What not to do in our Teslas...

What not to do in our Teslas...

Frank99 | 15/02/2019


kevin_rf | 15/02/2019

If the dude had just left it in chill mode.....

Bighorn | 15/02/2019

Nice that the hazards came on automatically.

M3phan | 15/02/2019

Seriously?! That ahole Tesla driver should be sued into oblivion. So fortunate no one died.

ebmcs03 | 15/02/2019


rdavis | 15/02/2019

wow... what luck to have an ambulance sitting at that same light too...

Shesmyne2 | 15/02/2019

What not to do in ANY vehicle.
So many times that 'I can make that light' is just a bad choice.
And in a Tesla, I know I can make the light. It's the other variables that make me wait.
Be safe out there.

Still Grinning ;-)

batmanasb | 15/02/2019

God damn, these things really are tanks! Really fast tanks that should be driven safely!

owlegrad2 | 15/02/2019

Wow they really need to fix that autopilot glitch!

JAD | 15/02/2019

The driver is an idiot, but the often overlooked star of the car is the safety. Hitting a giant SUV at 128 mph and having no injuries is amazing.

CST | 16/02/2019

Typical Miami!

SO | 16/02/2019

I wonder if the driver of the Tesla was drunk. That can be a major factor in walking away from an accident if you are more “loose”.

Not that I advocate drunk driving.

PECo CT | 16/02/2019

The driver of the Tesla is a Model S-hole. No driver of a Model 3 would drive like that. Right?!?!

jimglas | 16/02/2019

Seems like at least 2 cars routinely continue to go thru after the light turns red. There are a lot of A-hole out there.

jimglas | 16/02/2019

The only thing the IRS cares about is if you took delivery of the car to claim the tax credit

richardls | 19/02/2019

@SO, considering he wasn't charged with DUI, I don't think he was drunk.
There are two remarkable things here in my mind: 1. How stupid the driver of the Model S was. We all know how quick Teslas can be, but launching it to 80 miles above the speed limit to try to make a light is clearly reckless (remarkably no one is dead). 2. Teslas perform better (based on NTSB crash tests) than any other cars tested (with the Model 3 being #1). The fact that the driver and passenger walked away unharmed from such a high speed shows that real life crashes verify the tests.

kevin_rf | 19/02/2019

People running red lights are everywhere... Even, run them coming from a complete stop after a firetruck passes.

neylus | 19/02/2019

Tesla broadsides and SUV @ 128 MPH and BOTH occupants were not injured, remarkable.

SteveWin1 | 19/02/2019

You can see the Tesla continuing to drive forward and into the SUV a second time after colliding with the SUV and bouncing back some (relative to the SUV). Either autopilot was on and didn't realize it had hit something or the dude mashed the accelerator by accident. Glad everyone survived.

amatiych | 19/02/2019

I don't think Autopilot would be still on at 128MPH. Is not there a limit?
The fact that the two people in the Tesla were not injured is remarkable.

Bighorn | 19/02/2019

Auto steer cancels at 91 MPH

RedPillSucks | 19/02/2019

Wonder if this would have made the news if a Tesla wasn't involved

MRNot01 | 19/02/2019

@JAD & neylus: That's what I was thinkin'... Holy wow! Safe car, even if the driver's a waste of flesh.

greg | 19/02/2019

Hey everyone is ignoring the true lead story here.

The Tesla did NOT catch fire following the accident.
And nor did the SUV. Amazing!
Although it did rollover several times. Which probably helped dissipate the kinetic energy of the crash a lot.
Even if its not so good for the SUV occupants.

Oh and the Tesla's black box supposedly shows it actually hit the SUV at a "mere" 93 MPH,.

Having been slowed from 128 MPH, 2 seconds before the crash.

Had that slow down not happened. I doubt *anyone* would be alive from that crash - neither Tesla occupants or the SUV occupants.

jim | 19/02/2019

Congratulations to Jose Soto (the idiot driving the TESLA). You are now part of the pantheon of morons who have managed to associate the TESLA brand with their spectacularly stupid behavior. I am glad you didn't kill the people in the SUV. I hope they sue you into poverty and you lose your license.