How many other Teslas do you see each day?

How many other Teslas do you see each day?

I see about 5 teslas a day.
How many do you see?

spuzzz123 | 30/11/2018

Ohio here. Maybe 1.

PrescottRichard | 30/11/2018

In the Prescott AZ area, about 1 every time I drive.

I see either a dark gray M3, White M3, and a red pre-refresh S most often. Saw a blue 3 once :)

jerrykham | 30/11/2018

CA Bay Area here - East Bay. I commute in very early though - I leave the house at 3:30 AM. I don't usually see any on the way to work. But at work in the lot I see 5 or 6 as I go for a walk and then on the drive home I see another 5 or so. Just 4 today on the drive home. So most days between 9 and 11 of them.

JustSaying | 30/11/2018

In OC, CA I see at least at least five every time I go for a drive, however if in Newport beach it is not unusual to see four at a traffic light stop and many more Model 3's lately.

neofelis | 30/11/2018

MN. One guy I work with has a Model X. That's about it.

Earl and Nagin ... | 30/11/2018

I counted 25 the other morning as I covered about half of my 40 - mile drive. I probably missed a lot since I was driving. About 50:50 mix between Model 3 and Model S&X.
Not surprising, it is in SoCal

Xerogas | 30/11/2018

@Vegan: I stopped counting after 11 in my company parking garage

joemar10 | 30/11/2018

Southeastern VA here. My wife and I used to call each other every time we saw aTesla "in the wild". We now each have one and, it's getting to the point where we call if we don't see one other than our own. Lots of Model 3's showing up.

Early Thanksgiving morning, we stopped at the Rockville MD supercharger to top off on the way to Carlisle, PA. 12 bays, 6 Model X's including ours, 4 Model 3's and 2 Model S's.

NKYTA | 30/11/2018

NorCal, about 5 per every couple miles. So, about 30 each way on my commute.

David N | 30/11/2018

Northern Ohio, Cleveland suburbs, maybe once a month, unless we’re by a Supercharger, then there is usually a couple there, been more and more Model 3’s there.

Wormtown Kris | 30/11/2018

Central MA. One every two or three days. There is one white 2018 S in my town that I know of. But the area has probably a couple dozen.

SO | 30/11/2018

One every couple weeks. West Michigan.

Tesla-David | 30/11/2018

3 to 4 every drive in north Seattle.

kishorekv | 30/11/2018

In the SF Bay Area, miles away from the factory, I see a parade of Teslas on my 20mi commute each morning. They are becoming so common now that it's hard to keep the count. The HOV lanes used to be full of Priuses and LEAFs, and now they are crowded out with Model-3s mainly.

My street of 12 houses has 4 MXs now, and will soon be 5 when I take delivery of my own MX in a few weeks. :)

Mauler | 01/12/2018

Wichita, KS . . .
Very rare to spot one around here. Maybe once every 2-3 weeks. I know we have several in the area. About only time I'll see another Tesla is when traveling and stopping @ superchargers.

jimglas | 01/12/2018

the two in my garage most days

NoMoPetrol | 01/12/2018

My driving is mostly retired person puttering, but I see 2 - 5 per day depending on what part of town I'm in. Also SoCal (Riverside).

Teslaer | 01/12/2018

SF Bay Area, too many to count

pnajar | 01/12/2018

Boulder, CO - there are so many Teslas it seems like every other car is one the Tesla’s models.

Ohmster | 02/12/2018

SoCal morning commute. Usually at least half a dozen before getting to the freeway six miles away.

Too many to accurately count once in the 101.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked AP2.5 Bio)*2, 44/42.2. Grin on!

Enzodriver | 02/12/2018

20+ in and around London UK and no M3's yet over here.

sbeggs | 02/12/2018

2-4 around south San Diego each day, more if we head to desert or LA.

Yodrak. | 02/12/2018

A dozen or so. Sometime 1in my home area on my way to or from work, and at least 10 at work. Model 3s at work are growing crabgrass in my lawn in summer. Also, a few people are buying used Model Ss.

Free work-place charging is one draw. We presently have 35 Level 2 EVSE stations and 1 combo CHAdeMO/CCS station (that's never used except by a Tesla owner who found the adapter in the trunk of his used Model S), and are planning ~60 more for 2019, 200 total over the next few years. 12 or 16 of the next batch are likely be Tesla chargers given that almost all of the new EVs bought by employees are Teslas and Tesla provides the EVSEs at no cost.

No, I don't live in California.

IflyI95 | 02/12/2018

Florida - if I'm out for a hour, about 4 a day. Funny thing though, I was in Rochester, NY about a month ago and saw 3 model 3's in the afternoon. There's really no infrastructure up there at all yet.

Tesla2018 | 02/12/2018

I was in VT for two weeks and only saw 4.
However I stopped by a local inn/country club and noticed that they had a Tesla wall charger hidden on the back of a service building that I just happenned to notice when I went for a walk.The place doesnt show up on the list of places that has destination chargers but I saw it and knew what is was right away.
I went by the Killington skilift and noticed they have a lot of regular and Tesla chargers in the parking lot. But since it was summertime the parking lot was empty.

geekydon | 03/12/2018

I counted five during one traffic light cycle at a busy intersection in La Jolla. They’re very common around here.

talels | 03/12/2018

2-3 every day in IL, Chicago suburbs

elvsfuller | 03/12/2018

In Austin, TX--I see anywhere from 5-15 a day!

Vegan | 04/12/2018

Keep it going! :)
Do you see more Model 3s than anything else or Model S? I think I see about even Model 3s and Model S, Model X are less common but I still see at least one everyday.

Yodrak. | 04/12/2018

Starting about a month ago, more 3s than Ss. Very few Xs.

ltphoto | 06/12/2018

In the Salt Lake City area I see probably at least 10 a day. There are at least that many in the parking lots at work. Mostly 3's now, but S and X are common also.

bastacasta | 20/12/2018

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jimglas | 20/12/2018


how can this be worth the time it takes to post?

sf_ram | 20/12/2018

I live in SF and I drive from the outer Sunset District to the Panhandle/USF. It is exactly 3 miles. I generally see a mix Teslas. 2-3 of each model. The Model 3 is mushrooming in my neighborhood. I wonder how many of them have been registered to residents here in The City in the past 90 days. They're everywhere.

jimglas | 20/12/2018

On most days only the 2 in my garage. I did see a new model 3 in the wild yesterday.
Still rare in southern Colorado.

JustSaying | 20/12/2018

Round trip to Trader Joe's (Jingle Jangels are back in stock) 1 mile, just saw 5 including two Model 3's.

suddled | 20/12/2018

Bay Area so like 20+ a day....

lightlysaucedpenne | 20/12/2018

Here in Fremont, I only see about 5 everyday...5 of the exact same wheel and color combo as my model 3 that is..

jolov | 21/12/2018

2 before I leave the house. :)
Sometimes 2-3 on the drive to/from work.
Usually 6+ while at work, depending upon which parking garage I use (20 Model 3 owners here).
(Central MA)