J1772 Adapter Stand

J1772 Adapter Stand

I use ChargePoint at work to charge and I have a ChargePoint Home in my garage for the weekends. So, I've got to keep the little J1772 adapter handy at all time. I've been keeping it in the driver's door pocket, but it rattles around incessantly. To keep it in one place, I designed and printed a little stand for it. I attached the stand the the bottom of the door pocket and it seems to be working fine so far.


The print quality is rather poor. It's 40-something degrees in my garage and it's having a negative effect on the layer-to-layer adhesion. Anyway, it's good enough for this proof of concept.

DanFoster1 | 01/01/2019

That’s so cool! I wrap a napkin around mine and nestle it between the large, adjustable water bottle holders in the center console. (Model S) My way looks so ghetto compared to your way LOL

SalisburySam | 01/01/2019

My adapter sits in the deep well pocket on the left side of the trunk. I have not noticed any noise from it rolling around in there. That way it isn’t inside the vehicle’s interior at all taking up valuable cup space, door pocket room, glovebox inconvenience, or console consumption. By being outside, when I get out to plug in I don’t have to go back to the interior to retrieve the adapter if I forget to take it. So when I charge, before I get out of the driver’s seat I open the charge port and trunk, get out, get the adapter, close trunk, plug in. For me, this works well.

Also, when going to the car to drive it after a charge, I just open the trunk, disconnect the charge cable, put the adapter back into the trunk, close trunk, get in car, enjoy. Again, for me this works well. My charging station is one I installed 7 years ago for my Nissan LEAF and has only the J1772 nozzle, but delivers a solid 30amps to the Model 3.

hokiegir1 | 01/01/2019

We keep ours in the armrest tray. We have a couple other random things in there that keep it from really rolling around.

Mozart | 01/01/2019

I also keep the adapter in the pocket in the left side of the trunk along with the cards (blink, chargepoint, nrg, and sema)

Tesla2018 | 01/01/2019

I have a neoprene sponge like beer cozzie that fits into the cupholder and I have a round glass tea candle holder that is the same width as the adapter. I put the adapter into the candleholder and then put the candleholder into cozzie. Found a plastic lid that is the same diameter as the cozzie and ygat hoes on top.

The model s used to have a holder built into the glovebox.
I looked at the right hsnd side and thought it had one on ours since it has a circular section by the hinge in the back but it doent fit. Might be nice if they could make one that was built onto the car.

Tesla2018 | 01/01/2019

Meant that goes. Wish this forum had editong. My fat fingers are too big for this little screen.

ODWms | 01/01/2019

I use a beer coozie for my aluminum insulated cup. Works perfectly.

ElectricFarmBoy | 18/11/2019

Hello @dgstan -- wondering if you'd be willing to share the 3d model -- would very much like such a holder in my model III door.

Sarah R | 19/11/2019

I can't help but think that something very much like that could be achieved with some PVC, a rubber O ring and a flat piece of ... well just about anything. Cut to size, finish with sandpaper, paint with the color of your choice, place where it's moist convenient.

rdk | 19/11/2019

Yes, please post a link to the STL file for 3d printing.