Turning off heated seats with app

Turning off heated seats with app

When the remote climate control is turned on the seat heaters automatically come on. I have seen video showing how, when using the app, touching the drivers seat for several seconds to turn off the seat heaters. I can't get it to work. Anyone else have trouble with this? Most of the time I just need the drivers seat heated. Right now I have to turn them off individually tapping each one twice. I'm using iOS with version 2018.50.6 .

jdcollins5 | 18/02/2019

I just hold the driver seat for a couple of seconds and then release.

ldf8 | 18/02/2019

It seems to work some of the time to hold the driver's seat and then some of the time the others all go off, but seems to require a specific touch. It doesn't work all the time for me. It is annoying. I feel like default should be all off.

Mike UpNorth | 18/02/2019

I, like you guys, used to manually turned off all the seat heaters since I only needed driver's on.
But turns out all the seat heaters don't turn on like the app shows they are. If when you exited the car only the driver's seat had a heater on, when you turn on climate control later on, only the driver's seat will actually heat - counter to what the app is displaying.

Hopefully Tesla patches that bug soon.

Bighorn | 18/02/2019

I think the app does what it says and then reverts to the prior setting when you get in the car.

Mike UpNorth | 18/02/2019


How could that ever be proven?

Mike UpNorth | 18/02/2019

I guess I haven't gotten in and sat in the back to determine if the seat was warm....might give me something to test out tomorrow.....

Bighorn | 18/02/2019

The seats don’t warm that much regardless, but you could measure the temp with an IR thermometer, on vs off.

Mike UpNorth | 18/02/2019

If the app display is true, and the default 100% of the time is to warm all seats, that would be a silly implication.....but I guess you never know.

Gonna hop in the back after a warm up tomorrow. 2 of the 3 heat warmers seems to be the default. I think I should be able to tell....

gballant4570 | 18/02/2019

The app works just like the seat heater buttons in the car. Tap once, one red line drops off. I have had them all come back on after turning off or down, resulting in a second turn down/off action required, but that has been the only issue I've seen.

wiboater4 | 19/02/2019

I thought maybe Tesla did that because they wanted to heat the objects in the car so less forced air heat was needed once you got in. Wasn't it said the seat heaters use less battery than the forced air heat? Sometimes I turn them off but not always.

PhillyGal | 19/02/2019

@Bighorn is right (and the sky is blue) - all turn on low, then it reverts back to whatever you had on when you get in. (eg: driver's seat only.)

I've tested it by touching the passenger's seat when I got in and it felt a little warm but looking at the center screen which shows it as off. It's not that the seats preheat much, but I think this gives them a chance to get going a little bit so that when you do get in, you have a head start at a warm butt.

Bighorn | 19/02/2019

Seat heaters don’t warm the air. They draw less than 1% of climate heat. They only heat objects in close contact.

ColoDriver | 19/02/2019


You do know that's not how thermodynamics works right? They don't heat the air quickly, but given enough time, they will heat the air. :-)

Bighorn | 19/02/2019

They are ~50 W heaters and don’t feel that warm to the touch even on max preheating. They don’t really perform until your skin is in very close proximity to the element. They will eventually reach a steady state with the external environment, but I doubt the temperature of the air more than a few inches away from the surface is affected.

Mike UpNorth | 19/02/2019


I stand corrected. Thanks for the test.

What a weird heat all the seats....

Mike UpNorth | 19/02/2019

Just to beat this horse....felt my back seat after pre heating. 100% was warmed....