Telsa Google Maps Sync

Telsa Google Maps Sync

I wish there was a way where I can mirror Google maps on my tesla, or even have the google maps app on my tesla. The Tesla navigation is all cool and all, but it lacks a lot of the important features I use via google maps. I avoid highways on my commute sometimes as there is heavy traffic or night time rush, at the very least I wish tesla had the "avoid highways" option.

Any news or plans on this anyone knows of?

CharleyBC | 04/12/2018

Do the Google nav on your phone, and send it to the car. See this concurrent thread:

weluvm3 | 04/12/2018

How do I send a map or navigation to my car in Google Maps if I have an Android phone?

iamtesla_m3 | 04/12/2018

@CharleyBC, I'm an android user and I don't see this as an option. Thank you for the thread though.

CharleyBC | 04/12/2018

@iamtesla_m3, and, alas, I'm not, so I don't know how to point you. In iOS it's nothing special--it's how you share stuff between any two apps. So if there is a similar technique in Android, I assume it's how you'd share the nav stuff. Good luck, and report back if you figure it out so others can know too.

roger.klurfeld | 05/12/2018

@weluvm3: Start google maps android app. Type in destination.Next to the blue Directions button is a button named share. Click on the share button. Choose the Tesla app. Done.

iamtesla_m3 | 03/01/2019

The share button does work now on Android after the updates when it previously showed an error. However, the directions shared does not reflect a few of the settings that Google maps has (since once you share the directions, it sends the location to the Tesla maps so the routing differs from google Maps). So sharing directions to Tesla still drops the "avoid highways" option.

rfpmoxie | 03/01/2019

Don't pounce on me as my question probably reveals my ignorance! When I share the App from my Android phone, do I need to set the route and keep using phone data at $$? I'm kind of hoping that the app in the M3 now becomes fully independent.

TranzNDance | 03/01/2019

I think it just sends the address to the car, which figures out routing from that.

Kathy Applebaum | 03/01/2019

@TranzNDance has it correct. It just shares the address. You can also share from other apps, like Yelp and your contacts.

lbowroom | 03/01/2019

Yes, the car takes over at that point, you don't need to continue the phones navigation or data. I know it basically what tranz and Kathy said but specifically addressing her data concerns

hamiltonned | 03/01/2019

@TranzNDance: Thats correct because if you send an address that Tesla Nav doesn't know, it throws an error message.

SolArray | 03/01/2019

I look forward to being able to share the Route (not just address) at some point. The main advantage of Google Maps to me is the ability to drag the indicated route to choose some preferred route to destination. Sending just the destination address loses that planning.
(Right now... I either remember the alterations and make them on the fly as a driver (the Tesla Nav app 'gets it' soon), or bring a few notes on a card if there are several queues (favorite back routes, traffic avoidance routes, etc.)

dualcyclone | 18/08/2019

@SolArray I think you can do that currently, although you'd have to set waypoints rather than pick a specific route.

I made this mistake recently by allowing Tesla to decide my route home from work, and ended up driving through the Congestion Charge zone in London, which cost me £11.50. I can obviously disable tolls in the settings, but it would be good if the Tesla map gave me some options on route so I can decide my favoured route home, rather than Tesla deciding which route is better for me.

mmcp42 | 18/08/2019

@dualcyclone I thought EVs didn't pay congestion charge in London?!

bjrosen | 18/08/2019

I share your complaints about Tesla Navigation, Avoid Highways is a baseline feature that all navigation apps should have. Google Maps also offers you a choice of routes which is something I use all the time. The otehr thing that seems to be missing is that Tesla's Navigation doesn't have access to the addresses in your contact list, it's syncs the phone numbers but not the addresses. The workaround that I've been using is to schedule an event in the Google Calendar. The Calendar does get synced so you can navigate to the destination in the Event but that's a kludge. Am I worng about not syncing addresses? If so how do you do it?

EVRider | 18/08/2019

@dualcyclone: No, you can’t send a route to the car, only a destination, and waypoints aren’t supported.

@brosen: The manual says that address information is synced with your contacts, but nothing about using them for navigation. Here’s what it says in the Using the Phone App section:

“Contacts: Contacts are listed in alphabetical order and can be sorted by first name or last name. You can also choose a letter on the right side of the list to quickly scroll to the names that begin with the selected character. When you touch a name on your contacts list, the contact's available number(s) displays on the right pane, along with other available information (such as address). Touch the contact's number to make a call.”