Tesla Shop doesn't respond to emails and there are no other contact options - what do I do now?

Tesla Shop doesn't respond to emails and there are no other contact options - what do I do now?

Tue, Dec 11, 1:51 PM (2 days ago)
to onlineorders

It has been 10 days - I have still not received a return label? I have purchased the replacement shirt - I need to return the supercharger.
D. Holcomb

On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 10:25 AM D. M. Holcomb <***************> wrote:
To initiate a cancellation or return, please contactonlineorders@tesla.comand provide the following information:
• Customer name and email address associated with the order

D Holcomb ***************
• Order number

Order ***************
• Product name

Desktop Supercharger
White, None
SKU: 8756722-00-A

• Quantity to be returned/canceled

• Return/cancel reason: Please provide a brief description on why this product didn't suit your needs.

I emailed immediately after ordering - never received a response and you don't apparently have any other methods of contact (I looked). There was a mix-up - my nephew wanted Tesla clothing but the link he sent was for the supercharger. After ordering, I sent my sister the receipt. She realized the mistake and told me immediately so I tried to fix the error within a few minutes of ordering but Tesla never responded to my request to cancel the order so I could place another order containing clothing only. I need to replace the supercharger with a t-shirt.

Return inquiries will be approved (or denied) within 5 business days of contact. If approved, a pre-paid shipping label will be provided and the item must be shipped within 30 days or the label will expire.

Thank you!

On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 4:08 PM D. M. Holcomb <***************> wrote:
Please let me know if this order can be canceled. My nephew wanted apparel but accidentally texted me the link to the supercharger. I would like to reorder but with clothing only. But I don't want to make a new order till I know this was canceled.
D Holcomb

On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 3:37 PM Tesla wrote:
Thank you, David
Your order is confirmed. We will notify you when it ships.

SO | 14/12/2018

Have you tried the contact link at the bottom of this page?

Yodrak. | 14/12/2018

I had a similar problem asking to return a defective iPhone dock for Model S. After several e-mails I got an e-mail response from someone who said he would expedite the return with the ordering group. After a week or so and another e-mail to that person I got a similar response. Another week or so and a new iPhone dock arrived in the mail, with a note that I did not need to return the defective one.

The defect was that there were two left-side support brackets for an iPhone X rather than one left and one right, so they could have just sent me the missing support bracket rather than the whole package. An interesting lesson as to what is the least expensive way to Tesla, and perhaps other vendors, to deal with missing or defective parts.

Getting back on topic, just keep e-mailing and eventually you will get a response and ultimately some kind of resolution.

AERODYNE | 29/01/2019

I also had problems... ordered coat hooks Dec '18 for my MS with Next Gen seats... They don't fit, apprently there are 3 or 4 next gen seat types. Sent email to the link on the order conf email, no response after 20 days. Sent another email tonight, immediately got a auto generated response they will get back to me, We will see...

PrescottRichard | 30/01/2019

Seems the shop isn’t very good at communicating. I had sun shades for the pano roof just show up, which was great but these days I’m used to being told where / when of each step of processing.

Currently I ordered the new 40A wall charger that plugs into the 14-50 plug, haven’t heard anything more than the order was received. I wonder if it’ll just show up too? UPS generally sends me an email if anything is coming UPS but that’s their service.

Things can always be better, the good thing now is that in some small areas like this it’ll be easy to go leaps and bounds above what is happening now. I mean, it’s not rocket science :)

jimglas | 31/01/2019

@PR: FWIW: my HPWC arrived unannounced, that seems standard from what I have read on this blog

jimglas | 31/01/2019

Flagged troll nadez above

PrescottRichard | 31/01/2019

Thanks jimglas! Autocorrect makes your name jingles, thought you might get a chuckle out of that.

I’m guessing that’s what will happen, but you have to admit that’s not a good way to do sales & shipping. Most other sites give me too many updates about my packages.

jimglas | 31/01/2019

yeah, I get jingles a lot

m_wingert | 02/02/2019

Nope, Tesla definitely does not return calls. We cancelled our reservation, and requested our refund. Followed up several times, and you get ambiguous excuses, no-one follows through, no-one returns emails, no-one calls you. Always some other department's job, and no manager available. Finally, I started calling twice a day, yelled and screamed at one guy, no-one would put a supervisor on. They knew I was right, but wouldn't talk to me. Finally got a supervisor who actually agreed to personally follow it through, and received the cheque about 10 days later. Five months it took to get the 3-4 week refund. FIVE MONTHS!

Tesla knows talking to people doesn't make you money. Tesla knows the average person willing to fork out money for a Tesla does not have the time to chase them for trivial problems. So they try to wait you out. You can't call them. They don't return emails.

Last year we made an educated consumer decision not to purchase a Tesla. Our experience has ensured that we will never purchase anything from Tesla. Ever.

Mike83 | 02/02/2019

horse pucky from a troll.

PrescottRichard | 04/02/2019

Well, yeah. Tesla takes reservations via cheque? Perhaps, I did mine via PayPal ( I think) for a model 3 and got it refunded via paypal no problem.

I suppose that could be in a different country (explains the spelling). I’m still waiting for my wall connector to arrive with no communication as to what’s going on with it. That’s annoying, but not really close to working for a refund.

Tesla has room to improve for sure, but don’t we all :)

nadezdazuravleva66 | 18/03/2019

Try to contact through the link from the bottom of this page

ray.viado | 18/03/2019

Good luck with that! I'm very frustrated with Tesla Shop. It's been over 3 months and I'm still waiting for my order. I ordered an All-Weather Rear Cargo Mat in Dec but they shipped a wrong product (which I already returned). My original order hasn't arrived yet despite numerous emails and online chats with Tesla. You'd be better off ordering elsewhere.