Tsportline wheels; excessive weight to balance?

Tsportline wheels; excessive weight to balance?

We recently picked up our Model X and had Discount Tire install a set of Tsportline 20" wheels with the OEM tires (Continental). On one wheel the red dot on the tire sidewall is aligned with the valve (perfectly), but the others appear to be completely random. That dot-aligned wheel (front passenger) needed 6x1/4oz weights to balance it. Front driver has only 3x1/4oz. But the rear wheels have 15x1/4oz on one, and 16 1/4oz on the other. According to Continental if more than 40g=1.4oz of weights are needed the tire should be remounted rotated by 180 degrees to improve the initial balance ( Am I right to think this likely represents a lazy (sub-par) installation by Discount Tire? Should I go back and complain? Or is it pretty common to see such a large number of weights needed on after-market rims like the Tsportline?
Thanks for any advice!

Uncle Paul | 15/12/2018

Best way to balance a new wheel is to check the balance on the new wheel first, and mark the location of the heaviest spot.

Then balance the tire alone and mark the lightest spot.

Mount the tire with the heaviest spot near the lightest spot of the wheel. Should result in the least weights being used.

Most just mount the wheel spot with the tire stem near the lightest spot of the tire and call it a day.

Best balancing technology uses a road force measurement to precisely note where weights need to be on a rolling road.

If your car runs smoothly at speed you might just live with the additional wheel weights unless the additional weight may cause a performance issue.

inconel | 16/12/2018

I did not know you could balance the tire alone?

lilbean | 16/12/2018

T sportline is overpriced. EV wheels direct is much better.

kurohime7511 | 21/04/2019

do it like you would do in any other cars