18 Model S interior ambient lights

18 Model S interior ambient lights

Hey guys!

Question - so, I noticed, one of the lights under the arm-rest in the back passenger side isn't lit up, but the light under the armrest for all the other doors are lit up.

Thought maybe it might be a broken or burned out led/light, but when you open the door, the ambient light lights up but then turns off the minute you close the door, whereas all the other lights for the other doors remain lit.

Anyone know what I can do to fix this? Or should I just bring it in?

F3 | 05/01/2019

I would call your local service center. If it’s close, just take it up with an appointment. It may also possible to have a Tesla Ranger scheduled and have him/her come to your house for a mobile repair. Either one will be scheduled through your Tesla Service Center.

itsjohn07 | 05/01/2019

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I just made an appointment for next week and will just bring it in for them to look at, along with some minor issues. Was hoping there would be a simple diy ix or something, hah. | 05/01/2019

Did you try a reboot? Since the LEDs do work, it sounds more like a software quirk. Worth a try.

itsjohn07 | 05/01/2019

Let me try it when I get home later this afternoon. Will revert back.

By reboot, you mean just holding down the two wheels in the steering wheel, correct? | 05/01/2019

@!itsjohn - Yep.

itsjohn07 | 05/01/2019 So, it didn't work but what I do notice on that door thats different from the rest...the ambient light is off when door is closed but you can see the red side/puddle light peeking through, so that red side light appears to be on when the door is closed and not the ambient, which is opposite from the other three doors.

Perhap incorrect wiring or connection isn't right?

I have an appointment on Wednesday for them to fix.

Slavas | 05/04/2019

Уour connectors are confused. They are easily confused because the length of the wire is similar