Getting antsy for the new update (sentry / dog - cat mode) . Anyone know generally when the majority of us will get it? CAT TIME

Getting antsy for the new update (sentry / dog - cat mode) . Anyone know generally when the majority of us will get it? CAT TIME

Whats the general time we start seeing updates after the initial trickle starts?
Do they ever push updates on the weekend!
I really want to take my cat out!. YES MY CAT.
Its her Tesla too.

surfpearl | 16/02/2019

You're brave, mine would shred the seats in no time. Expecting to get the update sometime in cat's third life or thereabouts. I believe they push them on weekends and holidays, but that's just my sixth sense talking.

coselectric | 17/02/2019

My dogs ask me daily if we got the dog mode update yet. My cat is old and gave up driving a few years ago.

coselectric | 17/02/2019

Or maybe I'm unclear on what cat mode does.

SalisburySam | 17/02/2019

Soon, very soon now.


3 months, 6 months tops


When you get it.

jimglas | 17/02/2019

Elon time
Early, Late Or Never

rmg007 | 17/02/2019

Updates are pushed out everyday of the week. Soon.

raffidesigns | 17/02/2019

Tesla Software Updates are gradually distributed. Similar to Andoird OS. We’ve all be spoiled with Apple’s “everyone gets it day 1” software update.

It’s smarter. If there’s a major bug or loophole in the software, it’s easier to fix On a smaller scale.

I would have to say, sometime this week or next.

jjgunn | 17/02/2019

Beta testers - step to the plate first. Thx for testing & keeping us safe.

johnw | 19/02/2019

According to my Stats app, it's approaching 2% rollout as of today. That's a slower update than last time. From what I've seen, at some point (after they think it's stable) they'll open the flood gates and everyone will get it within a day or 2.

LostInTx | 19/02/2019

I received my sentry / dog mode update early Monday morning. I don't have a dog to cart around (recently lost our 12 year old Basset Hound) but the sentry mode is in place.

What I don't like is that when exiting the car, you have to go back into the settings to activate it, each time.

But it works. As an experiment, I had it turned on yesterday when a Tesla mobile unit came by to rotate the tires. As the tech raised one side of the car, sure enough, my app notified me that contact had been made. Right on queue.

The tech called the Tesla Mothership to see about activating Sentry each time you leave the car; nothing from his contacts so it appears to require activation each time you want to enable it.

Hal Fisher | 19/02/2019

Tesla needs to do the tried and true style. Auto enable but not when car is unlocked. And no loud sound inside the car (in case user forgot to unlock when leaving). The inside alarm has been considered and dismissed by everyone.

gcklo | 19/02/2019

I haven't got the update.

I am fine with starting the Sentry mode every time as I don't need to turn it on at home. It would be better if we can start it from the app or disable it at home automatically.

Hal Fisher | 19/02/2019

A manual or auto mode for everything. Another few lines of code.

sbispo1 | 11/03/2019

it is march 11 and i still did not get Sentry mode. Is anyone else still waiting?

johnw | 11/03/2019

Mine just started updating March 11, 11:20pm central time

Bighorn | 11/03/2019

Updating now

Rjk | 11/03/2019

Just got the sentry update ... it takes some time to roll out.. hopefully they get faster with it

TAC | 11/03/2019

looks like the floodgates have opened!.

Bighorn | 11/03/2019

Sentry wasn’t included tonight. 2019.5.15

nwfan | 12/03/2019

Cat mode and Sentry is on my Model 3 - 2019.5.4

kevin_rf | 12/03/2019

I think the delay is Cat Mode keeps knocking the update off the car because that's what cats do...

nwfan | 12/03/2019

Does the later firmware update 2019.5.15 disable Sentry and Cat mode that was installed
with 2019.5.4?

Bighorn | 12/03/2019

I never had 5.4, but it appears that might be the case. Hard to know from my experience alone.

Bighorn | 12/03/2019

I got cat mode, track mode and geofenced mirrors as new features.

TeslAnh | 12/03/2019

Got 5.15 last night, sentry mode was included and show up in my app. 2018 LR/AWD AP/FSD.

Bighorn | 12/03/2019

I see Sentry mode in my app, but didn’t notice mention of it in the release notes. I’m assuming my daughter didn’t run an update while I was on a road trip in the S last week because I never saw a phone notification of any updates. I’ll have to play around with it today, see if it plays classical music.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12/03/2019

Got 5.15 last night with Sentry Mode and Pet Mode. StatsApp indicates that 20.5% of users are now running the new firmware.

eldopa | 12/03/2019

I also got the 5.15 update with no mention of Sentry Mode in the notes but it seems it's available in the app. Did anyone else get the description of Sentry Mode in the notes with 5.15? It's a little odd that it wouldn't be included in the release notes but available in the app, kind of a big update...

Firaz.ashraf | 12/03/2019

Just got it last night.

Firaz.ashraf | 12/03/2019

Just got it last night.

SteveWin1 | 12/03/2019

Looks like most people have now gotten it and it continues to roll out to the masses. You should get it very soon if you haven't already.

Magic 8 Ball | 12/03/2019

Got this morning. No notice in app for install.

jimglas | 12/03/2019

updated this AM on M3, still 2018.49.20 on MX

jamespompi | 12/03/2019

I have google wifi, so its easy to see when the car is doing something, but after I noticed everyone getting updates, I woke the car up and checked google wifi to see if it was doing anything. After about the 6th or 7th time it finally prompted the update.