Lost key card

Lost key card

I believe one of my key cards has slid down between the center console lid and cup holder area. It was placed on the lid by mistake, when lid was opened, the card might have slipped into the crack and I can't get access to the underside of the console. As you can tell I am not certain of this so I am open to ordering a new one.

Does anyone know how to order a new key card?

ebua | 14/11/2018

Just got the key card replaced at the Paramus, NJ service center for $8.00 and 15 minute wait. All good

Kathy Applebaum | 14/11/2018

Awesome! Don't forget to deactivate the lost one -- you can always reactivate it if you extract it later.

Sc.crosby | 13/11/2019

I’m in the uk, how do I get a replacement card?

rdavis | 13/11/2019

Your local service center.

Varricks | 14/11/2019

Or, centre. Cut up a plastic jug, put tape with adhesive exposed on one end, and go fishing. Don't drop it in there with your keycard.

Sarah R | 14/11/2019

It's that key card RFID or NFC?

virgored | 14/11/2019

Local service centre - £12

Tyerc | 14/11/2019

Did you activate a phone connection to the car when you took delivery?

Tyerc | 14/11/2019

Did you activate a phone connection to the car when you took delivery?

vmulla | 14/11/2019

Even if you replace the lost card, it's worth a try to fish it out. An extra key is always helpful.

Waay back when the service centers weren't as busy Tesla folks just handed me 2 extra cards when I told them of a card lost in the center console gap. (I only needed one, but didn't complain when they gave me an extra)

Someone on the forum suggested using the sticky end of the tape and something flexible for support (I used a flexible ruler). You have to hold that console door at an angle. It isn't tricky to get the lost card out once you make the tool.

apodbdrs | 18/11/2019

I bought two extra ones on the only Tesla store. To activate/program them to your car them, just follow the instruction in the Tesla Operators manual.