Car Dryer - Master Blaster

Car Dryer - Master Blaster

Has anyone tried using one of these for their car?

I'm hoping to cut the amount of time it takes to dry off my car but I'm also a tad concerned that it may damage the Paint Protection Film as my car is fully wrapped. Any thoughts? or suggestions for alternatives?

BadgerX | 18/01/2019

I use a leaf blower

Redmiata98 | 22/01/2019

I had that same Master Blaster and found it blew hot air and the volume was significantly less than my leaf blower. i use my Toro each time I wash the car now and got rid of the Blaster. I do not have any film on the car so do not know how it would be effected. My guess would be that the leaf blower would be better due to the cooler air which is similar to that you would incur during normal driving. I would be concerned with the temperature of the Blaster and would check with the film installers first.

bubbletips | 27/01/2019

I have expel on my Tesla and use the master blaster $400 version. It doesn’t ruin the expel nor the paint. I have the car coated with ceramic coating and the water blows off very easily. Without the ceramic coating, it can be tedious to get all the small water beads off. I have no experience with the toro leaf blower, but am intrigued. | 28/01/2019

When I wash the car i use this "Optimum rinse and wax" I'm sure there are other products like it. I was dubious, although other Tesla owners recommended it. Works rather well. After an area is washed, you dry it with a clean towel. It is actually a lot less work than it sounds and looks better than my old car washing technique. The water beads up and a quick swipe of the towel removes all the water. It sounds like an air dryer would be a lot more work. Anyway, one possible alternative.