Supercharging allowed despite canceled credit card - Thanks Tesla

Supercharging allowed despite canceled credit card - Thanks Tesla

Tesla honored a supercharging session yesterday on our M3 when my wife was on a recent out of town trip despite my credit card on file with Tesla had not yet been updated. I learned that my card number had been illegally used by some thief so I canceled the card. This now canceled card remained on my Tesla account since I forgot to update my account when I received the new replacement card. Oops. So I then immediately updated my account reflecting the new card the same day when I learned from Tesla via email about the card no longer being valid. I was given the chance to pay for the supercharge after the fact even without a due date to pay. My wife needed this crucial supercharge to get home. Very cool and gracious of Tesla that they did not deny the needed supercharging due to my account update oversight.

Bighorn | 15/02/2019

They will collect fees at service if you aren’t so conscientious.

Kathy Applebaum | 15/02/2019

What Bighorn said, but now you can only rack up $100 in unpaid charges.

GeorgeA | 15/02/2019

Most owners are conscientious and well meaning to maintain their Tesla account. $100 of unpaid charges is fair.

If Tesla adds PayPal or equivalent to accounts as an option, I think it may reduce the number of unpaid outstanding supercharge sessions because of expired or invalid credit cards. How? It is fast and efficient to update your new card at one place (PayPal). Say you have ten companies that only accept credit card payments. This would require you to update ten web site accounts vs updating just one. Updating ten accounts is an inefficient use of time and unfortunately one account may get overlooked and not paid.

EVRider | 15/02/2019

I don’t think Tesla uses the credit card information to decide if you can supercharge at each session, because you can supercharge even before you provide a credit card in your account. Eventually they’ll collect from you one way or another, but if they can’t, they’ll probably disable supercharging for you until you settle up.

kevin_rf | 15/02/2019

First time I supercharged the card they had on file was from when I plunked down my reservation on March 31st, 2016. Needless to say it was long expired. Still let me charge, just kept sending me emails about it until I figured it out and managed to get it straightened out.

GeorgeA | 17/02/2019

I recommend:
1. Reduce thousands of credit card individual SC billings Tesla has to do. Instead bill cards in advance with $50 increments using as a SC credit it draws upon. Software automatically debits accounts and replenishes when balance drops down to $10. Our local expressway authority for tolls has been doing this for years. Might reduce administrative costs while promoting Tesla's mission. Owners could op out if they don't use SCs or don't accept based on revised terms of use. Less line items to review on owners now condensed bill. Do you think this would save Tesla money?
2. Add PayPal as an account billing option to reduce expired or canceled credit cards on file since it is easier for owners to update their new card at one place (PayPal). But there may be a good reason they chose not to do this that I am unaware of. Don't do if this would increase transaction costs for Tesla (PayPal + credit card co)
3. Continue SC billing grace policy for owner update oversights or expired cards avoiding SC travel disruption issues promoting good will for owners.

jjgunn | 17/02/2019

Barkeep - put it on my tab.....

apodbdrs | 17/02/2019

TESLA has your car identification, etc., so don't be surprised if your get a bill, or worse, next time you go to a supercharger you may not be able to charge your car. Have fun in the meantime.

rxlawdude | 17/02/2019

@GeorgeA, I wouldn't be surprised to see that happening soon.

If Tesla's paying $.25/transaction for charges that can be less than a buck, it's insane to not aggregate them.

dgstan | 17/02/2019

Imagine if you were out of juice and you pulled into a Supercharger in the middle of nowhere. Your credit card on file is closed and Tesla denies you access to the charger.

Man, would people whine and b!tch about that. Tesla just can win, can they?

Lonestar10_1999 | 17/02/2019

@dgstan- it would work if you could contact a Tesla Customer Service Rep, 24/7 and allow you to straighten out your account on the spot.

billlake2000 | 17/02/2019

GeorgeA, excellent ideas! Did you submit to Tesla?

dgstan | 17/02/2019

Lonestar - We know that someone will be at a Supercharger with no cell service and the wifi is down. Or, Tesla will decide not to staff their Credit card servicing people 24/7. Or some poor soul won't have their new credit card with them, etc., etc., etc.

I really think Tesla is handling things the best way they could, with the intention of letting their customers charge their car regardless. Maybe they could add credit card scanners to every Supercharger location, but that would cost a lot of money.

GeorgeA | 18/02/2019

rxlawdude: "If Tesla's paying $.25/transaction for charges.."

Cost savings are critical to the Tesla mission.

billlake2000: "excellent ideas! Did you submit to Tesla?"

Thanks. I do hope that Tesla's costs can be lowered and bills streamlined, a win-win. I have not yet conveyed the ideas beyond this post. What would be the best communication channel to employ? ie under Account, Ask a question, Feedback section or somewhere else?

dgstan: "I really think Tesla is handling things the best way they could, with the intention of letting their customers charge their car regardless. Maybe they could add credit card scanners...."

I agree. Tesla gives owners the benefit of the doubt with Supercharging billings while most all owners act in good faith by promptly correcting any credit card issues as I did. I think the only way card scanners due to cost as you said would be added, if Tesla opened up the SCs to non-Teslas to increase revenue and to further the stated mission. In the near term, I hope SCs remain proprietary for Tesla EVs only. The world wide network of SCs gives Tesla a unique competitive advantage which I for one greatly value. Once SC supply exceeds demand, then perhaps open them up.

pkaplan2524 | 19/02/2019

If given the option, I'd opt for monthly billing. One charge on the first of the month. That would be a win/win for Tesla and me.

I could also see adding a cap to that. Say 1 charge per month or $100 whichever comes first.