2018 MX P100D hp with Ludicrous compared to earlier P models.

2018 MX P100D hp with Ludicrous compared to earlier P models.

info | 28/02/2019

I recently purchased a 2 week old 2018 MX P100D with Ludicrous dr. Tesla documents state that this model has 603 hp. Is Tesla producing P models with less hp from previous models? My X seems to be slower than other MX P models I've driven. I'm under the impression that previous models have at least 720 hp. Any feed back would settle my thoughts.

Vawlkus | 04/03/2019

Firmware and software updates affect the power output of all Tesla’s. That’s why their HP numbers aren’t on the Tesla site itself.

info | 04/03/2019

Makes sense, thank you,Vawlkus

info | 06/03/2019

In an unusual turn or events, I will answer my own question That I originally started on this page, ( after lengthy research).
The 603 hp rating I saw was on Tesla's document Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. The 603 hp rating was an SAE rating. This rating is usually used for ICE vehicles. There is an .83 percent difference in EV as to how hp is rated. Therefore my P100D is actually 726 hp. I'm very happy and relieved as to my own research. Not sure why Tesla even uses the SAE rating, must be a legal e thing.

jjgunn | 06/03/2019

0-60 in 2.9 at almost 7,000 pounds.


Vawlkus | 07/03/2019

It’s more that it’s a legacy holdover from ICE vehicles. ;)

One of these days I’m gonna find a dyno and get some actual HP ratings for my specific ride.

info | 08/03/2019

There is a utube episode where a guy puts his MS P100D on a dyne. Was awesome to watch.