Anyone own a 911 and a Tesla concurrently?

Anyone own a 911 and a Tesla concurrently?

Hello, I sold my Cayman of many years a month ago and I am in the hunt for a 911, my dream car ever since I was a youth. I love my Tesla 85D and my daily driver in the foreseeable future will only be electric. My other car however will be a Porsche. I know these are two completely different cars but I would love to hear from people that own both and what to expect. Truth be told, my Cayman was incredible, the most fun I had had in a car...windy roads were phenomenal. But the Tesla experience ruined the regular driving experience (not handling) of my Cayman. Curious about Porsche 911 owners experiences.

RedShift | 12/01/2019

I have both an S and a Tesla Model 3. I have driven a 911. The closest analog to that is the Model 3, though not quite.
Talk to Carlk, he had a Cayman before becoming an all Tesla household.

SO | 12/01/2019

Get a M3P. That will probably ruin the rest of your cayman driving experience.

jordanrichard | 12/01/2019

I took delivery of my Model S in Mar 2014. At the time I had owned a 1983 911SC Targa since Oct 2005. Between Mar 2014 and June 2016, I put all of 1,500 on my 911. Summary, it got kicked to the the proverbial curb. I sold it to someone that had been after me for a year to sell it. Despite my Model S weighing literally 2,000 lbs more than my 911, it was faster through the turns simply due to the one pedal driving and instant torque. Once you hit the apex, the instant you “blip the throttle” you are gone. Also, being in CT, when it got to the cooler/colder months, one has to wait for nearly 3 gallons of oil (11 qt capacity) to get up to temperature before you could really get on it.

I will grant you that at times I miss the visceral experience of the sound of that flat six coming to life once you got above 3500, but a Tesla brings a whole new level of experience like the unrelenting push into your seat until you lift off the accelerator.

spineeric | 12/01/2019

What about the upcoming Porsche Taycan? Or the upcoming Tesla Roadster? But the sound of that flat six may not be something you can give up.

kerryglittle | 12/01/2019

I sold my 911 before I bought my Tesla P85D. The Porsche was a cop magnet. Or maybe it was just the way I drove it. LOL. It was a fun car but was getting me in trouble. It had a custom tuned exhaust and just loved the sound of it. Of course the Tesla would leave it in the dust and I haven't been pulled over once in the Tesla. So thats a good thing.

tes-s | 12/01/2019

"I will grant you that at times I miss the visceral experience of the sound of that flat six coming to life once you got above 3500"

Perhaps get a soundtrack and put the volume up to 11. :)

hafidortega | 12/01/2019

Maybe I will test drive the 3. Not a fan of the looks though to be honest, but I have had a deposit on one for a while.

Uncle Paul | 12/01/2019

Interesting how both the Porsche 911 and Tesla Model 3 have the same rear wheel drive/rear engine configuration.

The older Porsche provided a pretty pure driving experience, and the sound of the engine and it went through the gears was a part of the involvement, but recently the Porsche sounds like ASS. Not they pump false engine noises or amplified engine noises through the sound system to trick owners into that previous feeling.

They are pretty clever indeed, however knowing that that sound/feeling is faked is like finding out your wife has been faking her climax for years :(

Believe that over the coming years, many previous Porsche owners will move over to Tesla Ownership as it is real and pure. Current Porsche is moving away from the thrilling naturally aspirated throttle experience to the much less satisfying sound and feeling of turbo charged 4 cyl engines.

xdms | 12/01/2019

We have a Model S, but I used to have a Boxster. I miss the ragtop and the Porsche engine. I do have a track toy MX-5. It's nothing close to the Model S for everyday driving, but for trackdays (especially for smaller, more technical tracks like Streets of Willow or laguna seca).

As for 911, I only use it in cases of emergency ;)

inconel | 12/01/2019

I still had my 996 911 Turbo when I bought the P85D. My plan was to drive the Tesla on weekdays and the 911 on weekends. But something happened to me a few months after driving the Tesla. I started to find the following points more and more annoying:
1. engine/exhaust noise (the turbo was tuned to about 600hp, and I used to love the exhaust)
2. vibration
3. smell of gas
4. lag of reaction within the first half second of pressing the gas pedal

Within 6 months when the annoyance became too much the Porsche was gone...

The only thing I missed about the 911 was the stronger pull at highway speed (after the turbo has spooled up) and the nimble handling. But instead of getting the 911 now, how about saving the money for the 2020 Roadster?

inconel | 12/01/2019

Oh I forgot one thing: the 911 was a stronger chick magnet...

But again the Roadster should have a very strong magnetic field as well. After all don't forget that 1 Tesla = 10,000 Gauss!

RanjitC | 12/01/2019

I have owned a 911 C2S since 09 got my first P85 in 12, second P90D in 16 added 3000 miles on the 911 since 12. It takes a lot of effort to unplug the battery tender from the cigarette lighter just to listen to the flat six sing. Even though I live in southern California it does take a little while for the oil to warm up. Women do gush over both of them! For city driving I far prefer the Tesla especially since it does not do the nose porpoising on bumpy roads.

hafidortega | 12/01/2019

The roadster looks awesome, but alas too much $.

SeaDoc | 12/01/2019

996 porsche c4 and tesla 3 performance. Love the Tesla more!

NKYTA | 12/01/2019

85 vette, but Formula 4 at Laguna Seca makes all the difference.

NE_Xplant | 14/01/2019

Yes, I own 'em both though they aren't together. Have had my C46 Cab since 2008 in the Northeast and my Tesla since 2017 in SoCal. (Yes, I know the cab in SoCal would make a ton of sense, but I bought the 911 well before our part-time move to SoCal and have no desire to move the car to CA. I love both cars; they have entirely different rides and personalities. I miss each of them when I'm with the other but truth be told, I muss the 911 more when I'm in CA than the other way around! The Tesla is all tech and amazement and the future and the 911 is all sex and legacy and an amazingly involving drive. I also love the fact that I use my gears and clutch with the 911 but of course no such option with the Tesla. You used a good word when you wrote - visceral. Hope this helps

juangram | 14/01/2019

I live in Florida and I have a very long daily commute (96miles), so I decided to buy a Tesla Model S (85P). I also have a Cabriolet 911 Carrera 4 S that I use during the Week ends. Very different animals but great toys!!!
I just changed this week end my 2014 Model S for a new D75 before it is discontinued.

Silver2K | 14/01/2019


You've got your monikers all screwed up

85P = P85
D75 = 75D

hafidortega | 14/01/2019

I have been actively looking for a 993 Porsche recently. Still on the hunt. The Tesla beats it in most every way, but yeah, Porsche has sex appeal that cannot be matched. Thanks for the responses. If anyone owns a 993 manual, would love to talk.

jordanrichard | 14/01/2019

993.....the last real 911.

mshopping | 03/02/2019

I own a 2017 911 and a 2019 Tesla X, and IMO you’re correct in wanting both. Yes, they are completely different cars, but that’s what makes it worth it. The Tesla is like driving the future. I love the sound and the features and the technology. But just when I think I have it all, I get in my 911 and experience a whole other kind of satisfaction. The future of the Tesla is replaced by the history of a 911. This is a car (maybe the only car) I want to run on gas. The sound is way different from the Tesla, but just as pleasing. It reminds you why you love to drive (as opposed to the Tesla which, ironically, I love watching drive itself). Now, mind you, I never had a Cayman, but I did have a Boxster and that is still my favorite Porsche for the fun factor. I imagine the Cayman, with its mid-engine, was a similar drive. The 911 doesn’t quite have that connection. It’s a bigger car, and even though it’s faster it doesn’t feel quite as spry. But I ain’t complaining. Like the Tesla it’s a joy to drive. Just a different kind of joy. Oh, I should also mention that the 911 is a manual transmission, which makes it even more different than the Tesla and all the better!!!!

jordanrichard | 04/02/2019

mshopping, so you just got your X? Congrats and welcome to as you said, the future.

CEYA GAS | 04/02/2019

Sold my 911 when we bought our S. No regrets!

hafidortega | 07/02/2019

All right everyone, just did it and purchased a 2003 996 Turbo with 12,500 miles black on black. If you know the 996 Turbo, it is the red headed stepchild of the Porsche lineage, but screw that, the lights are awesome to me. The thing is old school but insane. Not Ludicrous though:)
Obviously the Tesla is light years ahead of it in most factors, but the 6 speed is just cherry.

hafidortega | 07/02/2019

It is collector grade, if people ever start collecting it lol.

inconel | 08/02/2019

Congrats! The headlight indeed stands out from the lineage, but that car has the Mezger engine, very reliable and tunable.

kerryglittle | 08/02/2019

@hafidortega I had the 2004 silver anniversary model. Only 1963 of them were made and all in silver and with a 6 speed. Yes I do miss the dang thing now and then. The sound on it was like taking a bottle of Viagara. LOL.

inconel | 08/02/2019

I guess taking the whole bottle gives you the uptick of Viagra and the roaring of Niagara Falls :-)

revrev4ruach | 08/02/2019

@hafidortega, congrats on both the Porsche and Tesla. I received my black MS in Nov. 2016, and still have my 1997 white cabriolet 911 with gray seats and gray top. It was my first sports car, and so I have never been able to part with it. Like most have said, I drive the MS more, and really cannot justify the insurance and upkeep on my 911 for the amount of miles I drive it on the weekends. Call me irresponsible. But I love it for the visceral feel first noted by jordanrichard above, sliding the rear out in the turns (but don't tell my spouse), that flat six sound, and the manual shifting pleasure that gives me joy.

Still grinning in both cars.

kerryglittle | 09/02/2019

Pretty much inconel, pretty much. And if the effects last more than 4 hours I'm not calling a doctor. I'm calling everyone I know. LOL.

rgefrus | 09/02/2019

I have both a 18 MS and an 06 Carrera S (original owner). I love driving both vehicles with the MS being biased more toward comfort/tech/convenience and the C2S biased more toward the pure, row your own driving experience and loud pedal joy. Drive the MS mostly during the week and haul ass in the C2S on the weekends.

mcdonalk | 09/02/2019

My Boxster S and Model S ownership overlapped by a few years. However, the Model S made the Porsche increasingly seem like a contraption, so it has since been sold.

Based on my experiences with Porsche ownership, I am surprised that any Tesla owner would consider the risk of a Taycan in its early production years, much less revert to suffering the dealership model.

jpcollins9 | 10/02/2019

Had a Speed Yellow 2002 Carrera 4 convertible with 44000 miles. Took delivery of my S85D in March 2015. sold the Carrera a year later. Had 44,042 miles when i sold it. No regrets. At 73, most of my babe magnetism is strictly in my head but feel "cooler" in the S (do people still feel "cool?")

srichland | 07/03/2019

I own a MS P100D with ludicrous and a 911 Turbo Cab. The cars couldn't be more different. The MS is quiet, has torque off the line like no other car made, and is comfortable for long distances. Handling is very good - but nothing like the 911. The 911 growls, you feel every bump, it's fast - but doesn't accelerate to 60 like the MS (but nothing does). But the handling on the 911 Turbo is also like no other car made (IMO). If the sign says take the corner at 35mph, 60mph is no problem. On a twisty road I can't imagine there is a car that is more fun to drive. But as a daily commuter (particularly with a manual transmission like mine), there are better choices. P.S. I also had a Cayenne Turbo - which was a fantastic car, and was a terrific daily commuter - I just got tired of getting 12 mpg on premium gas (I know that sounds stupid when driving a $125,000 car).

inconel | 07/03/2019

Tesla Model 3 Performance acceleration vs. the 911 GT2 RS by Nico Rosberg himself :)

christopherpayne | 01/05/2019

Have owned a Model S, Model X and a Porsche 996 Turbo (The Turbo and X at the same time). The Turbo is scary fast (fun) once the twin turbos spool up....the handling like the car is on rails (sorry for the lousy analogy).

Having recently sold my turbo (miss it and I realize now that I didn’t drive it enough While I had it) and have been looking for a substitute, I just couldn’t leave driving electric until suddenly it hit me.....Model 3 Performance! Best of both worlds (?) and need only own one car two meet both needs....

inconel | 02/05/2019

We have had exactly the same cars, S, X and 996 turbo.
Let us know how you like it if you get the 3 Performance.

chris | 02/05/2019

Yup. I have a 911 Turbo Cab and love it. The MS I use for my daily drives and long commutes. The 911 handles like a dream. It's like driving a high end go-kart. I also have a deposit on the Taycan, but if it gets watered down from it's suicide door, multi-display, no side mirror concept, I'll punt.

carlk | 02/05/2019

*** My Boxster S and Model S ownership overlapped by a few years. However, the Model S made the Porsche increasingly seem like a contraption, so it has since been sold.

Based on my experiences with Porsche ownership, I am surprised that any Tesla owner would consider the risk of a Taycan in its early production years, much less revert to suffering the dealership model. ***

I had my 6 speed Cayman S overlap with a Model S P85+ for two years. I put about total of 1,000 miles to the Porsche during the two years, half of that were probably used to drive to service, smog check or just to warm up the car. Agree with what you said about the Taycan. Porsche rarely got a new model right without issues the first time. Pure BEV is a brand new game for them.

My description between the Porsche and the Tesla is you need to mentally adapt to love the Porsche but you will naturally love the Tesla.

hafidortega | 04/05/2019

Great responses. I have owned the 996 Turbo for 3 months now. Love it for what it is, an analog beast. Love my S too. We are in interesting times since I am sure if we look back in 10 years, ICE cars will look like non solid state drives... functional but antiquated. Enjoying this transition and I think I will always have a Porache in my garage. Interested in trying a Model 3 however... not to replace the 911, but to potentially replace the S.

kerryglittle | 05/05/2019

You would trade a model S for a M3? That would be like trading your Turbo in for a Boxster. Still a Porsche but not near the power or performance. At times I regret selling my 911. When I miss the sound and flogging it into the corners.

Captain_Zap | 06/05/2019

The 993 is a track car and the Model S is the support vehicle. The tracks around here have Tesla chargers and they tend to be full on race weekends.

Captain_Zap | 06/05/2019

The 993 is a track car and the Model S is the support vehicle. The tracks around here have Tesla chargers and they tend to be full on race weekends.

MrAndersen | 18/12/2019

Own a 2019 Model X dual Motor and a 991 911 Turbo.
Other than 0-60, the 911 does everything better: breaking, cornering, fit, finish.In my opinion, the 911 is still the best car I have ever owned. As far as overall experience, granted, I don't put too many miles on the 911, but by and large it has been very reliable.

jordanrichard | 19/12/2019

What I really, really don't understand is that Porsche and it's owners pride themselves about the fit and trim and YET, Porsche recently started installing steering wheels that have exposed screws. Looks like something out of an '80's GM product.

For 11 years I owned a 911 Targa (1983) and even that didn't have any exposed screws. I think the interior of the new Taycan looks really nice, albeit too many screens, but very nice. That is until you look at the steering wheel.

inconel | 19/12/2019

The 911 is better at breaking? That's surely not good ;-)

TranzNDance | 19/12/2019

911 sounds like a great car, but better breaking would be a deal breaker for me, plus the exhaust thing.

fuzzdoc | 19/12/2019

I own a 2016 P90DL, 2017 991.2 Targa 4S, and a 2010 Cayman S that is fully track prepped I use for club racing. I am fan of both companies and really appreciate what the model S brings to daily driving but I find it very sterile compared to the porsches. My definition of performance is what speed I can carry through the esses at Sonoma raceway and I have no interest in gunning away from people at stoplights, but to each their own. And FWIW I love the exposed screws on my GT racing wheel. :)

andy.cleaver | 20/12/2019

I own a 993 targa and Model S p85 - 2 very different animals - 993 is hardly used - too noisy !!

inconel | 20/12/2019

Exactly, the loud engine noise (which I used to think was cool) and the occasional smell of gasoline are the two main things that made me drive the 911 Turbo less and less after driving a Tesla.