Car registration and plate

Car registration and plate

We are located in California, and had our Model 3 deliverer on 12/26/2018. We still haven't received the registration and plate in the mail. When can we receive it?

hamfish | 09/01/2019

Received my model 3 November 7th in Mt. Kisco NY with permanent plates but temporary window registration sticker which expired in December. So, more than 2 months after delivery Tesla has still failed to fine paperwork with DMV and I can no longer drive the car on the road without being stopped for driving an unregistered vehicle. Checked with NYS DMV and they have no record of vin other than as an expired temp registration so the plate is on hot list for any police plate scanner. Multiple calls over past 4 weeks but still no registration sticker.

planetary | 09/01/2019

A month, typically? Call it 5 weeks, given the holidays?

gcklo | 10/01/2019

No need to worry until Feb if you still haven't received it.

rachang5021 | 10/01/2019

I received my M3 on December 13th, and I just got my license plate and registration on January 7th.

rachang5021 | 10/01/2019

Also in California btw

sigel62 | 18/01/2019

They gave us an extension on the temp tags when we complained about the same thing here in CO

terminator9 | 18/01/2019

I had 3 days till expiration on the temp tags and called the SC. They said they made a mistake of not sending it out and will overnight it. I got it the next day but it seems like they were just waiting on my call to do something.

JFlatsModel3Guy | 19/01/2019

Car delivered 12-18, temporary plates expired 1-16, received plates and registration on 1-18. I didn't use the car after the temp registration expired. Didn't want to risk getting it impounded by the Police.

I sent emails to Customer Service 1-11 asking where are the plates. I think the emails helped get the plates sooner than I would have.

purr0812 | 25/02/2020

Car delivered temp plate has expired license plate and registration sent to wrong address and I can’t get them reissued I have not received any help from Tesla concerning this issue and I am extremely disappointed I have called the DMV to try to get this resolved but they just keep sending me to the County Registrar’s office. They don’t issue or reissue license plates. Now, I have to drive around on an expired temp plate and no one from Tesla has responded. I am wondering is this how their families and friends would get treated if they had this issue? I don’t get it.