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Home Link Icon

I would like the home link icon to be larger and perhaps on the left side of the navi screen.

jordanrichard | 28/12/2018


At least on the MS and MX you needn't to search it out and touch it. If one wants to cancel the closing or opening of the garage door, a larger button appears telling you that it is about to ping the door in "x" feet. There is a skip button there to stop it.

imran | 28/12/2018

Have to agree with OP on the placement at least. Things that you use very seldom or are for viewing only can be in the right corner. But daily use little buttons should be closer to the driver, like the HomeLink. There are already buttons on the left corner, they could all be easily lined up there. Nobody should have to stretch to the far right corner for basic utilities like this. Or they should do what most OS's do; let you move 'tray icons' like that to where you would prefer them to be. For example, I seldom hit the T icon in the top left corner. I'd happily move that out of the way to get my HomeLink button closer.

Jlomb436 | 28/12/2018

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I touch mine all the time. When I pull into the garage, I hit the button to close it.

I use my car to close instead of using the button next to my garage door. I like to ensure the door closes without problems before I step into the house, so it saves me about 10 seconds.

As far as the positioning, I think it's fine. Maybe I'd like the button a tad larger.

imran | 28/12/2018

@Jlomb436 preference probably greatly depends on a person's arm length vs seat positioning. And maybe age of your eyeballs :) . There really could stand to be some basic customization capability here, because you can't please everyone on micro-annoyances like this.

CharleyBC | 28/12/2018

How about a larger repertoire of voice commands, including "homelink open" and "homelink close"?

Speaking of stuff that's far away, the icon for toggling between north-up and heading-up. Another voice command!

Jlomb436 | 28/12/2018

I 100% agree. A title system where you could place your most used items etc would be greatly welcomed by myself and I'm sure tons of others.

Galjbrownt3 | 14/07/2019

I agree with @imran. I have to lean far forward to touch the very small HL icon, especially when the seat is in the Easy Entry position after entering the car or about to exit it. It would also help if, like most mobile phones and computers, you could change the icon/font sizes to make them bigger (or smaller).
I think that most of the ideas above are good ones too, like being able to change icon layout with an app in the app tray, and using voice commands for HL (I don't even think we need to have the parameter "open" or "close" as these are just binary reversals of the garage door's current state)

vmulla | 14/07/2019

Since the early days of the 3 everyone wanted everything on the left side of the screen.

What would you replace from the left to the right? And no, custom/personalized locations isn't an answer.

SalisburySam | 15/07/2019

Gosh, I knew that as a people we’re a pretty lazy bunch. But “I have to lean far...” to touch the HomeLink icon? Really? “...lean far...” is a big issue? There is no hope.

brickhousecoffee | 15/07/2019

I called tesla. They told me they do not put the homelink option in their Model 3 anymore. So, mine does not have it. They said they had to eliminate what they put ion their cars so they would be less expensive??? Really???

donharvey2323 | 15/07/2019

There has been much discussion about this. You can add it for $300.

jchetwood32 | 15/07/2019

So i have started to see some screenshots of current screens which have the homelink button, bluetooth and wifi icons on the left side of the T. My model 3 does not have this. How can we get this adjusted? seems like it should be a simple OS upgrade but like others have noted, it would be much easier to move to the left or give me ability to customize this.

CharleyBC | 15/07/2019

There have been persistent rumors of a raft of new voice commands, which would be a nice way of addressing this. "Operate Homelink" or some similar command. No screen touch at all.

neylus | 16/07/2019

Tesla should just swap whats on the upper left with whats on the upper right. The home-link and the new Sentry mode buttons I use all the time. The Tesla "T", not so much. I have always scratched my head at these.