Used MS with free supercharging

Used MS with free supercharging

Does such a beast exist? I am loving the custom looks coming out for the MS. I’m thinking of buying an old one and make it my own. We have an MX with free supercharging we bought in January. ( just before the cutoff.) So I’m wondering did they ever sell cars with free supercharging attached to the car rather than the owner? If so, what year, serial number, etc.?

GranpaJohn | 26/11/2018

2016 May build date. I got it with 538 on the clock in Sept 2016. Refresh Model S 75D near Columbus, Ohio
60,500 mile on it after 26 months. Picking up MX100D in two weeks. Would let her go for $58,000.
Only maintenance is right upper control arm found loose on Annual and replaced 10K ago. Center from camera replaced around 35K. and one door handle a while back. Just put on new 70K mile Pirellis. Free supercharging for life goes with the car 5YJSA1E26GF139163

Passion2Fly | 26/11/2018

Free supercharging for life transferable to the next owner ended beginning of 2017 (January-April range). So, look for cars delivered before the deadline...

burdogg | 28/11/2018

First...there is no free supercharging "attached" to an owner :) Of course we probably mean the same thing - but attached gives the connotation that an owner who has "free supercharging" attached to them, that when they buy a new one, the supercharging stays with them and they get it on the new one - which I hope we all understand is not true. It used to be, but had a cutoff date.

So Free supercharging either transfers with the sale of the car, or it dies at the sale of the car. Passion2Fly gave you the cutoff date for the two options. Anything delivered before Jan 2017 Definitely has Free supercharging coming with the car. Grey area is the Jan-Apr delivered cars - as it is cutoff on date ordered (Dec 31, 2016) which some of those would have been delivered into Apr and still get free supercharging transfer with the car. But anything Ordered Jan 2017 and on, free supercharging dies with transfer of car. :)

Good luck.

bonhari03 | 29/11/2018

Thanks everyone!

davidahn | 29/11/2018

Same price as GrandpaJohn but 2015 85D, 70K w/ 5 more services prepaid.

bonhari03 | 30/11/2018

Bidding war?

Redmiata98 | 05/12/2018

David, “85” model X? I thought they inly came in 75/90/100 flavors?

GranpaJohn | 08/12/2018

Too late, traded it in today and picked up my Red MX100D.
Sorry to say they got it for less than 50K

burdogg | 08/12/2018

@Redmiata98 - they are talking about Model S's - they were bidding war sellng their Model S's as bonhari03 was looking for one of those :)

davidahn | 19/12/2018

My MS 85D is still available if interested.

fraga.jennifer | 25/12/2018

Hi All,
I got on this thread to learn more about my new Model X I am picking up this week but thought I would let you know after reading the about post with people selling Model Ss that I too would like to sell my 2016 Model S 70kWh battery. FREE super charging for life, pano sunroof, autopilot, 32,000 miles, always garaged, all new high end wheels, weather tech for trunk, black textile interior, titanium metallic paint, unlimited slacker, podcasts, ect.. scratches on back right, listing tonight on KBB, zip code 90740 if you are interested.

eaglee5 | 27/12/2018

Too late, traded it in today and picked up my Red MX100D.
Sorry to say they got it for less than 50K | 27/12/2018

2017 X P100D, posting to see if anyone has this problem. Mechanism that auto opens/closes driver side door has malfunctioned after 6K miles. The black rectangular automatic closing mechanism that engages/disengages door doesn't do so when needed, and the metal arm that connects door to body has fallen off it's ball/hinge.

Most disappointingly, this happened on Xmas eve and I was 500 Miles away from home, and the best Tesla Rep on help line could do to help me was offer is an appointment for service on 1/3/19 in San Francisco.

Triggerplz | 27/12/2018

@vuth sorry for your problem but why are you hijacking this thread? Your post has nothing to do with this thread