So when do we get Spotify?

So when do we get Spotify?

jimglas | 05/02/2019

right after SeriusXM

EVRider | 05/02/2019

When you move to Europe.

erm1 | 05/02/2019

lol - it is sad that they have it in Europe and we don't -Spotify has 86 million paid subscribers while slacker has 400,000, seems kinda stupid for Tesla to limit itself like that - long time premium family spotify account won't be changing - | 05/02/2019

I'm indifferent - Slacker or Spotify. Of course, you'd get howls of protest from many owners who have Slacker accounts if you forced them to switch. Spotify wasn't in the USA when Tesla was designing the streaming system so they went with Slacker. At the time, Spotify was only in Europe. Doesn't mean they couldn't offer the option today, but I suspect it is way down on the feature list.

No42 | 11/02/2019

+1 for Spotify in US.

blue adept | 15/02/2019

Do you have a cellphone?

Do you have Spotify or Slacker or SiriusXM or Pandora or iTunes or damn near any other music player app on your phone (as many do)?

Do you have a micro-to-standard USB cable?

Then plug your phone into the Tesla USB jack and enjoy your music!

Do you have a 3.5mm-to-USB converter?

Then either load all of your music files onto, say, an external SSD and plug that into the USB port after formatting the audio files into one of the supported audio formats:


Or just simply use the 3.5-to-USB converter to plug your MP3 (or whatever) player into one of Tesla's USB ports and enjoy!

EVRider | 16/02/2019

@blue adept: You can't play music from a phone or other media player via the USB port in a Tesla, you have to use Bluetooth for that. You were correct about playing from a USB flash drive.

It doesn't help anyone here to post advice without actually knowing if it will work. I'm guessing you don't actually own a Tesla.

NKYTA | 16/02/2019

Wait, what?

You can use Bluetooth to play music from your phone in a Tesla from whatever source.

You can plug in a USB drive to play music in a Tesla.

@Roofless, maybe I am inadvertently making your point...or maybe I’m not understanding the question...

blue adept | 17/02/2019


As it turns out I actually have several, all of which apparently function differently than yours, unfortunately for you. | 18/02/2019

On plugging your phone into the USB data port (not Bluetooth), some phones will work, but most do not. Apple in particular does not support this technique in the Tesla.

marlinputnam8745 | 22/03/2019

Tesla is soon releasing spotify app integration in it's vehicles in the US,as you may know this feature is already available in european fleet,spotify is one of the most requested services by Tesla owners.

josia75 | 22/03/2019

I haven't head anything new about Tesla updating the system to add Spotify, does any one have a link or something which can confirms this? Last I checked their was in article 3 years ago which said it is coming soon (yeah ok).