also want to keep the aero covers.

bp | 26/06/2019

I’m only a month into my M3 on base wheels and no problems, but I did crack a rim on my previous car - A4 with 235/40 R18s - once in the 13 years I owned it.

emadelias | 11/09/2019

i am in northern VA and was just told i also have a cracked rim on passenger front. Goes from 45 PSI to 32 in about a day. Is this possible covered under warranty? I have about $17K miles on the car/tires.

lbowroom | 11/09/2019

If you can demonstrate that it cracked from a manufacturing defect and not a collision with a pothole, then yes.

fawls13 | 03/10/2019

I am sitting in the Tesla dealership having just been informed that my wife's Model 3 has a cracked rim. Servicewoman informed me that they have no known issues...and, sometimes you hit something in the road and don't even know it and that can crack a rim.

I took out two tires in my old Nissan Altima by cornering over the top of a curb at about 20 mph. No rim damage. My current 2010 Honda Odyssey van, at 240,000 miles has multiple rubs and scrapes with curbs showing on it's rims. I have gone off the edge of narrow country roads enough to have had to get two tires on it replaced since 2012. rim cracks in all that activity.

My wife has had that car since June of last year. She did slip off the edge of the asphalt (no curbs) on our country road, so a slow leak in the tire is expected. A crack in a rim is not. Concrete might cause that, but asphalt (particularly in our 90 degree heat should give long before a rim should. Not feeling the love, not at all.

calvin940 | 03/10/2019

The rims didn't feel any love either when they were subjected to cracking activities. Fix them and move on.

andy.connor.e | 03/10/2019

Wouldnt you expect to bend your rims before cracking?

jimglas | 03/10/2019

not necessarily

ODWms | 03/10/2019

I can’t imagine it’s true that a wheel could have an impact to it hard enough to break or crack it, and the driver not know it.

fawls13 | 03/10/2019

Calvin940, it's one thing to be in love but something else entirely to turn a blind eye to inappropriate behavior, lol. Cracking activities? Skimming the edge of a narrow country road is hardly "cracking activity" as I noted in my comment my 9 year old Oddysey rims have handled it several times...and it's much easier to move on when you only have to purchase a tire and not a rim.
Oddly, the Tesla tire itself was unscathed.

They are nice cars with some great attributes but pretending a crack in a rim from something that u extraordinary helps no one to improve the brand.

cathykichler | 03/10/2019

Hit a flat object going 35mph on a side street. This blew out tire and cracked rim.

cathykichler | 03/10/2019

Hit a flat object going 35mph on a side street. This blew out tire and cracked rim.