Forged performance wheels for Model 3

Forged performance wheels for Model 3

Does anyone have any idea as to what the forged performance wheels for model 3 look like? Any idea as to advantages? I need to make a final decision tonight to receive this award for referrals.


Raffim | 27/02/2019

Do you also have a Model X or Model S? If not, then your only other option is a week with a Model S or X, which doesn't sound nearly as appealing as the forged performance wheels, no matter what they look like.

lbowroom | 27/02/2019

They will surely be lighter than the performance 20" wheels. Would be nice if they were staggered with a more aggressive offset, but who knows. They may be the same width and offset as the current with a counterbore to fit the Performance model as well as the base models. Color and finish? who knows?

BigTeslaGuy | 27/02/2019

@cafutter They look exactly like the forged rims for the model S except they are silver instead of black. Photos have been posted on Tesla Owner's Club forums this week of a set of 4 with tires.

Bighorn | 27/02/2019

Russian forgeries bend real easy.

mikehen08 | 27/02/2019

@cafutter I will trade you the Kids Model S for the rims! ;-)

kurtmetcalfe24 | 27/02/2019

@bigteslaguy Got a link of that TMC picture?

BigTeslaGuy | 27/02/2019

@kurtmetcalfe24 I tried finding them again but seems like the post was removed. Hoping an official photo from tesla will come sometime soon with people beginning to schedule service center install appointments

lbowroom | 27/02/2019

According to tesla they aren't available until summer.

michaelchen86 | 27/02/2019

my loot box options were changed,no wheels anymore ,only free ride.and the dead line is end of the Feb.little disappointed.

jkarbaf | 30/05/2019

Anyone seen or heard anything new about these?

b0n3z | 30/05/2019

The award details stated the following:

Forged Performance Wheels
The Forged Performance Wheels will be delivered to the service center you selected below.
Status: Available starting July 2019
Service Center: NA-US-CA-Removed-Location

markyone7 | 16/08/2019

I'm still waiting for me Forged Performance Wheels through referral. Has anyone taken delivery of this? Does anyone have photos of these? Advanced thank you.