Model 3 - Tips/tricks?

Model 3 - Tips/tricks?

Hi all,

Will be receiving my model 3 within the next week and this will be my first Tesla. Wondering if anyone with the model 3 currently can send over a list of cool features, or tips.. I know most stuff is listed in the owners manual but just want to get some info from an owner of the vehicle. Thank you ahead of time for any help.

Lorenzryanc | 28/11/2018

The owners manual is the way to go. Additionally, I recommend charging a little before you leave your home on cold days. When the battery is cold, the car has reduced regen braking and you have to use the brake pedal more often. I REALLY love the regen braking, so charging for ~30min before I leave warms the battery up a fair amount.

I'd turn off "creep" as soon as you can too. The car rolls like an ICE with it on so it feels more normal, but I tried it off one day and won't go back. Practice opening the doors too so you always look cool doing it. You'll have to open the doors for passengers for a while so make it look smooth.

gmkellogg | 28/11/2018

When passengers get in your car for the first time, explain they need to press the button to get out, not the emergency door release. Do it when they first get in the car, it'll save you some warnings.

Schedule your electrician now if you haven't installed level 2 charging yet, a lot of them are backlogged by the volume of Tesla's out there now.

If something doesn't work right, use the PC approach and reboot it first.

Mike UpNorth_ | 28/11/2018

read the forums.

vinnie919 | 28/11/2018

Thanks! This all helps guys. Anything more would be appreciated.
@michael - thanks man... I am posting on a forum..Maybe just post something useful next time.

Bighorn | 28/11/2018
markday47 | 28/11/2018

thank you Bighorn most helpful for us newbees

vinnie919 | 28/11/2018

Thank you big horn

CorkChop | 28/11/2018

@vinnie919 I am really excited for you! Here are some things I have been telling friends that have also recently purchased a Model 3.

1) READ the manual. Time and time again we see questions on the forum that were easily answered if they looked at the table of contents of the manual and read relevant sections of the documentation.

2) Purchase a wall charger and schedule a installer to come out ASAP. The mobile charger has a maximum of 4 to 5 miles per hour using the standard 120 household plug. You wont need any more than 60 amps unless you plan to purchase a different Tesla in the future and use the same wall charger.

3) Adjust the "daily" charging to one of the outlined settings in the "Set Limit" option on the charging page of the interface. What to set it at has been wildly debated here on the forum. Many people say "Tesla said" or "the manual says" but in reality, I have asked 6 Tesla specialists and each had a different opinion. Furthermore, the manual does not suggest a daily setting in the manual, it only refers to the option to set it. I think the key is never charge to 100% unless you are going on an extended road trip where you expect to use the full charge.

4) Be aware that if you use your phone as a key, you have to push the handle of the door at the bigger end for the door to unlock/open. If you use your keycard, placing it on the B pilar will unlock the door. If you repeatedly try and unlock with you phone by pressing the door handle and it does not open, use another method (keycard, phone application) and either reboot your phone or turn off/on the Bluetooth on your phone to reset it. Always keep either your phone or your keycard on you as many (including me) have accidentally locked themselves out of their car.

5) Do not obsess over your battery performance and just drive the car. A lot of people on the forum debate over metrics like watt hours / mile but honesly it will all come down to weather/road conditions and the way you drive. Obviously if you drive aggressively you will get less battery performance than someone driving like grandma.

6) Get a referral code! Right now this will give you 6 months supercharging for free. Limit supercharging to extended road trips.

7) ASK QUESTIONS! While taking delivery, a specialist will be assigned to you. Everything about the car will be demonstrated to you. If you don't understand something, ask them to elaborate. Have them talk about flat tires (there is no spare!) and what you should do. Ask them about tire replacements and scheduled maintenance.

sroh | 28/11/2018

Get some lip balm.

It's winter and the inevitable Tesla Grin is going to crack your lips if they're not moisturized.

ILoveMyModel3 | 28/11/2018

@CorkChop, I don't see a need to purchase the $500 wall charger, the on that comes with the car works just fine. Just get the 240v outlet installed.

Bighorn | 28/11/2018

When I was helping with mass deliveries at the end of Q3, we weren’t allowed to go into anything other than how to safely get the car out of the lot. 10 minute orientation max. 270 cars delivered that day precluded the 10 page checklist, 3 hour debriefing of the past.

Bighorn | 28/11/2018

And I spent no money on charging infrastructure. Used a 20A welding outlet until I spied a 30A dryer outlet months later.

Bighorn | 28/11/2018

I did spend around 30 bucks assembling an adapter cord and then buying a UMC adapter for $45.

CorkChop | 28/11/2018

@ILoveMyModel3 the max rate with a 240v is 30/mph where the max rate for the Tesla wall charger is 44/mph. When I received my estimate for both charging options the NEMA 14-50 240v installation was $100 less than the wall charger. It was a no brainer to spend the extra $100 since my local power company was offering $750 rebate on charging my EV at home. The OP asked for tips so I expected some other opinions to be shared!

@BigHorn I can see where that would limit the delivery had everyone received the same treatment I received at my delivery. Hopefully the OP will get some extra time when taking his delivery!

Bighorn | 28/11/2018

I’m hoping it was a special case and it was the end of quarter rush. You can imagine I felt bad about it.

CorkChop | 28/11/2018

@BigHorn I see now that my delivery experience was not the normal one. Not only did the service manager spend 20 minutes with me showing me the tires, how to deal with a flat, what my options were for tire replacement, etc. but the delivery specialist spent almost an hour showing me all of the car details and supercharging the car for the trip home (>300 mile drive).

I wonder if there is a correlation of satisfaction to time spent with the delivery specialist.

ODWms | 28/11/2018

I spent less than $20, installing my own NEMA 14-50 240 volt outlet right under my 200 volt panel in the garage. Your mileage may vary, but this was the most sensible option for me.

Lorenzryanc | 28/11/2018

Some people made references to rebates. Check with your state and power company to see if there are any rebates available. DE offered a large chunk back for the car purchase and 50% rebate on the charger at the time. Don't leave money on the table. And I second the lip balm

vinnie919 | 28/11/2018

Thanks for the help people.
I have no plans on installing a Tesla wall charger in my garage. I am planning on just pulling a 30A/240v circuit over to the garage and using that, should be fine... For right now i have a supercharger near my workplace and free 6 months that i plan on using.

Sparky | 28/11/2018

Here's one of the best tips: When you get your car you'll be enthralled by all the features and voice commands available on the info screen (which you can explore all day with the car parked if you want). But take a morning to tell yourself not to even look at it and just put your favourite music on and drive hard through the most scenic twisty roads in your area. You'll come back with a grin so wide that it'll offset any puzzlement about the new learning curve for months thereafter.

cmh95628 | 28/11/2018

1. On delivery, my car was in chill mode. Put it in standard. You bought the whole car, why not use it?
2. I use the easy entry mode, and I had been pulling up my profile by selecting it on the touch screen. So much easier to just tap the brake pedal (once I learned I could do that, from this forum).

iamjml79 | 08/06/2019

Thanks for all the comments. I placed my order today for the extended range awd blue with white interior! Can't wait for delivery before June is over :)

vmulla | 09/06/2019

Soak up whatever tips you want before delivery. After delivery enjoy your car - Don't return to the forum unless you need to.
It's pretty much an idiot proof car, so unless you tried you're not hurting the car - enjoy :)

rhj | 09/06/2019

Pin to Drive is your friend if you have teenage drivers in the house and happen to leave on vacation.

michiels.evan | 16/10/2019