HPWC reward delivered

HPWC reward delivered

FWIW, I got my HPWC reward yesterday (Yippie!).
I know a lot of people are waiting and they were on backorder.
Interesting that my loot box still says "scheduled"

EVRider | 03/01/2019


If you're in the US, which service did they use to ship the wall connector?

Tesla-David | 03/01/2019

Great to hear, hopefully my HPWC will be coming soon!

EVRider | 03/01/2019

Also, when did you actually earn that referral award? I earned mine in August.

jimglas | 03/01/2019

Fedex delivered, no warning, just showed up. Reward claimed early 10/18.
btw: Installation scheduled for 1/10/19. No more sharing a charger!

aswinter05 | 03/01/2019

Nice! We've been having to share 1 HPWC since September. Ordered my self referral reward 2 weeks ago. So yours took 2.5 months once you claimed the award?

EVRider | 04/01/2019

@aswinter05: People have waited much longer than 2.5 months to receive their wall connector awards, because Tesla didn’t have any to ship for much of 2018. Since I earned my award a couple of months before @jimglas earned his, I’m hoping mine will be arriving soon. I actually earned a second wall connector award in December, but I’m not expecting to see that one anytime soon.

jerrykham | 04/01/2019

Mine came yesterday too. I had seen this thread from work and checked and my loot box still said "scheduled". But in the early evening it was delivered. Never any notice that it was on the way, had been shipped, etc. I believe I earned it in October. Since I already have two wall chargers (one for the Model S, one for the Model 3) I think I am just going to swap out the face plate on one of them and then keep the extra in case something fails later.

EVRider | 04/01/2019

@jimglas and @jerrykham: Where are located? I'm in FL -- wondering if location has any bearing on when you receive the wall connector.

I have a Siemens ESVE that my wife and I share. My wife just replaced her BMW i3 with a Model 3, so I'll replace the Siemens with the first wall connector. We don't really need 2, so I'll sell the second one once I get it (guess I'll sell the Siemens too).

jerrykham | 04/01/2019

@EVRider - I am in the SF bay area of CA.

jimglas | 04/01/2019

FWIW: I sent an email to the rewards program and told them I didn’t need Elon’s signature on mu HPWC. I received the standard black without a signature. That may be why I received mine sooner than others who have been waiting longer

jimglas | 04/01/2019

Got HPWC about 3 weeks after my email

jimglas | 04/01/2019

@EVR: Colorado here

EVRider | 05/01/2019

@jimglas: That explains it — other people have swapped the signature wall connector for a regular one and received them quickly. I received a reply from the referral team today that they will expedite my shipment, so we’ll see what happens.

bp | 06/01/2019

Tesla could communicate better when items are being shipped - so that you can expect delivery, and if you are away from home, you can make arrangements for alternate deliveries.

I've signed up to get notifications from UPS, USPS and FedEx whenever packages are en route to our house - and for some reason Tesla's packages still show up unannounced.

rick | 10/01/2019

I got my first wall converter today. Ordered it in late October. I have a second one on the way. Problem is, I don't need either. I'm in Burbank, if anyone is interested.

jimglas | 10/01/2019

i will pay for sipping if you are trying to get rid of it

jimglas | 11/01/2019


EVRider | 16/01/2019

I asked for an update from the referral team a couple of days ago because I hadn’t received my “expedited” shipment, and I heard back this morning. The signature wall connectors are out of stock again, and they expect to resume shipping them next month.

I asked them to send me a regular wall connector instead.

EVRider | 16/01/2019

The referral team is going to send me a non-signature gloss back wall connector, but it will take a few weeks. I told them I have no preference between black and silver, so send me whichever one will ship sooner, and I was told the black one would actually ship sooner.

jimglas | 16/01/2019

FWIW: mine was 3 weeks from change in order to delivery. It is so relaxing having 2 chargers. Just plug in both cars and done

EVRider | 31/01/2019

Tesla finally shipped my wall connector (the non-signature black one I asked for as a replacement). The only reason I know this is because I signed up for FedEx Delivery Manager notifications, which let me know if there's a FedEx shipment headed my way. No shipping confirmation from Tesla, and the award still shows as Scheduled in my Loot Box. It's supposed to come Tuesday.

Better late than never. Now let's see how long it takes to get my second wall connector and arachnid wheels...

Tesla-David | 31/01/2019

Happy to report that our HPWC finally showed up today as I knew it would. Tesla honors it’s commitments.

EVRider | 05/02/2019

The wall connector arrived today. Even though I requested a standard black one instead of the signature model (which was backordered), I got a signature model anyway, unless the regular one has Elon's initials scrawled across the front. Time to call the electrician...

jimglas | 05/02/2019

congrats to you both!

MilesMD88 | 08/02/2019

Referral Signature Wall connector arrived today via Fed Ex, no notice. Ordered on Dec 3rd.
Thank you Tesla Referral Program.

wluk | 09/02/2019

Can I request the reward HPWC to ship to someone else?

EVRider | 09/02/2019

@wluk: Contact the referral team and ask them:

Jeffcrilly | 09/02/2019

As a datapoint , my signature WC showed up Friday Feb 8, 2019.
The referral delivered in oct 2018.

Now I need to figure out how to get it installed. We’ll probably need to upgrade the service panel. It’s an old house.

jimglas | 11/02/2019

troll flagged

EVRider | 13/02/2019

I guess the referral team is finally making progress on the backlog. I received my first wall connector last week, and today I received a FedEx notification (from Fedex, not from Tesla) that the second one is coming on Friday. The electrician is coming today to install the first one, will probably sell the second. Now I just need those arachnid wheels...

BTW, the Loot Box still shows the status of both wall connectors as Scheduled and the wheels as Processing.

MilesMD88 | 13/02/2019

Post any updates on the Arachnids, I will do same. Ordered Dec 3rd.

ens | 19/02/2019

Referral Signature TWC arrived 2/18 via Fed Ex, no notice ... package on the porch. Ordered the week of xmas, cannot recall specific day. Last had checked loot box three days prior to delivery, and showed as "Status: Scheduled". Just checked again, and still shows "Status: Scheduled" even though now delivered.