Enforcement of Tesla Reserved Spaces

Enforcement of Tesla Reserved Spaces

The destination charging at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood/Miami (1 Seminole Wy Hollywood, Florida 33314) was full of ICE vehicles. There was not a single Tesla or even EV vehicle parked in the Tesla "Reserved" spaces. I was very low on battery but couldn't charge my Model 3.

Can we call the towing company and have them towed? They need to enforce these restrictions like handicap spaces.

reed_lewis | 25/12/2018

Good luck. Most casinos are loath to enforce the EV parking regulations because they might piss of their 'high-roller' asshats. There is a slots casino here in Mass called Plainridge Park that has 20 EV parking stations. Every spot was filled with an ICE a few weeks ago even though there are clearly marked signs. I asked inside but was told that they do not tow the cars because they are 'valuable customers'

Personally if there were no cameras, I would just remove the air from all the tires, but I never said that!

jordanrichard | 25/12/2018

Those destination chargers are not Tesla’s responsibility. Those literally belong to the business, which in this case was the Hardrock Cafe. Tesla simply gives the business the HPWC.

wisam.alrawi | 25/12/2018

Stick to Superchargers and you won't be disappointed.

reed_lewis | 26/12/2018

Actually, some super chargers have signs that allow a certain amount of general parking time. The ones on the Merritt parkway in CT for example have an allowed general parking time. I have seen others posted also. I wish Tesla could negotiate to have only Tesla parking at super chargers.

lilbean | 26/12/2018

As much as I can't stand being ICEd, I think general parking creates a good relationship with the businesses that the superchargers are in front of. Tesla doesn't own the property so we're fortunate just to have the supercharger there. Mojave offers the spots for general parking but I haven't seen an ICE park there.

jordanrichard | 26/12/2018

reed_lewis, re; the Merritt parkway aka the Greenwich rest area, they had no choice. There are relatively few parking spots as is, so losing 4 of them to Tesla would make matters worse. So I am sure it was a compromise.

reed_lewis | 26/12/2018

Yes about the Merritt Parkway. But there are others that are the same way. Tesla needs to 'take back' for sole Tesla charging use all the super charger spots.

jithesh | 26/12/2018

@wisam.alrawi Unfortunately it has started happening in Superchargers too :-(

Only solution I see for Superchargers is if Tesla builds a fence around with automated gate opening for Tesla vehicles only.

ray.viado | 26/12/2018

I wonder if anyone has ever had a car towed, especially at SUPERCHARGERS. Or will the towing company refuse to even come? Reading at some of your comments, it seems like those "TESLA Vehicle Charging Only" spots are not exclusively reserved for Tesla vehicles after all. :-(

jimglas | 26/12/2018

perhaps it should be posted and they could be charged standard idle fees.

Yodrak. | 26/12/2018

"they could be charged standard idle fees."

How do you propose that be accomplished? Tesla knows what Tesla vehicles are plugged in, it has no way of knowing if a vehicle of any kind is in one of the charging spots if the vehicle is not a plugged-in Tesla.

reed_lewis | 27/12/2018

@snip4hire must be SPAM. The first piece of evidence is the 0815 date. This is December. The second is the fact that they gave them a single loaner. The third is that employees plugged their cars in. Employees always get lower priority. Fourth is the BS about the estimate.

Total SPAM! Flagged!

Xerogas | 27/12/2018

@reed_lewis: "@snip4hire must be SPAM.

Total SPAM! Flagged!"

...and the username checks out ;) I’m sure we’ll hear from @FUDforhire next...

snip4hire | 27/12/2018

@reed_lewis 0815 is military time. We dropped off this morning, all posts give the date and everyone can see that today is December 27, 2018 and we dropped off the Model S appointment was 0815 and our Model X appointment was 0830. Don't now why they need to keep both vehicles for so long.

jimglas | 27/12/2018

@yodrak: "How do you propose that be accomplished?"
get charged for driving on tollroads, that way.

jerrykham | 27/12/2018

To the comment "Tesla needs to 'take back' for sole Tesla charging use all the super charger spots." - they can't. Anywhere that they are labeled for general parking there is a reason. Most often the reason goes something like this:

The local municipality or state has a law on how many parking spaces must be available for general parking per square foot of retail space. They often push this to the max - and can't lose any spaces or at least not many. So the Tesla spots end up labeled for general parking. When you see the ones (and there are many) where they have some of the spots labeled for Tesla vehicle charging only and others at the same site labeled for general parking - this is why. They would have gone under the limit imposed by the local ordinance for number of spots per square foot of retail.

rxlawdude | 27/12/2018

I find @snip4hire to have a TEA score of 100.

For example, why would Tesla give ONE loaner when he brought TWO vehicles in for service? And then he bitches about "one of us is car-less."

Yodrak. | 27/12/2018

"get charged for driving on tollroads, that way."

You want to put toll gates in front of the supercharger spaces?

snip4hire | 27/12/2018

I guess this forum is not a place that provides useful information. Wondering if others had issues with service, loaner not charged, etc. We both took the week for vacation and one thing on the list was service the cars. We were told it would be overnight and scheduled first appointments Thurs morning with pickup next day. They gave us a Model S and said we could contact Enterprise for a 2nd car if we needed it later since they wanted more time for service. We assume that they would cover it but feel certain other Enterprise locations don't have Teslas. Love the cars but not the service. Don't like being called a liar either. If any Tesla execs are following, the service center is in Dedham, MA

MilesMD88 | 27/12/2018

Apologize for some of our illiterate forum posters. Good luck with your Tesla Service.

MilesMD88 | 27/12/2018

@reed Lewis
Dude, get a life! You are clueless..

NKYTA | 27/12/2018

@MilesMD88, how so is @reed clueless?

Plenty of FUD going on.

There is plenty of ICEing going on. For years, all over. With ICE cars, trailers, etc.

I just heard from a long time Tesla Owner that was ICED, in that a Tesla was parked at at a Destination charging spot, and they weren’t plugged in. Who does that? Kinda of hard to insist that the hotel/inn wake up the prick at 1am that did that. If I show up and there is one Destination Charger, and they are hooked up, that is on me for my bad planning. But don’t take the spot and NOT be charging. Sheesh.

MilesMD88 | 27/12/2018

These people took their Tesla’s in for service at 8:15 am. @reed called them out for the date being Dec, not 08 /15. Aug 15th. 2nd, they were given one loaner, that’s understandable by Tesla standards. 3, I can see a loaner not being charged and all charging stations being used for the day ahead. The employees preparing for a model 3 onslaught of test drives.

MilesMD88 | 27/12/2018

Read these folks post. They were at a service center. Not iced. Got a low charged loaner after dropping off 2 Tesla’s for service. Believe it or not, @Reed Lewis was less than sympathetic

NKYTA | 27/12/2018

@Miles, not sure what I was missing. I read @reeds most recent post. The OP was at a Casino with EVcharging. I couldn’t be *more* sympathetic to the problem.

If I go back to the OP, I read exactly what has been known for years.

Tesla creates a SuperCharger location *subject* to what the mall/casino/hotel *owner* is willing to give up, space-wise. Some might be Tesla Only SCing, some might be General Parking but it is an SC, so don’t be a dick if you can’t charge. But whoever owns the property owns the “rights”. I’m not familiar with that particular property, but I’ve been to plenty over my six years, and they all differ. And I’ve run into trying to ask nicely for someone to move their F-150 towing their boat in the Midwest, that parked in front of ALL the SCs at one location. That was more than than a few years ago.

The biggest dick move is someone who takes an overnight Destination Charger, in a Tesla, and is NOT charging.

SC - SuperCharger, fast DC charging, based on where Tesla can put them, fast enough. Only Tesla, subject to local parking restrictions.
MSC, Metropolitan SuperChargers, 72-73kW Fast DC SuperChargers. Only Tesla, subject to local parking restrictions.
Destination Charging, Tesla provided HPWC 80-40amp Charging for overnight use at hotels/inns/etc. Usually installled at a business to grind more business. Subject to the owner of the business.

I’ve Suoercharged at quite a number of SvCs, Tesla Service Centers over six years, there aren’t that many of them.
, SCs that have SvCs,

Oh, wait, you think @snip4hire is a valid! poster?!?

Believe what you want then.

snip4hire | 28/12/2018

@NKYTA you are mixing posts. I had no comments about destination charging. Although the last time we charged at the mall in Leominster, MA we were notified that we were plugged in for an extra 17 minutes or so and they waived the idle fee. I believe that's what they called it, we have free supercharging for life and had never heard of being charged for being plugged in too long. Perhaps that's why you are now seeing vehicles not plugged in as they don't want to be assessed the idle fee. Thank you to MilesMD88 for your understanding of my situation. If visiting Massachusetts, be aware of the service issues at the Dedham location. I really don't understand the hostility of the other members here, it's just weird. BTW, My brother-in-law is a member of a Tesla owners' club in NM. Are there any such groups in MA?

bp | 28/12/2018

Going back to the OP's comment about destination chargers.

Some of the hotels we have stayed at with destination chargers have placed traffic cones to block the spaces, which has been pretty effective in preventing the spaces from being used for parking.

The businesses have installed the chargers because they are expecting to generate business by attracting Tesla owners to those businesses, so they should be willing to help keep at least one charger available.

However... If Tesla owners are not planning to use the business hosting the destination charger (hotel, restaurant, retail, …) - because these are not really public chargers, it's unrealistic to expect the property owner to do anything to help make the space available.

At one hotel, we ran into problems using the destination charger, and had to spend several hours late at night to drive to the nearest supercharger and stay for a full charge, because a Tesla owner living near the hotel had decided to use the hotel's destination charger instead of figuring out a way to charge at home - not why the hotel had the destination charger installed...

reed_lewis | 28/12/2018

Wow! snip4hire and MilesMD88 I leave for a day and am attacked!

First, if you bring two cars in for service at the same time, and only expect one loaner, then you get one loaner.

Secondly, the Dedham super charger is marked as reduced service for the last month or two. They are delivering hundreds of cars every day there, and they need to charge the deliveries for customers. The employees are not charging their cars. They are charging new customer's cars.

Third, the service department at Dedham is slammed. I am not defending them as my car has been there for 1.5 weeks also. But they are totally overloaded with service issues. My issue is a intermittent one that could have been handled after the new year, and I probably should have waited, but they said that they could take care of it.

I am not defending Tesla at all. they have dropped the ball in terms of service. But the positives still outweigh the negatives.

Question for you @snip4hire, you say you took this week of for vacation. Why didn't you do one car at a time so you were not car-less?

Now as to destination charger and parking. I was at the Cranwell resort in Western Mass this past January where they have two Tesla destination chargers. The issue there is that the spots are not marked with any signage. The most ass-hat thing though is that the resort had put cones up blocking the spots, and inconsiderate entitled ICE drivers moved the cones (or ran over them) with their cars to park in these spots. When I returned I actually parked behind the two cars to charge (long cable) and left a note that said I had their license plates noted and they could call me they wanted to get out. I got no phone calls or damage...

And I understand about having a minimum number of general parking spaces. I just wish Tesla could reserve those for charging.

As an example of a good design. The new Super Charger in Hudson MA which is being built right now is in a space that had no parking before. They cut into a curb and created 8 new spots that were never there before. Therefore these will most likely be dedicated to Tesla Charging.

Yodrak. | 28/12/2018

"you are mixing posts. I had no comments about destination charging."

That's a large part of the problem with this thread - your post was way off topic.

Also, your use of [military] jargon that is outside the norm in this context had me wondering as well.

Next time you raise an issue it would be best if you start a new thread and use 'civilian terminology' so that the general audience will understand your meaning.

jimglas | 28/12/2018

@Yodrk: I have never stopped at a "toll gate"
All tolls are made by License plate photo and billed to the owner

reed_lewis | 28/12/2018

As to snip4hire's comment about idle fees, the app will notify you when you are fully charged and if or when idle fees start. This has been this way for a significant period of time. Furthermore, when you tap on the super charger icon on the screen is says 'idle fees may apply up to $1.00 per minute' or something like that.

Not knowing about idle fees is willfully ignoring data that is presented to you in multiple ways.

Yodrak. | 28/12/2018

"All tolls are made by License plate photo and billed to the owner"

In many states, not in others.

More to the point, a car owner has to request transponder and provide vehicle and financial information so as to be billed. How many ICE and non-Tesla drivers do you think will be requesting transponders so that they can be charged for ICEing an EV charging stall?

I hope you are not suggesting that all cars be required to be equipped with such a device? If such a proposition were even close to reasonable then such a system would be in place now for handicapped parking enforcement, which most people would agree is more important than EV charging enforcement.

jimglas | 28/12/2018

@Yodrak: "a car owner has to request transponder and provide vehicle and financial information so as to be billed"
Nope, the biling is based solely on the license plate number. No transponder is necessary.

Yodrak. | 28/12/2018

"the biling is based solely on the license plate number. No transponder is necessary."

Where is this? I have not been in any state where the tolls work that way.

I'm not saying there are not such systems out there, I'm sure there are, but it's hardly a solution to ICEing of EV charging stalls. There's the cost of the system itself, which may be prohibitive when comparing the number of cars that will use an EV charging stall compared to the number of cars that pass through a toll lane on a daily basis. Then there's the simple expeient of using anything at hand to cover all or part the license plate should one be inclined to ICE a charging stall.

Then there's the issue of the real purpose for installing such a system to enforce EV charging. It didn't work so well in many states when license plate recognition was used to enforce red lights. And, as I have already mentioned, it doesn't seem to have been considered to enforce handicapped parking. Enforcing EV charging is less important than either of those enforcement issues.

Isn't going to happen.

kcheng | 28/12/2018

"Secondly, the Dedham super charger is marked as reduced service for the last month or two. They are delivering hundreds of cars every day there, and they need to charge the deliveries for customers. The employees are not charging their cars. They are charging new customer's cars."

@reed lewis, haha, I wish that were true! I got my Model 3 on the 13th of this month, home delivery, shipped up from Dedham, with zero range! The driver said it had zero range when he loaded it that morning. He thought the rest stop where we did the exchange had chargers (it did not). Had to reload, and take it to a supercharger 10 miles away. My home is down a small road that a semi can't negotiate. Seems to be okay, but it wasn't nice for my first exposure to the car, having zero range. Wish they had charged it for a few minutes.

jimglas | 30/12/2018

@Yodrak: Colorado toll roads. If you do request a transponder, the rate is 50% less, I presume because they dont have to go throgh the DMV to obtain you information for billing?

Yodrak. | 30/12/2018

"Colorado toll roads."

I stand corrected - you remind me that I have been on a Colorado toll road. Heading to the Denver airport the signs said that the entrance road was a toll road and I was surprised to not see any of the usual toll infrastructure. I thought maybe the signs had gone up in advance of implementing the toll, but a few week later I received a bill in the mail so the hardware was there someplace along the road.

I still submit that the cost of such a system is prohibitive for parking enforcement given the difference in traffic volume, and also private company access to the records needed to identify the vehicle and it's owner in the parking situation v. the highway traffic situation. It's not a realistic solution to the problem.

jimglas | 31/12/2018

I am not an accountant, but I can assure you that if you hop on the freeway for 1 on/off ramp, you will be billed $1.25.

Yodrak. | 31/12/2018

"I am not an accountant, but I can assure you that if you hop on the freeway for 1 on/off ramp, you will be billed $1.25."

I agree, but I'm too dense to understand the point you wish to make with this statement.

jimglas | 31/12/2018

"I still submit that the cost of such a system is prohibitive for parking enforcement given the difference in traffic volume"
No charge is too small to bill. If they can send you a bill for $1.25, I suspect the cost of the system is not prohibitive

nursedave8 | 31/12/2018

California Bay Area bridges are or at least can be billed by license plate as well. And the Golden Gate bridge is 100% automated by license plate.

chadnar | 31/12/2018

I just came back from a road trip to South Padre Island, Texas. We stayed at the La Copa Inn hotel resort complex and there were destination chargers there. However, all were ICEed. The nice thing about this hotel was that one Tesla parking space was intentionally ICEed by the hotel so that they could pull out and Tesla could take the spot upon request. After this I believe they would try to grab another Tesla spot in case another Tesla arrived, and so on. It was a pretty good experience to know there was always a spot reserved for your Tesla.

Yodrak. | 01/01/2019

"No charge is too small to bill. If they can send you a bill for $1.25, I suspect the cost of the system is not prohibitive"

I think I'm not making myself clear. On a highway, they need one detector per lane, so 2 or 3 in most cases (more in some) and how may cars will use each lane in a day? At a supercharger, they need one detector per stall, and how many cars will use each stall in a day?

A tollway will have enough volume of traffic to easily cover the cost of the detection system at $1.25 per vehicle (to use your example cost). A supercharger location will not have enough volume of use to cover the cost of the system unless the charge per vehicle is so absurdly high as to be unreasonable and unacceptable. And, as I wrote in an earlier post:
- a license plate detection system can be easily defeated by simply covering the license plate before entering the stall
- Tesla will not be able to have the access to state motor vehicle records that state highway systems have so as to be able to identify and bill car owners

Tesla2018 | 01/01/2019

I just went to the new Wawa supercharger in Riviera Beach FL to buy lottery tickets and 4 of the 8 spots were iced. No Teslas were in the lot. Wasnt driving my Tesla or else I would have scolded the people who were getting back into their cars in those spots.

Has anybody tried blocking in a car that was icing a spot? Was the person confrontationable or apologetic for taking the spot. Figured I might try it so that the idiot would have to come into the store trying to find me, but then they might key my car instead since its in a bad area. I would explain that what they are going is blocking me from filling up my car. How would they feel if someone with a truck with a 40 ft boat trailer pulled in and blocked up 4 of the gas pumps.

Granted the regular parking spaces were all full and that is why the people parked there, but I can see this becoming an issue as supercharges get more crowded.

There are two free Clipper Creek chargers by me too. They are on the side of a pizzeria that is in a small shopping center. The other day a 18 wheeler was making a delivery and had both spots blocked.

skyler418 | 04/01/2019

I have a petition for making it a posted and fineable offense for non ev to park in an ev space. Can you guys please sign it?

gzerk | 14/01/2019

It's a real problem. The move that irritates me is when someone with a Tesla pulls up and takes a SC spot without using it... especially in a dense urban area.

nickivieru1991 | 16/12/2019

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