Passenger Van New Platform

Passenger Van New Platform

Passengers Van platform. This platform will generate revenue. Package these vehicles with a limited Supercharging incentive.
Most ICE Passenger Vehicles have a significant impact on our environment. The Uber, vehicle pooling industry would be an excellent market for such a vehicle.
The vehicles can be manufactured to make profits and achieve the goals of the company.
Lower cost in production. High Tech on Distance and Torque for Load. No need for High Acceleration
Comfortable Seats but practical for short commutes. Except for the Drivers Seat.
Consider adding to your vehicle line up or delay the Y Model (Mid-sized) SUV.

Uncle Paul | 25/01/2019

Great idea, but the Model Y and Pickup Truck will come first, to provide a platform for a future van.

bb0tin | 26/01/2019

Tesla did talk about designing a minibus based on the Model X platform but no longer mention it.