Auto dimming rear view mirror?

Auto dimming rear view mirror?

Do model 3 have automatic dimming rearview mirror?
I can't tell if it works or not.
Is there a special procedure to test it?

by the way, how do you search this forum?

PECo CT | 08/02/2019

Before anyone says RTFM, here’s what it says:

Rear View Mirror
The rear view mirror is adjusted manually. Except when in Reverse, the rear view mirror automatically dims in proportion to the level of glare from the headlights of a vehicle behind you.

So, if you plan to test it, don’t do it while you’re in reverse.

Hal Fisher | 08/02/2019

Sore point with these. The mirrors are a hazard. You can’t see a car directly behind you and the side mirrors are worse. Apparently there is no condition required for them other than two reflective surfaces sticking out of the side. Absurd designs.

M3phan | 08/02/2019

I really don’t have the same problem with the mirrors. I can see cars perfectly on my side mirrors and very well in the rear view, higher rear deck notwithstanding.

Hal Fisher | 08/02/2019

Hum, i pretty much sit with the seat all the way back and down,and I’m only 5’7”. I don’t like the sitting on a kitchen chair feeling, but I’m certainly not gangstering it. I wish they would have convexed the mirrors to get more out of them.

M3phan | 08/02/2019

I can see (no pun intended) why you’d have a harder time with the mirrors. I’m 6’1” (haha always sounds like something a 6 footer would say), seat bottom all the way back and all the way up, seat back angled to maybe 100°, mirror visibility great.

Hal Fisher | 08/02/2019

Maybe I just need the mirrors to see more than most. I need them close to the side to see the damn idiots that want to die by splitting lanes on a motorcycle as we as on the side for cars that you can’t see out the corners of your eyes. Then add in stop and go where you can’t turn your head too long.

Hal Fisher | 08/02/2019

Oh, and the seat is definitely not all the way back. I can’t reach the pedals with the tips of my shoes that far back.

Resist | 08/02/2019

I've never had an auto dimming mirror dim enough to be useful technology. Personally, I'd rather they went back to the manual dimming mirrors.

syclone | 09/02/2019

The small side view mirrors, the high rear deck, the fixed rear head rests, the tiny rear view mirror, the lack of a rear cross traffic warning feature constitute my only real gripe with my Tesla. It's like the designers never gave any thought to what's behind the car.

EVRider | 09/02/2019

To answer your question about searching, see this:

philippem | 09/02/2019

Globally, I really like that feature. However, as they are dark, sometime it can be hard to see an object without light if glasses and mirror are not clean enough.

Tuning In | 09/02/2019

I’m not sure what the fuss is about. I have zero issues with viability with the mirrors. I think that the high trunk makes it hard to see using the rearview mirror when backing, but that’s what the backup cam is for. Perhaps you need to learn how to adjust the mirrors properly. There are many online resources which can assist in that.

silverslim1 | 10/02/2019

My experience is auto dim is not great but in the M3 it is better than my previous experience in other cars. Let's agree...looking backward is always gonna be harder than looking forward.

gballant4570 | 10/02/2019

If there is a rear view mirror auto dim, its working so well that I had not even thought about the subject, until reading this thread...

Mountain M3 | 11/02/2019

It seems clear to me that there is a wide range of dimming in our rearview mirrors. Some say it dims too much, while others say it barely dims at all. I am one of the latter, and although I can tell the mirrors do work, I still am regularly blinded by 4x4s with high intensity lights following me. Whenever I get around to getting to an SC for service I'll see if there is something they can do to adjust it.

kaffine | 11/02/2019

I wish the bezel covered more of the mirror. I have a 1/4" around the edge of the mirror that doesn't dim and it seems it always ends shining the lights into my eyes. I'm not exactly impressed with the dimming of the rest of the mirror either.

crmedved | 12/02/2019

Interesting. The dimming mirrors and high back are some of my favorite features haha. Coming from a 2009 versa sedan with no mirror dimming, my car is so much darker at night. Only blinding headlight issues I have are oncoming vehicles.

When the mirrors (rear and side) "dim", it's very noticeable as the edge of the mirrors do not dim. Lights look kind of greenish imo. I think it works amazingly well.

Also, the mirrors are fully adjustable, so I'm not entirely sure how anyone could have problems using them to see (aside from the rear-view one. If it's that important though, you can drive with your rear view camera on).

Rt002k | 12/02/2019

@syclone - ironic because in this car everyone should be behind you!

zp | 25/04/2019

This dimming issue seems to be a big one. The mirrors seem to dim at sunset. Arguably, you need more, not less, illumination at night. I'd much prefer to turn off the auto-dimming. Any rumblings of a software update incoming or seen in other vehicles?