Model 3 Performance Spoiler fitment issues

Model 3 Performance Spoiler fitment issues

So I was excited that the carbon fiber spoilers were finally getting in after a few months of waiting. However when installed the left side is loose and there is a large 1-2mm gap between the top part of the spoiler and the trunk lid instead of being flush.

I took it to the service center to see if they could fix it. Installer pretty much told me nearly all of them have been bad. He's even dry fit multiple spoilers on the same car and they ALL fit differently. This is hugely disappointing for a part that should have been from the factory. He said he could try to replace it but he wasn't confident at all the replacement would be any better....

There have been numerous stories of the above backing up his statement as well.

Tesla needs to look into the manufacture of these and fix the issue.

George with SacEV | 28/02/2019

Just got mine installed yesterday afternoon. The service "ranger" doing the work also suggested less than ideal fitment on the left side of the spoiler. Since it is just a 3M "stick on" he also warned strongly against pulling on the spoiler edge when closing the trunk. Clearly that could be a serious problem for any long-term stability to this form of attachment.

Time will tell.

SteveWin1 | 28/02/2019

Oh come on, what do you expect when you only spend $82K after tax on a car? You think when you pay for a $5K upgrade, you should get a car and a spoiler at the same time? You think the spoiler should actually fit when you do get it? You think it should be permanently attached vs being taped on? Don't be ridiculous. When you spend pennies, you get junk. If you wanted a decent spoiler, rather than a toy, then you should have spent big-boy money. You're all just a bunch of short-selling FUDsters that work for big oil! /s

JAD | 28/02/2019

Yes, as all other manufacturers are perfect...

Well, I guess the cars did come with a spoilers that come off after spending the same amount of money, which I never understand why people think it is relevant. Would it be ok for parts to fall off a $30k car? What price should they fall off? At least we know if you spend a lot of money and buy a Lamborghini it will be perfect and run flawlessly forever......

nttesla | 28/02/2019

Got mine yesterday and it fit perfect

dennych | 28/02/2019

Well if yours fits perfectly you won the lottery. Because I spoke directly to the tech that's installed them on all the cars at my service center.

jimglas | 28/02/2019

There haven't been any problems with the european deliveries, I smell FUD

disapr | 28/02/2019

Anyone know if the european cars get the wing installed at the factory vs service center?

I wonder if Tesla would just give me the part.

jimglas | 28/02/2019

at the factory, they have been seen being trucked to SC with spoilers and badging already installed

dennych | 28/02/2019

Absolutely no FUD. Came directly from service center head tech and multiple other accounts. jimglas is either a blind fanboy or a bot

franky | 01/03/2019

How did you guys get the appt to have Tesla install your spoilers? Did they contact you, or did you reach out to Tesla?

dennych | 01/03/2019

I brought it in for service and asked if it was in stock. Same service center said they were not reaching out to people while some I've heard are. I wouldn't count on it happening 100% of the time though.

Either way the story we were told about how they would reach out to everyone in the order of when the car was delivered is blatantly false. It's a free for all and being shipped out based on region.

hbmackjr | 29/03/2019

I'm willing to forgo my badge and spoiler for lifetime supercharging and $1000.

Kary993 | 29/03/2019

I went into service today with an appointment that took three weeks to get and asked about spoiler and badging. Only badging is available in San Diego presently.....

JAD | 29/03/2019

I turned down the spoiler for mine due to the accident. They had reached out to me and said San Diego got 10 spoilers and as I was one of the first P's, and could have one. I told them to give it to someone else for now, so they are starting to roll out and seem to be based on delivery, at least here.

disapr | 29/03/2019

I'm getting my spoiler installed tonight.. Should be epic.

916M3P | 29/03/2019

Had an appointment at Rocklin Service Center, and the service advisor said the ones they had in stock were the ones with fitment issues. No ETA when they would receive the revised one.

StealthP3D | 29/03/2019

My spoiler is unsticking itself on the left by a quarter of an inch.

howard | 29/03/2019

The paint needs to be perfectly clean and they should put an activator down, allow to dry and attach the spoiler. Preferably with a template. If not you can count on eventual adhesive failure. Most auto trim is put on in similar fashion at the factory. Only wish mine came factory attached better chance of full adhesion and alignment.

Reinehc | 01/04/2019

My performance (delivered 2 weeks ago) came with the badge installed but no spoiler. I'm in Van and was told that they would call me when spoiler was ready for install. I decided to call them instead on Friday and they have the spoiler in stock and are installing today. Interested to see if it's one of the ones with fit issues.

If you're in Vancouver definitely give them a call.

lpjakob | 01/04/2019

Here in Los Angeles, still waiting for spoiler and badge since taking delivery Sept, 2018. Customer Service still has no information. Pictures of M3Ps being delivered 1st qtr 2019 in Europe and China show spoilers and badges are already installed. Hard to understand why N. Am owners are left in the dark. Would be nice to receive an official communication of some kind explaining what the problem/solution is.

howard | 01/04/2019

lpjakob, Are you serious? Why they have been paid? It’s about sales not customer service or commitment for that matter. Mine has been scheduled and canceled 3 times and no reason given other than supplier issues.

SteveWin1 | 01/04/2019

Yeah, this is getting to be a joke. More than 6 months since delivery and nothing...

Reinehc | 02/04/2019

Just to follow up on my install yesterday. No fit issues. I asked the mobile tech and he seemed confused when I asked about fit issues and made it seem like he'd never heard anyone mention this before.

On a side note he had to pull the spoiler off at one point to re-align it and ended up smacking the back of my car and scratching it up... so yeah, would be better if they installed these things at the factory.

howard | 02/04/2019

No template. That stinks!! Pulling it back off could weaken the adhesive down the road. Would send an email documenting the process and damage to your new Tesla. Did they polish the scratch out?

thorvund | 02/04/2019

The Mobile ranger came out and had great templates for both the spoiler and badge. He took his time and made sure it was perfect. Super nice guy, even left a very nice Thank You card.

howard | 02/04/2019

thorvund, thanks for the report about the templates. Will make sure they have them when and if mine is ever installed.

thorvund | 02/04/2019

@howard I should have grabbed a photo. They were purple plastic and fit on either side of the trunk. He also had a plastic template that helped him line up the badge.

disapr | 02/04/2019

This is what the jig looks like. It's not actually very precise - We ended up using some of my measurement tools to get it exact.

FifthOnLeft | 02/04/2019

Anyone has a picture of the spoiler on Black Model 3 ? I've had my spoiler for a while but still reluctant to put it on until I see one in person. My car is OBM.

It looks great on Red, so I may be inclined to install it on my wife's Red LR RWD instead.

Reinehc | 03/04/2019

Here's a couple pics of the spoiler on my black Tesla. They are going to try and fix the scratches (can't see them in this pic). Not a big deal overall it was an honest mistake. I'm getting my car wrapped in a few weeks anyhow.

FifthOnLeft | 03/04/2019

@Reinehc: thanks - the spoiler looks seamlessly integrated. I'll go ahead with the install.

lpjakob | 06/04/2019

Just wanted to advise that Van Nuys SC installed my rear spoiler and performance badge yesterday and everything is perfect. Complete seal and no marks. Thank you Van Nuys SC, you all are the best.

sandiegogreg | 11/06/2019

Finally got mine installed yesterday at San Diego SC. Looks great and no fitment issues. I had a ranger come by about a week ago to resolve a glove box issue and he did mention the earlier spoilers were problematic from a fit perspective. Mine is fine, no gaps whatsoever.

howard | 11/06/2019

That's good to hear. Maybe by the time I get mine, it will be perfect. Going on 10 months now.

natrlhy | 27/06/2019

We picked up our Model 3 Performance on Monday. It had the spoiler and badge installed. Not excited that the passenger side is peeling up already though!

Joshan | 27/06/2019

they are only taped on.

natrlhy | 27/06/2019

I have a service appointment on the 10th of July to address several cosmetic paint issues and panel alignment things seen at pickup and I noticed the spoiler pulling up on the passenger side. Not surprised they are taped on. Getting this fixed is holding me up from doing PPF and CeramicPro :(

Joshan | 27/06/2019

thats why I just did my own :)

well.... that and the fact I have an AWD LR haha.

howard | 27/06/2019

natrlhy, Really sorry to hear and see the issue. Do you know if it came from the factory installed or if it was installed by the service center prior to delivery?

natrlhy | 27/06/2019

@howard: I highly doubt it was installed at the factory. I'm guessing it was part of the delivery prep or something prior to us taking delivery of it.

howard | 27/06/2019

Indicative of others comments. Really depends on the quality of install/spoiler. Too bad it is left to the service centers when it is an expensive factory option. I am sure they will reinstall a new one.

Joshan | 28/06/2019

guessing they will just reinstall the same one and fit it better. Why new?

howard | 28/06/2019


Because the one installed appears to already be warped which is why it is starting to peel up at the very end. I would request to be there when they repair it. When laid on the trunk lid prior to adhering it down it should sit perfectly flat and even across the whole surface from tip to tip.

FISHEV | 28/06/2019

Has anyone tried the 3rd party spoilers? I already did the ceramic and the guys at the detail shop said they'd put it on for me as they are curious what is necessary to glue on after ceramic. I liked the Tsportline spoiler. It appears to glue to upper and lower side of the trunk lip.

Joshan | 28/06/2019

I installed a 3rd party spoiler from RPM.

Joshan | 28/06/2019

the photo is not great, it looks much better than that and is centered. The perspective is weird.

FISHEV | 28/06/2019

That looks good. Might add this chrome pieces also. Can't tell from photo does it glue to just top or top and bottom of the lip?

Joshan | 28/06/2019

2 sided tape same as the front license plate.

OntarioJoe | 10/08/2019

I am still waiting for a spoiler. I have over 30K on the car now. Did any of you contact Tesla to get it or did they contact you? I have tried to have the SC help me out but they tell me they don't have any, only Tesla Rangers have them. In the Toronto area...

The wait is pretty frustrating...

jfaubl | 10/08/2019

I requested an appointment with the app a few weeks ago for next Tuesday. I keep waiting to be told they don't have any in stock. I hope it fits if they do