PG&E California Fires

PG&E California Fires

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Darthamerica | 15/01/2019

Nonsense. The huge fires are just what happens when you have poorly maintained infrastructure in areas where forest are allowed to grow unmanaged. It's really hard to appreciate how quickly a wildfire can spread in the right conditions. All it takes is dry brush and within minutes you'll have a conflagration that you literally have to run from! By the time first responders arrive it's too late. If the terrain is difficult then that makes it even more complicated to get firefighting equipment and personnel in position to contain it. You don't need Russian super weapons, just a downed power line or cigarette...

sleepy3rd | 15/01/2019

Impossible for you to have listened/viewed fully prior to commenting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

sleepy3rd | 15/01/2019

Another consideration, in re: ethics/foreknowledge by my Vanguard Funds accounts management. Yours, as well?

After listening/viewing FULLY to these links, some (or many?) of you may see where this thread is heading..

Not for the faint of heart, as continuing deep research points toward...

All input to assist is appreciated.

Darthamerica | 15/01/2019

I didn't need to listen to it all to know it's not realistic. I have very direct experience with California fires. Enough to tell you not to put too much mental bandwidth toward this. I'm not knocking you for the post, conspiracy theories are a lot of fun to debate. But this is a particularly bad one.

Yodrak. | 15/01/2019

"After listening/viewing FULLY to these links, some (or many?) of you may see where this thread is heading.."

Heading? Already arrived - in the trash. This is the among most ridiculous stuff I have ever heard.

sleepy3rd | 15/01/2019

Another video for "others" consideration.

@Darthamerica Not questioning or doubting your personal experiences. However, please listen/view FULLY. Many related technologies and topics are discussed throughout.

Nikola's life has been an obsession since childhood discussions with gramp, who met with him during Tesla's residency at the New Yorker Hotel.

I am no troll, mate.

Question my "mental bandwidth" or insult me with your "fun to debate" quip? Hilarious! Refute with facts. Or sit this one out, if you cannot contribute.

Darthamerica | 15/01/2019

You'd have to put mass rivaling that of a large warship into orbit, assemble it and have a gigantic receiver on the ground. All of this in complete secrecy...

Many tens of thousands of people would have to work on this. Hundreds of heavy space launches. Countless space walks. Oh and nobody notices any of this. Nobody except Trump who is the most watched person on Earth. If he gets an itch, it's covered 24/7 on CNN. This doesn't sound plausible in the first half of the century even if it was publicly acknowledged and funded.

This is classic Art Bell stuff.

sleepy3rd | 15/01/2019

@Yodrak Thank you for your addition to the discussion. Please share your considerable expertise to debunk.

Darthamerica | 15/01/2019

@Sleepy I'm not like the idiot flaggies here who accuse people of trolling for having a discussion. But this technology is well beyond even operational prototype. Something like this would be visible from Earth. You could go outside at night and see it with the naked eye. I'm not saying there's no research, just that what the lady discussed is not possible today.

Darthamerica | 15/01/2019

@Sleepy let me know who has seen the 1km transmitter needed for this?

sleepy3rd | 15/01/2019

@Darthamerica Purpose for posting is not to promote the theories of others, rather to examine documented filings and advanced DoD technologies now in private hands as it presents risk to those who possess a Tesla, and/or related energy systems in their home.

If unwilling to consider a matter which may affect you and contribute to this exchange of ideas - goodnight, sir(s).

Yodrak. | 15/01/2019

What expertise to you and this Deborah Tavares bring to the discussion? She seems to have a lot to say, but where is the support for it?

Darthamerica | 15/01/2019

@sleepy now you're making baseless assertions. How does "possessing a Tesla" pose a risk? Back that up please? You put up links to wild claims on YouTube with a click bait thread title. What are you trying to discuss? Do you expect people to listen to an hour of someone on YouTube making conspiracy claims without any context?

sleepy3rd | 15/01/2019


One down?

Please listen to another, then...

I will open your link in the morning.

Note the legislated liability exclusions, financial backers, and now proposed "water tax" details in Newsom's budget proposal.

All entwined?

Darthamerica | 15/01/2019

@sleepy here's an expert taking about the technology.

Go to 5 minutes in and listen.

Keep in mind a Ford Class CVN 100,000 time and is 14 billion dollars based established technology.

Darthamerica | 15/01/2019

@sleepy Newsom is a political hack pretending to be progressive but truly only after tax revenue. He's not the James Bond space villian. With regard to funding. I would hope PG&E is looking into next generating technology. The Russians too. Anyone who's primary product is energy will be interested in R&D and long term product road maps. This isn't conspiratorial, just business planning.

sleepy3rd | 15/01/2019


I "expect: nothing of you. Ignore and go about your life, sir.

Others may choose to view, consider and respond. Click Bait? Specific and pertinent title.

See the charred pick-up within an undamaged plastic carport? You have a smart meter? Solar panels? Inverter and batteries? Overturned tree stumps, blackened at the roots? Total loss structures among undisturbed?

Notice similar events scattered across the globe?

Might soon be me? Or you?

Note the legislated liability exclusions, financial backers, and now proposed "water tax" details in Newsom's budget proposal.

All entwined?

Thanks for the link, which I will open in the morning.

Only peace and love, brother. Closing works for Ringo.

sleepy3rd | 15/01/2019

Not a robot verification mix-up repeated/multiplied incomplete reply.

Goodnight, sir.

Darthamerica | 15/01/2019

Others are probably wondering what the heck you're talking about. I'm curious enough to try and get you to express things more coherently. If you're asking do I think there was a conspiracy involving a space based weapon or power station to cause fires in California, then absolutely not. That's the wildest conspiracy theory I've heard in a while. All of the bits of circumstancial bits you mentioned happen in large wildfires. Let me help put this fire in some perspective. It was so big that there are less destructive nuclear weapons in operational service.

If you want people to take this more seriously then you need to put a decent case together. I can't tell you that the YouTube video you linked is not a good look for that case.

sleepy3rd | 15/01/2019

@Darthamerica. Paul Jaffe. Go Navy! Mentioned Gramp's meetings with Nikola earlier. He was Lt. Cmdr. in Naval Intelligence during WWII. Space Race/Energy Race. Possible this interview was a limited acknowledgement thereof without revealing true current status. Governmental commitment already established long ago. Trump a Russian agent? Haha. Cold War pure fiction - confirmed by an oligarch/Putin enemy I worked with in '92 & the USSR pipeline engineer/contractor in '86 who detailed his experience training Soviet pilots. How do you keep a secret among three people? Kill two of them. And I'm still here. Haha. Please provide more links. No harm will come to you. Hahaha

Darthamerica | 15/01/2019

@sleepy here's the thing about Tesla owners. Many of us are professionals who can afford 6 figure cars. Those of us involved in STEM, emergency services and/or defense have probably been doing our jobs a while. If you wrote a post about a high altitude hypersonic bomber rumor, some of us would know that it's within the realm of possible. The USG could sort of conceal that. But let's be a little more discrete. Let's say a stealth helicopter designed to penetrate hostile airspace. Yup totally doable in secret. But a space based solar power station... Well now you're entering science fiction territory. Just start with the basics. How did "they" get all of materials up into orbit or geosynchronous orbit without anyone noticing hundreds to thousands of very large rocket launches? You can stop right there and dismiss the theory. But let's say hypothetically they did. If you wanted to start a fire, why use a 20 bazillion dollar space project when you could use a $0.20 cigarette? I'm very entertained so please do tell.

sleepy3rd | 15/01/2019

Requesting of moderator to remove this thread tomorrow. Not here to debate you/anyone. In the opening I requested consideration of others and their comments, should they desire. Hail thee, most distinguished amongst May your life's journey provide achievement and joy surpassing my own. I care not to know. My questions will be answered elsewhere. "The End"

blue adept | 15/01/2019


"I'm not like the idiot flaggies here who accuse people of trolling for having a discussion."

FWIW, this is how I recognize you as a "troll"...

"The huge fires are just what happens when you have poorly maintained infrastructure in areas where forest are allowed to grow unmanaged."

See there? How you conflated 'forest management' with 'poorly maintained infrastructure'?

It is these subtle, little nuanced bits of prose scattered within your comments that serve to illustrate your true demeanor, particularly since it has already been determined by BOTH sides of the issue that it is due to the mismanagement of the power companies' infrastructure (not maintaining proper tensioning on the power lines to compensate for strand elasticity modulus due to fatigue) and not any lapse in forestry management in the form of pruning.

You seem interested in disseminating misinformation and innuendo and propaganda to misrepresent the facts and breed deceit to pursue some as of yet unspoken/hidden agenda of yours...

Your posting style reminds me of that @view4unme poster and makes me question whether or not the two of you are one and the same.

Darthamerica | 16/01/2019

@Blue get a clue. When you get from behind that keyboard into the real world and see first hand like I have how and why the fires started come talk to me. Until then you're wasting my time even more than debating secret space weapons

Mike83 | 16/01/2019

@blue adept
Thanks for your thread. Some of us have been flagged the TROLL. Their only purpose is to post BS and disrupt the conversation with nonsense as we are discovering. Could even be a mental case. Flagged and ignored.

sleepy3rd | 16/01/2019

@blue adept @Mike83

MX Owner (Llc titled/licensed for tax benefits) and not registered on Site/Forum, as such. Deliberately - as your observations confirm with this exchange above. "Let no good deed..." Damn ME for 2nd reply. Haha

Unable to ID/contact a Moderator to delete my thread.

FAQ instructs:

Gentlemen, on my behalf, please "Report" to anyone you know at "Tesla Ownership" so authorized.

Thank you. And every good wish!

EmperorTytus | 16/01/2019

If you do the research, you have to wonder, given some of the facts about the fire, if the official narrative is to be believed. Do your own research. Some of it is very odd indeed.

Darthamerica | 16/01/2019

Tytus what do you find odd?

blue adept | 16/01/2019


Meh, I have my moments. Just doing what I can, where I can.

Having a PhD in sussing out and calling people on their BS comes in handy, too, as you've no doubt witnessed me do on more than one occasion during my time here.

Sometimes, as is the case here, it's just REALLY obvious.