Was down to 35F in the garage when I realized I forgot to pre-warm the cabin. By the time the app finally woke the car, we were nearly ready to leave and only about 1 minute of warming occurred. My rear felt a slight twinge of cool for a moment as I sat down. Bummer!

CST | 05/02/2019

And for the winner:
I noticed the bidet water was a bit too cool this morning.

jrzapata | 05/02/2019

My butler had to manually wash the kale for our juice this morning, as we had run out of prewashed veggies from the local whole foods.

andy.connor.e | 05/02/2019

You can preheat your car and you forgot to preheat your car. That sounds like your problem.

Rt002k | 05/02/2019

Most times that I want to preheat my car, my phone spends half the time I spend getting ready just trying to connect to the car.

andy.connor.e | 05/02/2019

You know that your Tesla's heater produces hot air almost immediately right? As opposed to a couple minutes in an ICE vehicle? too much complaining

lbowroom | 05/02/2019

Notice he ran #firstworldproblems as the subject line andy. He's making fun of himself. Tongue meet cheek.

andy.connor.e | 05/02/2019

Hard to call that first world problems. Thats memory problems.

MTTPA | 05/02/2019

Well, my EAP was a little jerky this morning in stop-and-go traffic and spilled some of my single origin Ethiopian Sidamo into the console.

jamilworm | 05/02/2019

In a rare rainy day here in San Diego my auto-wipers were not functioning well. I had to move my pinky and press a button to get the wipers to move.

CST | 05/02/2019

@andy.connor.e - whew... wake up on the wrong side this morning? LOL!

CST | 05/02/2019

Some great submissions, lets vote at the end of the day.

Rt002k | 05/02/2019

@jamil - that must have been the worst day of the year in San Diego.

Rt002k | 05/02/2019

I constantly walk away from my wife's car and forget to lock it. I blame Tesla. Who can be expected to touch a door handle after shutting the door anymore?

TranzNDance | 05/02/2019

I was annoyed that the Tesla loaner didn't have EAP activated, although I was very glad to at least get a Tesla. There's no going back to an ICEV for me.

Tesla2018 | 05/02/2019

When I lived in Nj we werent allowed to pump our own gas. When I go to visit I will be disappointed that they dont have attendants to plug in the car for me at Supercharger stations. I hate having to get out of the car to pump my own electricity.

Bighorn | 05/02/2019

The State of the Union has apparently pre-empted Celebrity Big Brother :(

Rt002k | 05/02/2019

I thought Trump WAS Celebrity Big Brother?

jjgunn | 05/02/2019

My dog quit going to the fridge to get me a beer. Bitch!

lilbean | 05/02/2019

I can't think of any problems!

CST | 05/02/2019

@lilbean - hint, did you ever buy the P?

lilbean | 05/02/2019

@CST I thought that would be the best problem, to not have any problems to post. :o)

And no, I didn't get the P. Thanks for reminding me and undoing all that therapy. (Kidding. I didn't get therapy for that.) :o)

CST | 05/02/2019

@lilbean for the win!
You went right over my head - and thus left me in awe! :)

lilbean | 05/02/2019


AlpieCO | 06/02/2019

I had to brush the snow off the glass windows this morning. But with the full length glass roof, it was a bigger job than usual!

rsingh05 | 06/02/2019

I got in my car in the morning and had to press the right steering button AND say "Drive to Work". The car could actually have predicted that and brought up the best route itself. Would have saved me a lot of effort.

(Wait that's actually not that hard to implement! I'm sure it's coming in an OTA update).

Bighorn | 06/02/2019

The battery in my wireless mouse got very low.

lilbean | 06/02/2019

I haven’t had caviar in a very long time.

Xerogas | 06/02/2019

@andy.connor.e: "Hard to call that first world problems. Thats memory problems."
It’s. A. Joke.

Xerogas | 06/02/2019

@rsingh05: "I got in my car in the morning and had to press the right steering button AND say "Drive to Work". The car could actually have predicted that and brought up the best route itself. Would have saved me a lot of effort.
Have you tried swiping right on the navigation icon? Cuts out at least one step!

Rt002k | 06/02/2019

If you swipe left does the map go away and you're presented with an alternate, possibly more attractive, map?

billlake2000 | 06/02/2019

My kids went to pre-school. I had to put on my own socks.

mdennick | 06/02/2019

Yesterday, rain caused a puddle under my parked Model 3, w/o EAP, so no Summon. Drenched shoes...Ugh! Got that taken care of today. Now have to wait for more rain. ;-)

Perfectly named thread.

beaver | 06/02/2019

I can’t use the scroll wheels to move emissions testing around secretly. How unfair that I have to pick a fart speaker and stick with it.

CST | 06/02/2019

@mdennick edged in for the win tonight... Great posts everyone!

Bighorn | 07/02/2019

Yesterday was the 32nd occasion where I could not celebrate Hump Day, due to my retirement.

lilbean | 07/02/2019

Me too! Haha!

Bighorn | 07/02/2019

We’ll just have to come up with our own special hump day.

LostInTx | 07/02/2019

I had to use my brakes yesterday. SMH.

lilbean | 07/02/2019


I was in car line and farted for the teacher. She didn't notice so I did it again. No response so I did it again. Now I think she thinks I was farting and not the car!

Pepperidge | 07/02/2019

I left my coffee this morning. The cup holder should have sensor to alert me if there is no cup in it.

mdennick | 07/02/2019

I thought it fairly pathetic. Thanks @CST! ;-)

CST | 07/02/2019

Netflix sent me a DVD, NOT A BLUE RAY DISC for Christ's sake!!!

CST | 07/02/2019

@lilbean - Flagged! Inappropriate language!
Tee hee hee!!!

CST | 07/02/2019

My house turns 30 years old this year. I'm not sure I want it anymore...

cmh95628 | 07/02/2019

I have been enjoying my perfect Model 3 for five months. No panel gaps. No paint issues. Nothin. I completely can't relate to all the threads reporting issues. I may need therapy (other than that right-pedal therapy).

bj | 08/02/2019

I couldn’t get anyone else to brush my teeth this morning. Had to d@mn well do it myself. Sheesh.

lilbean | 08/02/2019

"Bought Model 3 less than a week ago, now price dropped" hahahahahaha!

derotam | 08/02/2019

Just got my Model 3 back from the shop after 2 weeks and now I have to re-calibrate my foot because of the regen.

billtphotoman | 08/02/2019

Yesterday I couldn't get USB audio working so my ears had to suffer the horror of audio over Bluetooth from my phone. I am still scarred from this experience this morning. I might need therapy.

jimglas | 08/02/2019

there was no traffic this morning so I had to drive fast