YouTube Music? Google Play Music? Soundcloud? Spotify?

YouTube Music? Google Play Music? Soundcloud? Spotify?

It would be nice to have other ways to stream media as I don't use Slacker or TuneIn. I still have to rely on my phone to stream music but no access to playlists and other features.

EVRider | 07/12/2018

Yes, it would be nice, but for now those are your only options. You can get playlists in Slacker if you pay for your own Slacker Premium account and log in to that from the car.

rikkirose22 | 27/04/2019

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randy_abigail | 23/05/2019

Among all these streaming services, honestly I like Google Play music best. It has the feature to let users to store 50,000 songs for free. So I switch from Spotify to Google Play. This tips help me do the transfer smoothly:
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Banni | 25/05/2019

So Spotify is added, would really like the AppleMusic client, shouldn't be that hard as there is also multiplatform support for that one (Android, IOS).

ik.klx.07 | 04/08/2019

You can use MusConv if you want to transfer music.

blakamp | 04/08/2019

Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, MLB, Stitcher, etc.

Yes, Tesla eventually needs a solution that supports a broader set of services. SiriusXM, Slacker and TuneIn alone don’t cut it IMO.

There are a couple other threads where the debate rages on approach to solving that... CarPlay, Tesla proprietary service, Tesla API framework, “do nothing”, etc. I suggest reading and engaging on those threads, if interested in more.

m_grego | 30/08/2019

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A.Manjur06 | 23/12/2019

Bumping this for relevance. It would be really nice to have YouTube music app in car, as YouTube is already in the system and a lot of ppl pay for the YouTube subscription. Switching to another music player is not an option since we are already subscribed to YouTube Music.

A.Manjur06 | 23/12/2019

Bumping this for relevance. It would be really nice to have YouTube music app in car, as YouTube is already in the system and a lot of ppl pay for the YouTube subscription. Switching to another music player is not an option since we are already subscribed to YouTube Music.

EVRider | 23/12/2019

Is it possible to play YouTube music using the regular YouTube app?

floraolivia1 | 23/12/2019

I got every access while I listening music on the TubeMate ( application. I think, you should try this app at least one time...

loomitch | 24/12/2019

Another vote for Google Play Music

john | 27/12/2019

As a new Model 3 owner, I LOVE my car...but...the one area where it feels really backwards is Music, especially selecting music from my iPhone...the only way I know how is manually, which completely defeats the purpose of being automated.

iamscott | 20/03/2020

Ya, music is terrible in the Tesla. I can't even find an album and play it. automatically plays a radio station similar to the album. Also the music Tesla says is similar is not accurate. Why don't they go the app model. Let people build stuff to work on the Tesla platform. I'm pretty disappointed with the entire software experience so far. | 21/03/2020

@iamscott - Why not load your music onto a USB and have all your desired albums at hand. No need for streaming. Go to FLAC encoding and you'll even get much higher quality than any streaming service. Another choice is to use your phone, which can access any service you like.

Mike83 | 21/03/2020

Love Slacker. Google music would be nice as I subscribe to it but YouTube music works in our M3.
Tesla is doing so many things at once I find these demands babyish.

cturner | 21/03/2020

Another vote for Youtube Music. I already pay for Youtube Premium. I don't want to pay for Spotify on top of Premium Connectivity on top of Youtube Premium. Streaming from phone is ok but not ideal. Slacker stinks.

iamscott | 01/04/2020
Because I don't own all of the music. I subscribe to the Google Play music service that allows me to stream and download the music. It's not possible to load that onto a USB drive and play it legally. I have loaded what I do own on a USB and have it connected, but music discovery on Tesla is not good. I want to hear a complete album, not a selection of songs that are similar to an album.

blkice | 01/04/2020

YouTube music is the best every tune you can think of for your favorites, please Elon

iamscott | 03/04/2020

This whole Tesla issue made me check out Slacker and Spotify, to see if a switch was necessary. The answer for me is no. They lack key features. This is why I stick with Google Play Music. Sounds like YouTube music will eventually get these features.

1. Ability to stream an entire Album
2. Ability to browse and stream personal music collection
3. Ability to download anything for offline listening

The current setup with Slacker (or whatever it is called now) and Spotify is like custom radio, and is fine for probably 90% of people. I think that is the problem. It's a music snob issue.

MsrisSRswsons | 16/04/2020

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wilsonella0611 | 27/04/2020

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venkataramarao210 | 28/04/2020

I always use Spotify premium ( which is quite a popular one and I love this app because of its huge library. Hell a lot of features there and supports HD quality music.

netugoa | 28/04/2020

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scallister | 22/05/2020

Also wishing they had Google Music or Youtube Music on there.

Also it would be nice if the Spotify "Invalid Account" err indicated you needed premium. Just spend 20 minutes debugging that just to find out it was a poorly worded paywall on Spotify's side.

violetroden119 | 23/05/2020

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yamini | 26/05/2020

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